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Finland here. Legally it’s supposed to be at least 30 if not 45 min, and we’ve laws about overtime and what have you but I never got them in a single place of work and somehow the bosses just kept getting away with it.

Even somewhat large companies.

I have never worked a job in my life that I was actually afforded the protections and rights that the law required. Some I left, some just wouldn’t change.


Can’t we just call it like garbage or GIGO or something more accurate?



but I do ask people who use that phrase to pick another.

“pick another phrase”

Such as…?



It’s the “white lives matter” of trans conversation.

Let’s see if the OP of this thread can answer me as I asked what “other phrases” he would suggest to replace “cisgender” which would actually convey the same meaning.


There’s an enormous amount of straight up Russian trolls pushing “don’t vote Biden”.

Look at @ archcomrade @midwest.social

He doesn’t even deny it. I got banned on political memes for calling him out on it.

Not voting for Biden is direct support for Trump, who is Putin’s bitch.


No, not everyone, but it would be rather naive to think that actual Russian agents don’t exist.

Check out @archcomrade’s profile. They don’t even deny being a Russian nor do they ever claim to be American, despite doing literally nothing except posting “don’t vote Biden”.

Getting Trump to win is one of Putin’s last hopes.

Victim reports his father missing. Police instead interrogated him for 17 hours, said they killed his dog, and withheld his meds from the victim. Victim tried to commit suicide in the room. (lemmy.world)

At one point during the interrogation, the investigators even threatened to have his pet Labrador Retriever, Margosha, euthanized as a stray, and brought the dog into the room so he could say goodbye. “OK? Your dog’s now gone, forget about it,” said an investigator....


This exact thing was done to me, sans the “we killed your dog” bit.

The Finnish authorities see nothing wrong with having a person paint a cell in their own blood. They tried charging me with vandalism for it. They denied me my prescription medication, ffs.


Yeah. Ditto.


It’s not “pipe dreams” as much as it is “complete fantasy purposefully peddled by actual Russian misinformation actors”.


Check out for instance @archcomrade [he/him] @midwest.social

I even got banned there for pointing out how clearly he’s an actual Russian troll. He doesn’t even deny it and you can see he isn’t American, yet literally all he does is post “don’t vote biden”.

This juicy guy isn’t much different


Hopefully we can help spread awareness

My cynicism says no.

But I hope that’s just a mental thing, and I’ll continue to act as if I’m wrong about it.

I find it helpful to tag shills so I can easily recognize them later

Me too buddy.


It worked, but it just broke really fast.

So yes, ineffective, but functional.



Raccoons are native to North America and sloths are to Central and South America.

So yeah prolly would’ve been more entertaining, lol.


Have you ever seen or heard about “the trolley problem”?

You know what isn’t an option in it. “I walk away without taking any responsibility.”

Because willfull inaction is a choice with consequences. It is an action by itself.

And you’re genuinely trying yo deny Russians use information warfare. This is exactly what I meant with the whole reduced cognitive capacity bit.




Dasus, (edited )

Aborting a pinhead sized embryo is murder in cold blood, but using religious delusions as a shaky excuse for a premeditated murder of an infant is just religious practice people can’t be held accountable for.

Ameeericaa, fuck yeah.


It’s a bit like saying pasta and spaghetti.

Yeah, spaghetti is pasta, but not all pasta is spaghetti.


This guy does literally nothing but tell people how Democrats are awful people (and implies you shouldn’t vote for them)

TONS of posts like that.

I really wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’s Russian.

No-one is supporting genocide. If people don’t vote for Biden (and even if they do, the popular vote might not be enough), Trump will win.

The only case where saying “don’t vote for Biden” would be if Trump was actually a better, smarter, more emphatic president, and would use the US’s power to instantly stop helping Israel.

And who exactly thinks that’s even possible in any scenario or even parallel universe?

Not voting for Biden would be like being a pro-Hitler British person in 1939.


Yeah, sure. That’s the reason.

It’s just completely out of the realm of possibility to prove that you’re not a Russian troll. /megasarcasm

Where’d you live?


Do you know who the candidates are? Who the other guy is?

The person whos promised to remove all climate actions and regulations on day one. A guy who is taking dick from Putin every night while screaming “harder daddy”. A drooling megalomaniacal diaper wearing fascist, who supports Putin and Netanyahu.

You’re not voting for genocide. You’re not even voting for Biden. You’re voting against Trump.

If you’re an American with the right to vote and you don’t vote Biden, you are directly supporting Trump, Putin, Netanyahu and other far-right leaders.

Have you ever heard of the trolley problem? You’re online, so you should have. Do you know what’s never the answer to those problems? “I walk away but also take no responsibility for allowing more people to die.” Sorry, not an option. The lesson is that inaction is a choice with consequences.



refraining from using my vote, so that Trump will win is the moral and reasonable course of action to help Palestinians, despite Trump being an insane fascist who’s also Putin’s little bitch


Americans will do anything to avoid using proper cheese.


I’d argue that in order to be successful you have to unfortunately invest with unsavory people and companies

“I know that I’m gonna have to do sns support non-ethical things. Straight up genocides even. But I personally don’t care, because I want money so I can pretend that ‘I’ve made it’”

You find me a morally aware investment banker, should be a fun search.

" Hey, I’m just in the slave trade because it’s so damn profitable. I would love doing it morally, but you try to find me a moral seller of slaves! "


American cops are such fucking pussies

Acab tho but especially American ones


Technically we’ve solved world hunger. We’ve just not fixed it, as the greedy fucks who hoard most of the resources of this world don’t see immediate capital gains from just helping people.

Pretty much the only real problem is billionaires being in control.

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