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Some promotion for !skincareaddiction, not very active but hopefully that will change

Koalawalla Woods

Hi folks! After a number of months of pondering this and having a recent incident happen a few days ago where I couldn’t find another koala community, I had decided to go ahead and make a koala community on Lemmy. Since I’m already getting a lot of people checking it out, it seems Lemmy may have been in a dire need for this...

You may be offered a free premium Telegram subscription – but please don’t accept (archive.is)

Telegram is giving away FREE Premium subscriptions! All they need from you is to use your cell phone as a relay to text out their OTP codes! And the recipient of the OTP sees your phone number! What could POSSIBLY go wrong with this deal?...

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Matrix still doesn’t have a multi account client with threads.

I don’t mind Matrix, but every time I bring this up to a hard core Matrix defender to how the clients are lacking, they don’t have much to counter.

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IRC v3 anyone?

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Fluffychat doesn’t support threads at the moment

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Threading doesn’t tend to work the same way tho.


sisco_garcia, to telegram Catalan
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@partit_pirata presentarà un recurs al TJUE contra el blocatge de @telegram ordenat per la justícia espanyola


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What the heck. I guess I’ll have to proxy it

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I’m trying to solve this issue with !yurop. The sidebar has links to most of the European countries communities

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Interesting magazine, seems already to be a good start!

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The first one was great, hopefully they don’t mess up this one, but I’m always cautious with sequels.

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Seems interesting, but where is the link?

[Essay] Like godfather, like so by snufflesirius

i am always thinking about harry and Sirius parallels because no two characters in the series are as similar as these two and it never fails to kill me. both ran away from abusive homes because they’d had enough and found a surrogate family with their best friends and their family (and this is the first time Sirius lays eyes...

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