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"the mods decided to revert the NSFW designation because the community is a helpful resource for veterans experiencing mental health crises. The mod said that if Reddit removed the team, it could put the community at risk."

Bitch fudging please.

Please tell me again how these people are not power tripping their eyes out.

Imagine having no Reddit community to fall back on or having different mods into your community.. The horror!

Can these people;

  • Stop acting as if they really want change to happen.
  • Just start to bent over further for Reddit.
  • Get on with their life.
  • Admit that they really like their little power trip.
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"A clear example of “probably not, they have an actual reason to want to stay in power” is r/askhistorians, where you probably don’t want random people replacing people with lots of historical knowledge on a subreddit specifically about history that only allows informative replies complete with a works cited."

Call it what you want. It is power tripping or having a sense of superiority or higher self for whatever reason.

Since when is Reddit the beacon of all that is right in regards of information? Why not pack up and start an community somewhere else?

Reddit is just a medium and nothing more.

The problem I have with these statements and the course of action overall is the following;

Why even protest? The most ironic thing should be that r/AskHistorians should know of all people what happens with mutinies or strikes that have weak or no resolve.

Why would you even strike when you would fold by the first sign of friction that is coming your way?

Just again, keep modding your community and ignore everything but don't act like they are so very wronged and need to have some sort of sympathy when they are literally happily providing labor...for free.

For example:

2 months ago there were strikes in my country regarding distribution centres of one or the biggest supermarket chain in the country.

In these distribution centres are working around 5500 people and 2700 of them are "migrant workers".

Quoting the union;

"The temporary workers in the distribution centers are almost all migrant workers. Hundreds of them have joined the strikes. That is special and very courageous, because they are in a weaker position and are often put under pressure to keep working."

The end result?

"After months of negotiations and eleven days of strike, the Union has achieved a result with the supermarket group. In it, salaries will increase by 10% and austerity of the Sunday allowance is off the table. Temporary workers also get more certainty about their schedules."

They fudging won big time.

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"And that’s the thing: The community. You do not spend several years modding a subreddit without getting to know the people and having some sort of relationship with them. The community is not an abstract, it’s people you get to know - often over several years - and that’s not something you want to leave behind."

Who is asking them to leave it all behind?

The only way you can be part of a community is by being a mod?

If mods are feeling as wronged by Reddit as how they say they feel, why not resign as a mod and just join the community as a member?

I mean you would still be part of the community you say they hold so dear but in a different capacity.

BlackCoffee, (edited )
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"I would think stepping down has some risks at the moment because you don’t know who’s replacing you"

You could literally give an notice to the Reddit admin or whoever you are in contact with that you disagree with the way they handle things, that you are gonna step down but would like to pick your replacement personally.

Reddit would likely agree because it means that they don't have to search for a mod themselves and if the mods have such a strong connection with the community than finding a replacement should be in the realm of possibility.

The whole striking saga gives a whole lot of "We tried nothing and we are all out of ideas" vibe.

BlackCoffee, (edited )
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My dental hygienist told me that the best tools for cleaning your gums are wooden toothpicks.

the second best are the interdental cleaners.

The worst are the plastic toothpicks and the dental floss.

I've been using a combination of the wooden toothpicks and interdental cleaners for a few years and they are game changing.

Also use a good electric toothbrush and an tongue scraper.

An electric toothbrush gets into the places in between your teeth that a normal brush can't get to and an tongue scraper is a game changer for the smell of your breathe overall.

Take good care of your teeth and gums. Brush 2 times a day, clean your gums at least 1 time a day and scrape your tongue.

Bad dental hygiene and no gum cleaning whatsoever will lead to receding gums and may lead in extreme cases to periodontitis .

Receding gums are a real thing and when they happen they DO NOT grow back. Your roots of your teeth will be exposed which are a pain in the ass itself.

Bad dental hygiene and no gum cleaning will also lead to deeper "gum pockets" which can lead to periodontitis. Look up what that means for your teeth and gums and you will start taking care of your mouth flora like a possessed being.

I am not a dentist of any kind, a few years ago I just really took an interest in dental health and tried to educate myself about the subject for a few weeks.

Correct me where I am wrong or if you want to elaborate on something, be my guest ;)!

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Try the pink interprox ones. They are the thinnest ones.

Otherwise ask your dentist if they can show you how to use them. Just because your teeth are really tight together doesn't mean that there won't be any buildup of food or other things.

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I can understand what you mean. I started with floss but for some reason I got more food/buildup out from in between my teeth with wooden toothpicks and interdental cleaners.

I have a new dentist, so for fun I am gonna ask at my next appointment what she would recommend.

If I remember, then i'll come back to give the answer from my new dentist.

My next appointment is in November though ;).

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  • FF7 Crisis core is my favorite game ever. The gameplay, story, voice acting and music are all top notch.

  • DEF Jam Fight for NY is another PSP favorite for me. I really liked the combat and customization options for your character. It was just an enormous fun game.

  • Daxter was the first PSP game I played and it was also just an really fun and good game.

  • Dissidia Final Fantasy is als just a really good game with an amazing combat system.

  • The naruto games were really good. I think it was the ultimate ninja heroes games that had this interesting gameplay and also a story mechanic with an floor system that you had to climb and play through.

  • Bleach heat the soul series are fun fighting games. I think not all of them were released in the west but I recommend them because the gameplay was super fun.

Anyone else keep pressing the RIF app out of habit?

