Japanese Role Playing Games

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I got these 2 games from the 2ndhand market. Blue Reflection was an impulse buy, but there's so few people selling here that I decided to grab it. It has terrible reviews! I haven't even once seen a good review of it, but I like to collect games. Tokyo Mirage is an exclusive and a crossover of and . Couldn't pass the opportunity to get it, but I haven't seen a lot of love for it either.

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These days as well. I love seeing series blossom. Atelier, Monster Hunter, Earth Defense Force, Yakuza, etc.
They all have grown so much in popularity over the past decade and I love it.

Hopefully Gundam Breaker 4 can do that as well this year.
And I still feel bad about incredible games that didn’t get the chance.
Toukiden Kiwami, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice Delta… 😭

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@OutofPrintArchive @helligbird yeah that's why I'm always banging on about certain games that I really like, I want other people to play them! Then if they're successful they'll hopefully make more... Hopefully I can convince other people to take a chance on a game that I think they'll like

eg. Rain Code, Unicorn Overlord

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#RIP Akira Toriyama — Dragon Ball creator and character designer for Chrono Trigger and the Dragon Quest video games.

Chrono Trigger is what cemented a newfound love of #JRPGs


#AkiraToriyama #dragonquest #chronotrigger #dragonball #news #videogames

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As I near the end of Chained Echoes the question starts to become, “what’s next?” — so many #JRPGs to choose from on #NintendoSwitch!!!

Here’s part of my research list.

#videogame #gaming #games

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@renwillis - gasp! So much good stuff! Xenoblade 1 is extraordinary, West of Loathing same but utterly different (and hilarious).

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@NullNoMore Yeah, got my “meta” jrpgs at the bottom for when I get in a slump lol

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Will anyone else bring playing #Grandia for the #VideoGameClub in January? I've been reading about it and it sounds quite charming. I played a lot of RPGs during the PSX days, but this was one I bounced off.
#JRPGs #RPGs #PS1 #PSX #retrogaming #NintendoSwitch

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@WanderingInDigitalWorlds I was turned off from it 20+ years ago by the voice acting and anime art (which was new to me). I never thought about going back to it, but it gets so much glowing love that I've been convinced to try again.

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@scribblemacher I think it was the cliché that drove me off more than anything...A story similar to everything that I experienced up until that point.

As I never heard of Grandia until the remaster was released in the USA in 2019. The glut of samey stories just wore me out, which was sad as I do love the anime aesthetic in games.

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