sik0fewl, to politics in *Permanently Deleted*

Using their logic, Jefferson Davis could have run for president.

sik0fewl, to kbinMeta in Is Ernest still here?

I haven't dug into it, but I think that activity is just because it's forked?

sik0fewl, to canada in Canada says what happened to Gaza aid convoy is 'a nightmare'

But do you condemn Hamas?

sik0fewl, to canada in Canada says what happened to Gaza aid convoy is 'a nightmare'

I think you're mistaking Canada with Canadians.

sik0fewl, to politics in Biden jokes about his age after annual physical, saying his doctors "think I look too young"

He's not the one bringing it up, silly.

sik0fewl, to canada in Are cantaloupes safe to eat? Deadly salmonella outbreak now over

Glad to hear that!

sik0fewl, to canada in Ontario goes backward on heat pumps

Make we should call them "regressives" instead.

sik0fewl, to canada in Some Canadians exploring ‘non-traditional’ ways to own a home. What are they?

It's let them eat (Corn) Flakes, actually.

sik0fewl, to canada in Watch out for flying fees: WestJet hikes checked-bag cost, Flair adds credit card fee

I think they won the court battle and then lost the battle against the customer.

sik0fewl, to canada in 'Freedom Convoy' organizer from Sask. suing federal government for using Emergencies Act to freeze accounts

The Public Order Emergency Commission, was a public inquiry created by the Liberal government and Trudeau appointed a Justice to lead the commission. This commission found that the invocation of the emergency act was justified.

However, later there was a federal court that found that it was unjustified.

What's the right answer? I don't know, but I would think that the commission took a much more thorough look. We probably won't have a single answer unless it goes to the Supreme Court.

sik0fewl, to news in Trump warns of enemies ‘within our country’ to Christian media gathering

I mean, he's not wrong.

sik0fewl, to politics in Letitia James ready to seize Trump buildings if he can't pay $355M fine: report

I'm pretty sure they'd have to pay off the creditors first.

sik0fewl, to canada in Sask. brothers recount nightmare finding adequate care for ailing mother

Until we need health care.

sik0fewl, to canada in Poilievre says he would 'cut wasteful foreign aid,' work towards NATO spending target

He meant brown terrorists.

sik0fewl, to programmer_humor in I had to design a simple general purpose language for university, so I tried creating "ZoomerScript" with Jetbrains MPS

If you'd like to learn how, I recommend the book (which is also available online) Crafting Interpreters.

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