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That your experiences differ from those of the writer’s does not invalidate the writer’s viewpoint: They talk how tech has made their personal life more arduous by upending their established modes of doing things. That does not mean these new ways of doing things aren’t working for you.

Your differing viewpoints aren’t mutually exclusive and aren’t necessarily indicative that the writer is somehow inferior in skill to you.

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Yeah, I will never stop being dumbfounded how the transphobes are making an argument for better trans health care and everyone treats it as the exact opposite.

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The way I read the article, it does not give a precise answer, but it provides a strong hint in two different paragraph:

NewsGuard, which rates the quality and trustworthiness of news sites, has identified 1,197 pink slime sites operating in the US as of April 1…
Of the pink slime outlets identified by researchers, the largest is the conservative-leaning Metric Media, which consists of about 1,000 local titles, according to the website for its parent company.

So yeah, if the researchers identified some ~1200 sites and one right-wing news network claims to operate 1000 all on its own, then there has to be a very obvious dominance of right-wing “pink slime” news outlets.

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Honestly, if you had not asked the question, I would not have gone back and checked. The writers could definitely had made this more obvious, but I assume the Financial Times did not want to make the direct connection there themselves.

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My personal opinion: It falls in a similar category as Warhammer. Yes, it is satire, but not particularly effective, because it allows fascists to hide in plain sight and have a good ol’ time with everybody else. No need for them to hide their opinions, everybody thinks what they are spouting is satire anyway.

If Helldivers were effective as a satire, fascists and other authoritarians would spit fire and brimstone whenever the game got mentioned. At the moment though, they love to claim the game is apolitical and one of theirs.

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It is the internal voice of the female-presenting person in the far left corner of the first picture. All of the text is essentially the internal monologue of the comic’s creator, MilkyTrickster. He retells his struggles with his looks, until the moment he realized that he doesn’t need to pass as a man in order to accept his own trans identity.

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