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YSK : Dark patterns among large companies are becoming more mainstream (

While it is no secret that exploitative practices are interlaced with capitalistic tendencies, the practices are becoming intolerable. Signing up to pay usually takes only two clicks that are prominently visible whereas cancelation options are hidden away in deep settings requiring multiple clicks. Pricing often feel arbitrary...

YSK there is a condition that makes your armpits smell worse called trichobacteriosis that is common and easy to treat

I was talking about hygiene with my partner who is a nurse and they were telling me that a lot of people remark that their armpits are smelling worse than normal and they are using more and more deodorant and people just think it is normal....

YSK: If a problem you're experiencing doesn't show up in search results, could be a sign you're looking at the wrong issue

Why YSK: I had this experience this morning. I was raging because the “alt + tab” shortcut had changed on my work computer when it worked fine yesterday. Now it opened the task view, but wouldn’t switch windows unless I clicked on a different program....

YSK: Indeed and other job sites are saturated with scams

For the past two years, legitimate job postings on Indeed and Glassdoor have been replaced by scams. If you’re tricked, the scammers aren’t satisfied with your contact info in your CV, they reach out via email to request that you connect on an encrypted messenger app where they can privately scam you out of thousands in...

YSK: You can distinguish your comment from other comments as a mod in Lemmy

This is a pretty neat feature which is unknown for some reason. For example, in the Lemmy frontend, you can “speak as mod” which basically distinguishes your comment from others. It highlights it, pins it to the top of the comment section and also adds a red shield next to your username....

YSK about the app Yuka which lets you scan food and cosmetics to identify harmful chemicals or additives (

The app gives a score out of 100 for each product scanned based on how healthy or harmful it may be and offers alternative products which may be healthier. The developers do not sell ads or user data and have a no influence policy which prevents brands from paying to place their products in the app. There is a premium version...

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