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I can code, try to make games and cool stuff.

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"Nichts (absichtlich) Fälschliches: Keine Fakenews, Falschinformationen"

Das klingt gut, aber ich glaube nicht das man da wirklich Willens ist das umzusetzen.

Ich würde ein ausgeprägtes Tag-system bevorzugen das sehr sehr klar macht aus welchem Umfeld eine Nachricht kommt, wer sie bestätigen kann, wie die Quellenlage aussieht.

Aber ich beobachte das mal.

peterdrake, to python
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If you want to build a simple #Python desktop application with a GUI, is tkinter the standard weapon of choice?

(This is for classroom use, so simplicity of the code is more important than it being fast, powerful, or bulletproof.)

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@peterdrake Depends on what you want to do.

Is it "code just to see that you can write programs".

Is it going to run something you're going to do the actual teaching with.

Or is it "we're doing GUI things today".

I think flask (on click -> different path, use that function do something, then return page) or even brython will work too.

Do you have something like a minimal example of what the end result of the lesson should be?

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@raqqed @muelltonne Hanlons Razor funktioniert nur bei Individuen und quasi zufälligen Ereignissen.

Größere Firmen, Parteien und Führungspersonen haben eigentlich immer eine Verantwortung die sie erfüllen müssen. Da macht sich "dumm" schlecht als Erklärung.

Deswegen war beim Abgasskandal "oopsie woopsie" auch keine valide Verteidigung.

blindcoder, to python
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Why exactly have I NOT been writing python scripts for the last 10 years?


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There are plenty of good reasons. Plenty of bad ones you can't change now anyway, too.

Python doesn't solve all problems, just a lot and just well enough to be very popular.

Don't worry about it, welcome!

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@blindcoder I don't use venvs.

Unfortunately there are people who are very religious about their tools and put their generalized statements where they don't belong.

venvs are a tool for "serious" development, where overlap with system libraries or other project is a risk that has to be managed.

If you just want a quick script to draw something pyplot, there is zero reason to use a venv. Or type hinting or thousands of other "helpful tools".

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@blindcoder Yep. Unfortunately that's more of a "guideline" than a rule. And you have to "know" about "things".

If you know for certain there is exactly 0 chance of the system stuff colliding with what you're trying to install, for example because it's your self written module/script that the system cannot have installed yet or use, you can safely ignore it.

There is an option for that somewhere in the install options.

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@treyhunner @blindcoder

Having a requirements.txt is good.

version pinning is another of those debatable practices.

You should do if it is more important to you that things keep working, than being up to date.

Usually, newer versions have more features, fixes, sometimes they boost performance and if they break things, the authors usually have good reasons for breaking things.

E.g. running a business tool or website should have pinned versions.

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@PugJesus I'm actually working on a medieval fantasy RTS RPG thing where I want most of the combat to be regular old non magic stuff.

I still want magic to exist though, and it's going to be really powerful.

I'm planning on discouraging most people from going into it, by making the process of getting it really complicated and making nearly all lower spells really edge-casey.

E.g. "heal" + "small cut" + "body part" will each have a different spell.

bkastl, to random German
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" In view of the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act and an abundance of caution, we have withdrawn all our free software. "


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@bkastl ...sagt wer?

Kann rational sein, da gabs doch Verantwortlichkeitskram in den Gesetzen? War jedenfalls was ich so mitgekriegt habe.

Wenn da Passagen drin sind das man für Software verantwortlich ist die man veröffentlicht, auch wenn es open source ist, ist das auf jeden Fall der legal richtige Schritt.

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@bkastl Hmmmm, es wird eine Ausnahme erwähnt, aber die gilt nicht für Open Source + irgendeine Art Geschäft die dran hängt. Also z.b. nicht für "open source + Wartung"

Aber sie vermeiden die Pflichten ja sowieso nicht, weil sie ja sowieso ein Geschäft sind.

Also keine Ahnung.

Hier nochmal Quellen falls jemand etwas lesen will:

Webseite https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/library/cyber-resilience-act

Gesetzestext https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex:52022PC0454

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Das stimmt wohl, aber offizieller als "... digital-strategy. ec. europa. eu/en/library/cyber-resilience-act" Wirds wohl nicht, deswegen hätte ich das jetzt einfach für den offiziell veröffentlichten Stand gehalten auf dessen Basis "man" wohl Entscheidungen trifft?

Danke für das Angebot, aber ich warte auf weitere offizielle Info.

Es ging ja sowieso nur um Spekulation warum da jemand was man wegen interner Logik die wir auch nicht kennen...

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@ErKaf @bennypr0fane



Das Adjektiv bezieht sich normalerweise nicht auf deine Zufriedenheit oder Unzufriedenheit.