…but I don’t want to get rid of it! Been using RIF since 2011 and it’d feel so weird to take it off my home screen. I tried the Reddit app but it pollutes the front page with so much unnecessary shit that it becomes a chore to browse. Liking the look of Lemmy so far though.

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Moved it out of my folder at the start of the blackout and opened it a few times for the modcoord updates.

I still have it for novelty reasons but I have been on Kbin and Lemmy since those few weeks.

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I've been trying Tusky and Fedilab. They are better experiences for sure.

Just tried the new official app and it is much better than what it was before but the 3rd party offerings are still ahead as of now.

Just my 2 cents.

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Because RIF and Apollo were hugely popular.

Reddit wants to give you the faint idea that you have a choice instead of actually having a choice.

A cornered animal who sees 1 way out isn't as unpredictable than a fully cornered one.

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Reddit is almost 20 years old now?

Do you expect Lemmy and Kbin to be an immediate replacement or an replacement at all?

PSA: anyone still looking to protest, promote fediverse, any form of rebellion ON REDDIT, the place to do it is r/pics. you can post anything with basically no censorship. as long as you mention John Oliver somehow, the mods aren't going to bother you!

r/pics is wide open to all kinds of anti reddit posts, calls for spez to resign, whatever you want with the current rules right now....

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My thoughts when people still want to strike on reddit;

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People are way to shortsighted to see how it can affect them as well.

The amount of "I don't use 3rd party apps so it doesn't affect me" comments were very noticable.

These changes and the ones that Reddit will implement to rail the userbase even harder will affect the people one way or the other at some point.

"Antiwoke" magazin on posting bullshit like "how to end Wokeness" and "Time to reject the extrem trans lobby harming our society" How to report ? he is the moderator of that magazin. (

@ernest how do I report a Magazin on ? There is a usere called "ps" who is posting to his own "antiwoke" Magazin on Please remove this and dont give them a chance to etablish them self on When I report his stuff it will go to him because he is the moderator of the magazin? Seems like a...

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The more people who will get on the platform the easier it will be to shut the intolerant and bullshitters out.

Starfield physical edition won't include physical discs. (

This means you can't pass the game around to your friends or sell it afterwards, which completely ruins the purpose of physical media imo. I mostly play PC these days so this doesn't affect me, but it's a disappointing direction for console games. At least they could've used an empty disc that has proof of ownership.

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Why would I buy a console if I cannot have a disc to play my game from?

The shit that game companies have been pulling since the ps3 era have been insane.

I remember the SSX game on PS3 that had no option to play normal co op but only online (as far as i remember) and I knew what was gonna come.

You have to be online for everything, everything gets "patched" and paying 80 euros + for a game doesn't mean that it has "outstanding" quality.

Miss me with that shit.

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This reminds me of the last week tonight episode with edward snowden.

It was about privacy and the people interviewed didn't care until the question was phrased if it were dickpics the government had access to.

The interview with snowden starts around 14:00

and the fragment about the dickpics around 25:00.

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And then we all woke up and realise the russian people are gonna do nothing.

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Should we care that other people still use reddit?

Do you have to chose one or the other?

Why are people so hell bent to "take over" Reddit?

I found an alternative in Kbin and Lemmy that suits my needs and focuses on user experience and growing communities instead of growing the pockets of a handful of people.

I decide to not use Reddit anymore because the upper echelon can go fuck themselves.

Is it so weird to have a set of values and stop using a service/product, because they cross the boundaries one has set for themselves?

I have used Reddit for more than a decade and I haven't missed it all.

I am here because I enjoy it and not because I have a deeper desire for Reddit to evaporate out of nowhere.

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It is Random chance.

I have read your comments;

"I think it's probably doomed. It'll never overtake reddit. But, it'll be a nice, quiet, alternative."

No one knows if it is doomed.

You have to start somewhere but you can't expect a platform that has seen an huge influx of users the past weeks to immediately operate on the scale of what Reddit does.

"I humbly apologize for my personal, speculative, opinion about the unknowable future. The downvotes have made me realize my math was wrong, my opinion is wrong, and I am wrong. My corrected opinion is that Lemmy will overtake Meta, Mastadon, Twitter, and Google (wtf is reddit!?), and every upvote will be worth $1000, making everyone rich! Or, we can have fun guessing, and wait and see how things go. I hope they go well!"

Who is claiming the above?

The fun thing is that Mastodon is in your list and before the fuckery with Twitter it didn't really have traction.

Why can't lemmy/Kbin be the same in a year from now?

The problem for Reddit, is that it made people actually look for alternatives. It is stupid for a competitor to make it's customers aware of the competition, but Reddit did exactly that.

Maybe it flops, maybe it stays "niche", maybe it explodes in popularity.

I think it is indeed random chance and just being at the right place at the right time.

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Keep on with not using reddit.

They can pound sand for all I care.

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FF7 crisis core for the PSP and it is not even close.

The story, the music, the english voice acting, the cut scenes, the gameplay; it was al just fenomenal.

It is still the best story based game I played and the ending just hits you right in the feels.

My Reddit name that I used was actually based on the Loveless poem, Genesis recited in the game (favorite character with Zack Fair).

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Reaffirming of what?

That twitter is a walking corpse?

My timeline is full of bots, spam and trolls and it looks like it gets worse with the day.

If Spez likes that future for Reddit then sure.

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I use(d) it to follow 1 guy for updates about my favorite sports team and transfers etc.

But he introduced a new site (today) and is actually gonna quit the platform to go to twitch or somewhere else, so i'll say goodbye to another social media account after today.

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"Meta and met with them after signing an NDA"

This should tell quite enough.

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