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Australian urban planning, public transport, politics, retrocomputing, and tech nerd. Recovering journo. Cat parent. Part-time miserable grump.

Cities for people, not cars! Tech for people, not investors!

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ajsadauskas, to cars
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How to remove a freeway...

The decision to build freeways instead of rail in the post-war years, along with the low-rise single-zoned suburbs it promoted, has been an absolute planning disaster.

But the mistake can be fixed, and freeways can be removed.

City Beautiful's Dave Amos @citybeautiful has an interesting look at some of America's endangered freeways, and how communities can get them removed:


@fuck_cars #freeways #urbanism #UrbanPlanning #cars

atomicpoet, (edited ) to random
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Today, 68 games released on Steam. Which, by the way, is more than the entirety of the Atari 7800’s entire library. Let that sink in for a moment.

Of those 68 games, these are the ones that I find most interesting:

Desert Of The Undead New Frontiers

  • 8 bit-style action platformer about zombies
  • Price: C$2.59

Internet Cafe Evolution

  • a Chinese-made business sim about running an Internet cafe
  • Price: C$19.49, currently has a 10% discount at C$17.54

The Collage Atlas

  • a hand-drawn first person adventure with a soundtrack that responds to how you play, featuring the vocals of Frankie Rose
  • gamepad supported
  • Price: C$15.49

Ready, Steady, Ship!

  • a puzzle platformer about assembling conveyor belts
  • gamepad supported
  • split screen co-op available
  • Price: C$19.49, currently has a 20% discount at C$15.59

Once a Tale

  • a first person narrative adventure game about Hansel & Gretel featuring stop motion graphics
  • gamepad supported
  • free demo download available
  • Price: C$32.50, currently has a 10% discount at C$29.25

Grand Gardens

  • a walking simulator about visiting a Japanese garden
  • Price: C$3.89, currently has a 40% discount at C$2.33

Rockin’ Racket

  • a point-and-click adventure game about managing a pop-punk band, featuring animal characters
  • free demo download available
  • Price: C$8.99, currently has a 10% discount at C$9.09

Akatori: Сhapter One

  • a 2D metroidvania about a girl and her bird companion
  • gamepad supported
  • Price: FREE!

Repair this!

  • a phone repair simulation where you get to look at the personal data of customers
  • Price: C$14.99, currently has a 20% discount at C$11.99

Baseball Legacy Manager 24

  • a baseball management sim
  • Price: C$9.99

Ghost For Hire

  • a sandbox game where you play a ghost tasked with protecting haunted spots from mortals
  • Price: FREE!

Catch Them Sweetie

  • a card fishing simulator where you try to clear a pond of monsters
  • Price: FREE!

Ants Took My Eyeball

  • a 2D rogue-lite looter shooter where you’re goal is to venture into an anthill in order to take back your stolen eyeball
  • gamepad supported
  • shared/split screen co-op available
  • free demo download available
  • Price: C$21.99, currently has a 10% discount at C$19.79

It’s been a busy day for new PC game releases!

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@atomicpoet The 7800 is an interesting system. Most of its titles — including arguably most of the best titles for it — have been released after it was officially discontinued.

ajsadauskas, to random
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Cybertrucks are being recalled because Tesla used soap to speed up manufacturing.

“[A]n unapproved change introduced lubricant (soap) to aid in the component assembly of the pad onto the accelerator pedal... [r]esidual lubricant reduced the retention of the pad to the pedal.”

Yep. More of that high-quality product engineering and design that Elon is known for...


ajsadauskas, to random
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Okay, now this is getting absurd.

No, I really don't want a large language model mouse.

I don't want a dedicated LLM button on my mouse.

And I have no desire to use a chatbot from Logitech. Ever.


ajsadauskas, to afl
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Hawthorn just being utterly outclassed by Gold Coast.

Not sure if the return of Will Day will make a difference or if they need to go back to the draft, but they desperately need another quality midfielder. @afl

ajsadauskas, (edited )
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@maniacalmanicmania @Baku "As a result of his actions" is worded in a deliberately vague way. It could mean one of two things.

