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Developer🧑‍💻 @ #deltachat with focus on #deltachat-desktop, sometimes also working on #deltachat-core and #deltachat-iOS.

I ❤️ #rust-lang, like #typescript and dislike coding in java.

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treefit, to linuxphones
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new test release 1.45.1 for #deltachat_desktop is ready for testing.

We fixed the map and added a small screen mode making it more usable on small screens such as #linuxmobile phones (even though that is still not really a supported use case)


treefit, to random
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The next TESTRELEASE for #deltachat_desktop is ready for your feedback.

🚀 Instant Onboarding
🤳 Better instructions and troubleshooting button to “Add as Second Device” dialog
📋 Accept images from clipboard in QR reader
🖼️ ✂️ Image cropper for profile image selector
🗺️ Use openstreetmap in map, open map in separate window

Please help us to test the new 1.45 version so we can fix the bugs before the big release:



dansup, to Pixelfed
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I just want to educate y'all about this specific "scary" warning (that you may see in the Pixelfed app)

Apple Bonjour is a feature that enables seamless connection between your Apple devices

You can safely tap "Don't Allow" without any impact, however, that may limit Handoff support and other Apple features we're planning to implement.

Regardless, you can audit our app code yourself to verify we aren't doing anything sketchy


#pixelfed #iOS #mobileApp

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@dansup you could try to delay that message by doing the first local network request after asking the user frist explaining what it is for.

To give more context to users, so they are not confused.

AFAIK this is not a permission like the others where you can insert a reason string in the plist.

treefit, to random
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liaizon, to berlin
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Anyone have #PreciousPlastic connections in #Berlin?

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@liaizon they have a map, maybe you can find contact info in there https://community.preciousplastic.com/map

They use discord for their chats, maybe worth asking there too.

treefit, to random
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would be a flatpak of the easy installer be feasible?

I tried on two distros that both do not support snap (one would need system modifications and on the other nixOS I got it installed but it crashed immediately, probably because nixOS has different paths for fonts and icons), so I gave up and did the manual way, which worked completely fine and was actually easier/faster than further trying to get the easy installer to work.

Anyways thanks for making /e/OS it works flawlessly ❤️

rysiek, to random
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We so desperately need an independent modern browser.

Could Mozilla please get their cranio-rectal intrusion fixed post-haste? Pretty please?

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@rysiek I think supporting igalia and the other forces that work on the @servo project would be the best longer term solution.

Maybe the @TauriApps people would build a browser based on servo at some point.

There are also other interesting new browsers like #ladybird but that seems to be more of a hobby project, even though it's very impressive how much already works, but I think servo is more likely to win in the end as code architecture is important in such complex projects.

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servo approach seems to be make a good architecture and implement everything based on standards and tests.

ladybird approach seems to be mainly focused on learning to make a browser with the community and implementing what is needed to make your favourite modern websites and web apps work.

thomasfuchs, to random
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I love Apple products and for their own good they should be forced to open up their mobile platform (just like their computers always have been) for people to install whatever they fucking want on it

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@grishka @thomasfuchs I guess they will also try to go the appstore only route for their new VR/XR computing. I can understand app stores have auto updates and solve some trust problems for some users, but on the other hand it's too much control in the hands of a single entity.

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@grishka @thomasfuchs It is the comparison between macOS and VisionOS, I think visionOS will could replace macOS before replacing iPhones, and on macOS you can download 3rd party apps from outside of the appstore, granted they need to be notarised by apple, but not reviewed by their team.

AAMfP, (edited ) to random
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Hi folks at @briar @delta and @Jami .
I need your help and hints, please.

Can I (easily) embed one of your communication protocols in a React Native + TypeScript app?

I'm creating an app (TKCompanionApp at @fdroidorg) that is currently as strong in privacy as possible (no permissions at all, not even Internet!), but I would like to allow users to directly share data and I'm wondering which is the simplest way to do so, respecting their privacy.