"I'm fine with this" -> "Ich bin fein damit" ist Zangendeutsch

"machen wir x" "ja" "fein/prima/schön" funktioniert anders.

Du würdest auch nicht "Ich bin prima/schön damit" sagen.

...Leute, das nimmt jetzt langsam die falschen Formen an. Das ist nur witzig solange wir die Grammatik ironisch falsch machen!


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Klar, kein Problem, ist aber kein Hochdeutsch.

chrishuck, to Engineering
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I don't know why component manufacturers even bother publishing catalogs on their websites because they almost never have the parts in inventory.

"Oh, our hydraulic actuator meets all of the requirements of your project? You can have it in 15 months."

I feel like I could design my own and spin up a manufacturing line for it in less time.

#engineering #manufacturing

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@chrishuck ...but can you do it for less than what they are asking for their part?

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@chrishuck sure.

My point was that it's another case, not of "providing service for money" but "providing service for money at a quality so low and pricepoint that is just barely cheaper than what it costs you to do it yourself".

Its a question of what you expect from other businesses.

And that line seems to be "barely functional".

How they operate a business that way, idk, but it seems to work.

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@geissi @Diplomjodler3 Hanlon's Razor funktioniert bei Individuen und nicht geplanten Aktionen.

Wenn eine Partei nicht in der Lage ist die eigenen Leute zu kontrollieren bin ich nicht bereit über Unwissenheit oder Inkompetenz zu reden.

Könnte ja jede Rechte Partei kommen und sagen "das hatte der vor/gesagt/getan? Wussten wir nicht".

Wer mitmacht, mitläuft und die schlechten nicht aussortiert, ist Mittäter.

Ist mir auch egal wie gut der Wille ist, Leute sind für ihr Tun verantwortlich.

bmaxv, to python
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Yo. Writing because of a message in my setup.py telling me stop using it.

Your article does not explain why I should stop using it.

"you can link to this Proustian monstrosity and hope that your audience pales before the prospect of reading through the whole thing and just assents to whatever you're asking them to do."

That's an atrocious argument.

article in question: https://blog.ganssle.io/articles/2021/10/setup-py-deprecated.html



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"There isn't a good replacement story"

But there is. You even mention it.

It's under summary:


Put this at the start of the article please?


sommer, to random
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Hey Mastodon - I'm doing a little "research" for my upcoming talk with @DeepDishSwift.

What's some "one line" advice you that resonates with you? Stuff like "do what you love" or "hustle!" or "don't love a your job; it won't love you back" -- what are the one liners that have really suck with you when it comes to work, life, love etc?

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@sommer @DeepDishSwift

from the "zen of python":

"in the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess"

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Since we're all here, any chance we can make a small push in the direction of having a standardized "style"/"theme" file that we can plug into the different systems?

thephpf, to random

The PHP Foundation is participating in an initiative to establish common cybersecurity standards in alignment with the European Union’s Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), based on open source best practices.

We are excited to collaborate on the initiative with leading open source organizations, including The Apache Software Foundation, Blender Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, OpenSSL Software Foundation, Python Software Foundation, and Rust Foundation.


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@Crell Worst for whom? If they open source it, there is not even a need to fork, they can just PR things like everyone else.

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@Crell None.

I don't see how that's relevant to the question of whether or not single individual people should donate, if the money is spent to help megacorps comply with EU law.

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@Crell Because corporations have an interest in the ecosystem in general. Same as before. They continue to be free to improve security however they see fit. In fact, that's exactly what I want from them.

Why do you even care this much? I'm just saying I don't like what the foundations are doing here and that I won't ever donate.

But I have enough perspective that I know I don't matter. I'm merely saying my opinion, because who cares anyway.

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Ok, makes sense. Let's be thourough.

"How exactly would IBM or RedHat or whoever improve the security processes (not code, process) of the PHP project,"

... and let's be really specific. What are these "security processes" you are talking about? Their announcement is really vague.


And I don't think the foundations are particularly deep into security? OpenSSL yes, Blender for sure isn't.

ajsadauskas, (edited ) to tech
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My real worry with Google's voyage into enshittification (thanks to Cory Doctorow @pluralistic the term) is YouTube.

Through YT, for the past 15 years, the world has basically entrusted Google to be the custodian of pretty much our entire global video archive.

There's countless hours of archived footage — news reports, political speeches, historical events, documentaries, indie films, academic lectures, conference presentations, rare recordings, concert footage, obscure music — where the best or only copy is now held by Google through YouTube.

So what happens if maintaining that archival footage becomes unprofitable?

#tech #technology #Google #enshittification #youtube #video @technology #capitalism #film #television #cinema #art #arts #SocialMedia #business #economics

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@ajsadauskas @pluralistic @technology

What, you don't have a personal archive of your youtube favorites?

Better start the backup now?


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