Either they're saying all five people (including the attacker, who was shot by a police officer) are dead because of the attacker's actions.

Or they're saying he stabbed five people.

@ajsadauskas@aus.social avatar

@sqgl There's a reason why they're being deliberately vague at this stage.

In a similar situation in 2016, one man (the attacker) was killed and four people were injured, after an attacker carried a knife around Westfield Hornsby: https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/crime/police-shoot-and-kill-knifeman-at-westfield-hornsby/news-story/09e98074a9f0534020686a76ebee783c

After the official investigation, it turned out the four bystanders who were injured were accidentally struck by police bullets that ricocheted, rather than the attacker himself.

I'm definitely not saying that's the case this time, but they're likely to be vague until they can rule something like that out.

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@maniacalmanicmania @No1 Either way, it's heartbreaking.

luciedigitalni, to random
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ajsadauskas, (edited )
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@luciedigitalni @joannaholman Well, they do have a lot of money to throw around.

So let me share some ways they can not only save this project, but take it to a whole new level.

First, why settle for a single 2.4km linear city?

Why not build 20 of them? Make them 120 metres each.

Let's arrange 10 of them in parallel lines, running east-to-west.

Let's arrange the other 10 so they bisect them at a right angle, in parallel lines running north-to-south.

I call this revolutionary new structure: The Grid.

Now, instead of needing to travel 2.4km from one end to the other, you can get from the furthest northeast corner to the southwest corner in just 240 metres.

That's one-tenth the distance!

You can now walk or cycle from any point to any point in a trip that's no longer than 240 metres!

That also means, instead of a hyperloop, we can use a different futuristic vehicle to get people from any point to any point in the same amount of time.

I call it: A tram!

Instead of building these enclosed linear cities in the desert, let's save some costs by building them in a slightly cooler climate. This will allow us to go with an open air design.

I call this design: The street!

Even better, between these streets, we can build funkier smaller streets filled with cafes and music venues.

Let's call them Laneways!

And best of all, you can build these streets one at a time!

This revolutionary hyper mega giga future tech grid city concept improves on almost every aspect of The Line, at a fraction of the cost!

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@Naich @ardi60 Totally agree.

I mean, Windows is just such a weird proprietary distro.

It doesn't use the latest Linux kernel, or even a mainstream POSIX-compliant alternative like BSD. Instead, you have a strange CP/M-like monolithic kernel — I think they used to call it DOS — that's been extended to behave more like VAX and MP/M.

It also doesn't use either X11 or Wayland as a display manager. Instead, you have an incredibly unintuitive overblown WINE-like subsystem handling the display.

Because it doesn't use Linux, Wayland, or X11, you are limited in the desktop environment that you can use. There's really limited support for KDE, despite the best efforts of volunteers.

Instead, there's a buggy and error-prone proprietary window manager that ships with it by default. A bit like how Canonical tried to ship Unity as it's default desktop environment with Ubuntu.

And confusingly, they've named that window manager Windows as well!

That window manager lacks many of the features an everyday Gnome or KDE user would expect out of the box.

It also doesn't ship with a standard package manager, and most of the packages ship as x86 binaries, so installing software works differently to how an everyday Linux user would expect.

There's also only one company maintaining all of these projects. It insists on closed source, and it has a long history of abandoning its projects.

And sure, if you're a nerd who's into alternative operating systems, toying with Windows can be fun.

But if your grandpa is used to Linux, frankly he'll be utterly bamboozled by the Windows experience.

I'm sorry to be glib, because Windows does have some nice ideas.


Windows on the desktop just isn't ready for your average, everyday Linux user.

ajsadauskas, (edited ) to music
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Disgraceful conduct by Pandemonium Festival promoter Andrew McManus.

He has apparently taken to Facebook to threaten ticketholders who have asked for a refund with violence.