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@AAMfP @delta @briar @fdroidorg @Jami though note that the rust core is a native dependency, so you would need to make a react native plugin to use it, you can look at our android client code and ask us if you need help with that.

treefit, to random
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Help testing the upcoming #deltachat_desktop v1.43.X release: https://support.delta.chat/t/help-testing-the-upcoming-v1-43-x-release/2940

Release Highlights

❤️ Send emoji reactions for messages
🔄 New Account Switcher sidebar with notification management
🔔 Get notified for all your accounts
⚙️ Improved settings dialog
✨ A whole bunch of refactorings, improvements and bugfixes


treefit, to random
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Working on a more usable multi-account experience in

In the future versions you will be able to switch between accounts more easily while staying informed about new messages from all accounts.

kuketzblog, to random German
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Liebe Community, es ist wieder Zeit für . Ich möchte die Messenger-Matrix aktualisieren bzw. auf den neuesten Stand bringen. Mit vielen Augen geht das leichter. Wenn ihr etwas seht, was nicht mehr aktuell ist, dann schreibt mir einfach eine Nachricht. Vielen Dank! ❤️ 👍



  • bitte keine Anfragen zur Aufnahme weiterer Messenger
  • bitte nur Beiträge, die zur Aktualisierung der bestehenden Matrix beitragen
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@kuketzblog https://delta.chat/en/2023-03-27-third-independent-security-audit sind das die benötigten audits for #deltachat, oder braucht #deltachat noch ein bestimmtes audit für ein grünes audit Feld?

livingcoder, to bevy

I finally have the chunking working properly. It took a lot of time to get to this point, a lot of trial-and-error and different implementations. Now it's all quite efficient, working on top of a Sqlite database.
#bevy #gamedev

A wireframe rectangular object being cut through by a thin cylinder, all while only certain parts of the rectangular prism are visible while the cylinder moves in a slow circle.

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@livingcoder styrofoam cutter simulator?

frameworkcomputer, to random
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Would you be interested in a raw machined aluminum chassis?

An unfinished Framework Laptop 13 Top Cover, another angle.

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@frameworkcomputer how does it look like on a full laptop?

pixelfed, to random
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⚠️ Account deletion is permanent

We receive multiple requests every week to restore accounts accounts that were previously deleted.

How can we improve this?

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@pixelfed make them type something, like GitHub does for deleting repos. Maybe also just mark as deleted and really delete it after 7days if it is not requested to be restored in that time

dansup, to random
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I guess I'll be dropping everything to focus on the @pixelfed iOS app release

I'm tired of these TestFlight issues, and only needs a bit of polish for the initial version

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@dansup @pixelfed how about just submitting to review maybe apple will already accept it anyway. Or are there crashes in the required polish?

treefit, to fdroid
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Why is #fdroid so slow to disable the broken #deltachat 1.40 build?
It was already merged on gitlab along with the a fixed 1.40.1 version nearly 3 days ago. How long does this take to propagate?
Any f-droid person here that could make at-least the propergation of the deactivation of the broken version faster?

Context: The build crashes at startup. Since android denies downgrades the only way for people to keep using the app is to de- then re-install, which looses all data (chats/keys and so on)

dansup, to random
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pixelfed.social users on the iOS TestFlight will have early access to in-development features like Push Notifications starting this weekend.

I need end to end access to debug any issues, these features will eventually roll out to other instances in the coming weeks.

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@dansup do you offer a proxy to the APN or what is your solution for push notification?

treefit, to random
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There is a new #deltachat_desktop version: 1.38.1

🖼️ Show thumbnail in chatlist of image, sticker and webxdc messages
🔍 Improved design for message search results
📎 Removed upper limit on attachment size
☕ Wake up from standby now reconnects more reliably
✨ We fixed some bugs and improved stability


Release Progress: https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-desktop/issues/3289
(Mac app store will still take some days)

Download: https://download.delta.chat/desktop/v1.38.1/ or on https://get.delta.chat

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Meanwhile apple approved the Mac app store version and hombrew also updated to the latest #deltachat_desktop release, this completes the 1.38.1 release 🥳

See original post for the release highlights.

Download: https://download.delta.chat/desktop/v1.38.1/ or on https://get.delta.chat

treefit, to NixOS
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what are the state of sandboxing apps on #nixos?

I'm thinking sandboxing/permissions like on mobile (android/iOS), allow the apps only what they need. Maybe like flatpak, but with actually setting the restrictions unlike many flatpaks on flathub

treefit, to random
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Some peek of my side-projects: a #webxdc app for time-tracking.

Using #vite #tailwindcss #daisyui and #luxon, the #momentjs successor.

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I finished the base functionality of my time tracking app.
While the Design still needs some love and there is still much I want to add and improve, I decided that it is "done-enough" for a public release:


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