Did you get a text with your personal info that claims to be from CRA? It's a scam (

Tax season is here and with it, a new scam. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says it involves a text message, containing a person's name and personal info, that appears to come from the Canada Revenue Agency. The warning comes as Ontario Provincial Police launch Anti-Fraud Prevention Month.

Hamilton hit by ransomware attack, city says for 1st time since incident paralyzes services (

City manager Marnie Cluckie named the nature of the cyber attack for the first time during a virtual call Monday afternoon, alongside Mayor Andrea Horwath. The call was the city's first media conference since the breach began on Feb. 25.


Using their logic, Jefferson Davis could have run for president.


I haven't dug into it, but I think that activity is just because it's forked?

Government contracting process 'absolutely not' giving value for money: Botler whistleblowers (

The co-founders of a company formerly contracted by the Canada Border Services Agency, who raised concerns about the process for doling out government contracts and instigated probes into the ArriveCan app controversy, says the federal government's contracting process is 'absolutely not' giving Canadian taxpayers value for their...

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