This as the wheels have almost completely fallen off his Pandemonium Festival: https://www.smh.com.au/culture/music/what-s-going-on-punters-left-hanging-over-controversial-rock-festival-20240322-p5fehb.html


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@melbourne Here's some more background on what's been happening with the festival, via Joel King.


@ajsadauskas@aus.social avatar

@str82L Here you go: https://archive.is/TajE6

"On Thursday night, Nine News reported the whole event was cancelled due to slow ticket sales. The news report included footage of festival organisers hanging up on a journalist when asked if the event was going ahead.

"On Friday morning, Pandemonium insisted the festival would still go ahead in a post on Instagram and Facebook.

"Two headliners, Deep Purple and Wolfmother, have removed Australian tour dates from their websites. All other headliners have Pandemonium’s dates still listed. The mixed messaging and lack of clarity from organisers have left many ticket-holders confused."

So bands are pulling out, there's media reports the whole thing might be canned.

Tickets cost $260, so it's not cheap by any stretch. Premium tickets are over $500.

Not surprisingly, some people are asking for refunds, and are having a difficult time getting them.

They're not even getting accurate information about which bands are still playing.

And now when people are raising the issues on social media, the promoter Andrew McManus is in some cases personally responding with threats.

ajsadauskas, to afl
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How the mighty have fallen. Reigning premiers Collingwood less than one goal ahead of a bottom-four side, in Hawthorn, in the fourth quarter.


luciedigitalni, to random
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In case anyone had forgotten, Vodafone are a deeply fucked up organisation

@ajsadauskas@aus.social avatar

@luciedigitalni @shermozle Well, you could always try TPG, iiNet, WestNet, Three, Internode, Soul, AAPT, Orange...

Oh wait...

ajsadauskas, to music
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Alessia Cara is back in the studio!

She just posted the following on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/p/C5Th4IMutTY/?igsh=MTc4MmM1YmI2Ng==

Alessia's a very talented and frankly underrated young singer-songwriter. Hopefully we see a new album from her soon!


ajsadauskas, to sydney
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Not again! BoM issues Flood warning for Qld and NSW.

"A major rain event will engulf most of eastern Australia during the next 48 hours, prompting the Bureau of Meteorology to issue flood watches from southern Queensland to the NSW South Coast.

"Greater Sydney could be soaked by up to 200mm from late Thursday to early Saturday, potentially leading to major flooding along the Hawkesbury-Nepean River, while Brisbane and Canberra also face the prospect of heavy rain."


@sydney #sydney #NSW #Australia #ClimateChange #weather #floods

@ajsadauskas@aus.social avatar

@maniacalmanicmania Really hope you're right.

That being said, the pessimist in me thinks we're just at the start of Autumn.

If there's already heavy rains at the start of April, then what's going to happen in May, June, July, August, and September?

It's also the same communities that are likely to be impacted — places like Richmond, Lismore, and the towns along the Hawkesbury.

The cleanup and rebuild is still ongoing from last time. Another round of floods would be the final straw — financially and emotionally — for many people and small businesses in those regions.

And if there's two bad flood seasons in two years, no insurer is going to touch those towns.

Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

But another bad flood season would not just be devastatingly bad. It would be "state government seriously considers relocating entire towns to higher ground" bad.

@ajsadauskas@aus.social avatar

@No1 It's not unprecedented.

A few years ago, after a particularly bad flood, the entire town of Grantham in Queensland was relocated to higher ground: https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/grantham-reborn-meet-the-little-queensland-town-that-moved-20200227-p5450g.html

If you have a town that's in a floodplain, instead of constantly needing to rebuild it every couple of decades (or less) because of floods, it can make sense to do so.

Banks and insurers look at the risk profile, and then adjust the cost of borrowing or insurance premiums accordingly.

