Banned from because they are Anti-Semitic

If you self identity as: Communist, pro Russia, pro China, anti Nato anti EU, Nazi, or spam bot, please do yourself a favor and delete your account.

“and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”

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China Says US 'Exaggerates' its Military Threat in New Report (

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian said on Wednesday that the Pentagon's latest annual report on Chinese military and security developments has overemphasized what he called a "non-existent" military threat to harm China's security interests. Al Jazeera (LR: 2 CP: 1)...


Ja ab zum EuGH. Kann ja echt nicht sein.

China to Replace Defense Minister Not Seen in 2 Months (

It has been announced that China's Defense Minister Gen. Li Shangfu will be replaced. Li was appointed by President Xi Jinping in March, but has not been seen in public since he addressed the China-Africa Peace and Security Forum in Beijing on Aug. 29. FOX News (LR: 4 CP: 4)...

The shapeshifting crypto wars: child sexual abuse and exploitation online is a serious issue, targeting end-to-end encryption is not the solution, scientist says (

In an essay on the current justification for authorities in the EU and around the globe seeking to break end-to-end-encryption to fight child sexual abuse and exploitation, researcher Susan Landau discusses the issue in historical context, and explains why breaking encryption leads us in the wrong direction....


Maybe, just maybe, you are not supposed to be on the internet if you are as fragile as a house of cards

UPDATED: Pro-Ukrainian candidate for House Speaker drops from race following hard-liners' opposition (

The Republican Party's latest nominee for the House Speaker position, Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer, dropped out of the race following opposition from the hard-line faction close to former President Donald Trump, CNN reported on Oct. 24.


Or they just get themselves a secretary they have to pay lol


Most actual anime fans dont like them either… Like you get 1k episodes but 900 are just empty and animated in PowerPoint…

Cities Skylines II Releases To Mostly Negative Reviews About Performance

I Downloaded it myself and have about 5-10fps in the main menu on a RTX3090 64GB , 3950X. Most of the reviews say the same. Colossal Order are suggesting you should play on very low detail. I was a massive fan of the original having played Sim City since 1993 but I cant even get into this. It shouldnt have been released so...


I mean don’t fucking pre-order, dont fucking buy games as soon as they release…

It was well known as by release date that its not going to run smoothly, even with the absolute top personal hardware.


None, you don’t need anti-virus, you need common sense to avoid getting them.


Lindner, der hat schließlich die Unsichtbaren hände des Marktes.


No, the US must do nothing, thats Russias problem until Armenia asks for help from the west.


Das ding heißt “nur ja ist ja” und führt zustimmung adabsurdum. Soll man sich jetzt jedes mal einen Vertrag unterschreiben lassen, am besten auf Durchschlag-Papier?

Eine Nein heißt Nein Lösung ist das was wir bereits haben, es wäre also Schwachsinn diese im EU Parlament zu unterdrücken.


Ja, wie gesagt, ein absolut unnötiges Bürokratie Monster um etwas zu verändern das bereits defakto so ist.

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