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#PHP & #DDD #developer & #architect at Ardennes-étape
#OSS, #Linux & #ethics enthusiast (#BEL) beer fanatic
Father of 2

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Great news !
You can now like nazis on twitter without everybody knowing about it ! #ironic

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I might be wrong but, XOR is the most underestimated and underused logical operator in #PHP
and yet... it can be very very very useful and drastically simplify your code


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Anyone using ?
Wondering if I should give it another shot... not sure what the more value would be compared to

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Lewis Black's review of the made my day... well week actually... maybe even my month


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L'AFUP Day 2024 ouvre ses portes à Lille, Lyon, Nancy et Poitiers ! Quelle joie d'accueillir +500 membres de notre belle communauté aux 4 coins de France. Profitez de ces 4 programmes de qualité, et bravo et merci aux équipes locales pour le travail accompli depuis des mois !
Bonne journée à toutes et tous

Trombinoscope des speakers au programme de l'AFUP Day 2024 Nancy
Trombinoscope des speakers au programme de l'AFUP Day 2024 Lyon
Trombinoscope des speakers au programme de l'AFUP Day 2024 Lille

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trop balaise votre liste d'intervenants !

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Today, I learned about a very interesting project put together by Data For Good and éclaircies: https://www.carbonbombs.org

It explains the concept of and provides transparent data and visualization about the world's biggest fuel extraction projects, and their links with and !

It comes with maps, graphs and figures that highlight the 425 fossil fuel projects around the world that will generate more than 1 gigatonne of CO₂ emissions during their lifetime.

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dgoosens, to random French
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Brilliant example of vendor lock-in
Amazon Kindle
(don’t get me started, I did not buy it… just using it)

You can read plain epub or pdf files on it… but can NOT export the highlights easily

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Still have to look into that… I read somewhere the books could be converted … through calibre maybe?

Alternatives exist… yet I’m not sure they are any better
And have to admit that the ecosystem is rather easy to use and reading on a kindle is quite pleasant

Just hate that vendor lock-in

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This looks interesting

Hurl is a command line tool that runs HTTP requests defined in a simple plain text format.

It can chain requests, capture values and evaluate queries on headers and body response. Hurl is very versatile: it can be used for both fetching data and testing HTTP sessions.

Hurl makes it easy to work with HTML content, / SOAP / GraphQL APIs, or any other XML / JSON based APIs.

(Built with powered by )


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I’m to test it today… will let you know

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sarah, to php
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What is one article about that you think is a must-read?

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dgoosens, to linux_gaming
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hey #gamers

looking for a decent Windows11 PC for my soon to be 9 year old son who likes gaming...

sadly his dad, me, is a Linux fanatic that does not know much about gaming and/or its hardware requirements...

any good recommendations for a decent setup that would offer a nice gameplay (should be in Europe) ?

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refurbished or second hand would be perfectly fine

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> Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, no personal information contained in this mail can be stored and/or processed ().

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Godspeed @eric & @john and the whole @phparch team !!!

Only a couple of hours before kicks off...


ps: virtual passes are still available and, trust me, they are worth it

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suggesting the

@hack Here I'm being sooooo smart  

doc tag
(and support for it in @phpdoc obviously)

goes without saying, we also need an attribute for this

#[hack('Here I'm being sooooo smart')]   
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Learned today:

I have condition called « Tsundoku » in Japanese...

This means I keep on buying books and piling them up in the hope, one day, I'll manage to work through my miles long toReadList


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So irritated that decided NOT to support PWAs on Linux. (Yes, I know about the extension, but it's a PITA to keep up-to-date, and because it uses an ADDITIONAL runtime in the background, it's a waste of system resources.)

I've concluded that the only way to use Outlook consistently on Linux is via the web (love OWL for TB, but invites/events often disappear)... and without reasonable PWA support in FF, I'm having to contemplate returning to a chromium-based browser. 😥

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hi @mwop

funny... I actually did not even look at PWAs, don't like those very much...

and could not stand using those tools in my browser...

so I want for Rambox (it is Chromium based) and it is the least annoying alternative I've found


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@mwop I started using rambox because I got fed up with individual electron apps (discord, slack, teams, etc etc) and have to say it is very robust and well maintained
Never have any issues with it on my PopOS and most apps have some kind of optimisation to make them work better (especially the M$ ones)
Maybe give it a try ?

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@heiglandreas @mwop
That’s an understatement

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@heiglandreas @mwop

Just checked
Sadly tauri is not production ready yet… putting a lot of hope in that project though for this particular reason


It’s promised to by like electron apps but without the electron

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Man... the things those devs from @cooptilleuls manage to do with @ApiPlatform !

So happy to work with (well actually learn) with @johnkrovitch & @vincentchalamon) !!

cc @dunglas


#php #openapi

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