At a certain point, it becomes far cheaper to just call in the bulldozers and rebuild elsewhere.

ptua, to melbourne
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It's a myth that Melburnians won't use buses. They won't use buses that are infrequent, indirect, slow and unreliable. But they will use routes that provide a reasonably good service. We need more of them - not just in Melbourne, but around Victoria.
Listen to coverage on ABC radio yesterday: https://www.abc.net.au/listen/programs/melbourne-mornings/melbourne-needs-more-busses/103661660
#Melbourne #PublicTransport

@ajsadauskas@aus.social avatar

@keira_reckons @ptua Really, a 10 minute all-day frequency on all bus routes should be the minimum across Melbourne.

It would cost a fraction of what a new freeway costs glares at the Northeast Link, and it would make an absolutely massive difference.

mekkaokereke, to random
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Honest question for white people that don't consider themselves racist:

White nationalists have been vocal about their attacks on DEI. These are literally the same people that talk about Charlottesville, Jan 6th, and ethnic cleansing.

They've laid out exactly how they plan to destroy DEI.

  1. Make false claims that DEI is about giving unqualified Black people an unfair advantage

  2. Work with racist politicians to use this as a pretext to make all DEI programs illegal.


@ajsadauskas@aus.social avatar

@mekkaokereke Thanks again Mekka for another insightful post.

Although we haven't seen too much of this anti-DEI campaigning in an organised way in Australia yet, there's no doubt it's coming.

The Australian right follows the footsteps of their American brethren.

And they've got Murdoch and Peter Costello's Nine as media megaphones.

We need to prepare, be vocal and begin organising — now.

Worth adding that these far-right campaigns aren't just the work of Billy Bob from Arkansas.

The rise of the far right has been orchestrated and funded by billionaires:


ajsadauskas, to climate
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General rule of thumb: Low gross emissions are better than net zero or net negative emissions.

Especially when those low gross emissions are across scope one (on premises), two (off-site energy), and three (supply chain).

Doubly so if those net zero/negative emissions are due to carbon offsets.


@ajsadauskas@aus.social avatar

@zerakith To be clear here, I am talking primarily here about corporate or organisational level here.

By net versus gross, I mean the difference between continuing to pollute, but "offsetting" that pollution, versus getting their gross pollution as close to zero as possible.

There's many orgs and businesses out there claiming to have a plan to reach, or have reached, net zero (or net negative).

And in many cases, what they're talking about is basically their direct emissions (scope one) and offsite energy (scope two). Not their supply chain (scope three).

And what they really mean is that they'll continue to pollute, and just buy the cheapest carbon offsets available. In many cases, those cheapest available offsets are of dubious value.

That all sounds great in a press release.

But what's a lot better is to continually measure and reduce gross emissions across scope one, two, and three, getting them as low as possible.

At a global system-wide level, I would argue we would be in a far better position if we had more businesses, organisations, and governments looking to achieve gross zero than net zero.

petrillic, to random
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If kids are "catching gender dysphoria" because of social media, it's because visibility matters. People see others, it is discussed, and they ... recognize some aspect of themselves in it.

That's it. One of the reasons I recognized I was queer early on was because... my mom had gay and lesbian friends and the visibility gave me a name for something.


@ajsadauskas@aus.social avatar

@petrillic Abso-fucking-lutely.

The overwhelming majority of relationships depicted in pop culture are heterosexual.

The overwhelming majority of people depicted in popular culture are cisgendered.

In movies. In music. In television. In sport. In public life.

If, the first time you see a queer couple in the media, you start to think: "I can relate to that. Maybe I'm a lesbian/gay/bi." Despite all the hetero couples you've been shown. Well, the odds are you probably weren't that straight to begin with.

Likewise, if you come across trans or non-binary people online and think: "I can relate to that..." Despite all the depictions of cisgendered people in the media. Well, you probably weren't that cis to begin with.

wikipedia, (edited ) to random
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20 years ago today, The "Did you know" section appeared on English Wikipedia for the very first time! Here's how it looked.

Since then, we've featured more than 100,000 facts on the main page. We like to think that we've gotten a little better at choosing surprising hooks.

@ajsadauskas@aus.social avatar

@wikipedia Any chance of a Mastodon account that has the "did you know" section each day?

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