"Und wenn wir nicht schon pleite sind": Habecks Ökonomisches Märchen (web.archive.org) German

Ich finde Artikel und Gastbeiträge dieser Art echt verachtenswert. Überhaupt keine Fakten, Daten und Quellen sondern nur die eigene Meinung als Fakt dargestellt um die eigenen Interessen zu vertreten. Meinungsmacher auf höchster Ebene… Und so wie es in der Kommentarspalte aussieht scheint es genau das zu sein was die Leute...

ProtonMail voluntarily offers Assistance for Real-Time Surveillance (web.archive.org)

From 2019, but still [this fullstop signals not only the end of that sentence, but also the end of this statement]. And here [those two words indicate that new information/context is being added; it is being indicated that we now no longer talk about the article, which the uneditorialized post title references and the post link...

Study shows long-COVID hits hardest in Republican states (web.archive.org)

… Overall, the CDC found that seven states in the South, West, and Midwest had the highest prevalence of long COVID in the country, between 8.9 percent and 10.6 percent: Alabama, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wyoming, and, the state with the highest prevalence of 10.6 percent, West Virginia. …...

That time Mojo Nixon and Don Henley sang "Don Henley Must Die" together (web.archive.org)

“There I was, the king of bullshit, completely flabbergasted,” remembers Nixon. “I took my guitar off, put it back on, did that like three times, then got on the mic and said, ‘Don, do you want to debate? Do you want to fist fight?’ He was shit-faced and he goes, ‘I want to sing that song, especially the part about...

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