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Two Congressmen Introduce Law To Grant Copyright To Golf Course Design (

Of all the ways in which Congress chooses to spend its time and focus its priorities, legislation introducing a solution in search of a problem is surely one of the most frustrating. With that in mind, two United States Congress critters have introduced House Resolution 7228, which aims chiefly to confer concrete copyright...

Supreme Court leaves sanctions in place against Sidney Powell and others over 2020 election suit in Michigan (

The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to take up a bid by a group of Trump-allied lawyers who faced monetary and professional sanctions in Michigan as a result of their baseless claims raised in a lawsuit that the 2020 presidential election was rife with fraud.

The Great Compression | Thanks to soaring housing prices, the era of the 400-square-foot subdivision house is upon us. (

These remind me of the post-1906 earthquake shacks. Better built attached housing would likely let people live better at a similar, if they could manage to agree on reasonable rules about living just a bit closer.

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