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Album Review: PALLBEARER Mind Burns Alive
"Mind Burns Alive is sure to evoke something new and delightfully pensive out of the listener."

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Explore the wilder, more side of my work with Metaphysical Shitposting, an evolving collection (new tracks added about once a month) of , and pieces, with the occasional splash of musique concrete, and mixed in to keep things interesting.

Lots and lots of work here, plus some stuff like , tape loops, toy instruments and more.


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Manifestation anti-bassines en Auvergne : «On ne souhaite pas détruire, mais restaurer le vivant»
Plusieurs milliers de personnes ont participé à une randonnée «festive et pédagogique» ce samedi 11 mai à quelques km de Clermont-Ferrand, dans une zone qui pourrait accueillir les 2 plus importantes réserves de France.

#BassinesNonMerci 63, #laConf, #XR, les Faucheurs volontaires et les Soulèvements de la Terre ont pris la parole. #megabassines #gigabassines

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L'arrêté du préfet sur l'usage de drones par les forces de l'ordre suspendu. Le tribunal administratif de Clermont-Ferrand a suspendu en référé l'arrêté préfectoral autorisant l'usage de drones. Les organisateurs à l'origine de la demande de la suspension ont défendu que cet arrêté était une atteinte illégale au respect de la vie privée.

#BassinesNonMerci #LQDN #Technopolice #videosurveillance #surveillance #drone #BassinesNonMerci63 #surveillancecapitalism #megabassines

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Kolejna lekcja latania dronem. Okolice Wrocławia są bardzo atrakcyjne 😉

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Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse always held a bit of mystery for me, since I could never get close to it, sitting out in Casco Bay on a rocky ledge. Thanks to my drone, I've been able to demystify it a bit. Here's a recent sunrise image of the lighthouse.

#mastoart #buyintoart #lighthouse #artist #newengland #maine #photography #drone #supportartists #supportthearts #buyart #homedecor #wallart #seascape #landscapephotography #nautical

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also do these things not need a permit? this #drone was hanging over my head for quite some time 😬

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Good morning to readers, Kyiv remains in Ukrainian hands.

#Drones have leveled the playing field between a Goliath #Russia and a David-like #Ukraine.

But drone development is evolving so quickly that Ukrainian engineers must innovate — or people die.

There’s no place in the world where #drone innovation is happening faster than in Ukraine.

With fewer funds and fewer soldiers, Ukraine has needed to out-think and out-innovate the Russian military.

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#NowPlaying - don & moki cherry & the organic music theatre, france, late august '72. the height of the cherrys' is-this-even-#jazz commune vibes in the middle of a giant straight jazz festival featuring mingus, blakey, etc. kids on stage, puppet shows, lots of chants & singalongs & percussion (including nana vasconcelos), some light #drone. from the(?) period when cherry didn't play any #trumpet at all. @vinylrecords

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Bardo Pond - Volume 9 #vinyl @vinylrecords #StonerRock #psychedelic #drone #doomMetal #NowPlaying

Fucking Amazon sent me the wrong record (I never order from them, but they were the only place I found what I was looking for). It’s hard to be mad at the result - however- as this is stellar.

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kit, to music

in an effort to expand my music library and also share cool stuff, fedi, I beseech thee... lend me your ears (and boosts)

if you listen to, make, or have a friend who makes electronic music that fits any of these descriptions:

  • sounds like the early 2000s, especially if it's some kind of dnb, jungle, or ambient
  • nostalgic futurism that isn't dnb or ambient (and especially not synthwave!)
  • sounds like racing game music from back when it was too good
  • vaporwave but original (as in, not sample based) and not synthwave
  • weird and wacky experimental electronica that can work in the background
  • bass heavy but low intensity music that tickles the brain
  • just really pretty and interesting ambient or drone stuff in general

please drop names and links here. by all means, plug yourself and your friends if you want to

bandcamp, mirlo, faircamp, and similar links are preferable, but any link will do if those aren't available. extra bonus points if creative commons or similar

I think these styles of music are amazing and rather underrated, especially since a lot of the people who like these styles are just playing random youtube mixes in the background, so they have no idea what they're actually listening to or who to support

I also find this kind of music annoyingly hard to discover, which isn't helped by those mixes either, because most of them are either drawing from the same small handful of artists, or just playing video game soundtracks

I want to change that, even if only a little bit. for that reason, please boost

aside from just hoping to spread this post around, I'd love to write about what I hear on my website eventually too, play it during livestreams with the titles on screen, and of course share it with all my non-fedi friends

@electronicmusic #music #MusicSharing #MusicShare #FediMusic #recommendation #ElectronicMusic #electronica #dnb #jungle #breakcore #ambient #drone #experimental #vaporwave

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Sunday 5 May at Atelier Äuglein, #Berlin
Noiseberg #114 — Ira on Air & Cedrik Fermont ~Lun Ário ~Fertilizer ~Ta Marbuta ~Project Icarus
17:00 DOORS
17:30 ↖ Ira on Air & Cedrik Fermont
18:15 ↘ Project Icarus
19:00 ↖ Ta Marbuta
19:45 ↘ Lun Ário
20:30 ↖ Fertilizer
22:00 END
#drone #ambient #electronic #experimental #gongs #noise #audiovisual #music

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What is this beeping and buzzing in my ears? Inescapable and yet soothing, like some kind of #drone

#XANTRONIX / @xantronix @admin

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Throwback to summer. I’ve applied for some funding to upgrade my drone so here’s a shot with my Mavic 2 Pro. A panorama of Qajuutinnguaq down Adams Sound from home. #Nunavut #Arctic #LandscapePhotography #Drone

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Friends, followers and musically curious onlookers, I could really use some listens today! I'm an independent #musician who makes weird, #psychedelic #ElectronicMusic for listening to from the couch. If you're new to my oeuvre, this is the best place to start:

10 tracks of alien rhythms, wizard synth anthems and dubbed-out ghostwave inspired by #VideogameMusic, #industrial, #IDM and more.

Have a listen! Then give it a boost!

etherdiver, avatar

If you're already familiar with that one, and/or like your #WeirdMusic a little more in the #drone, #ambient and #soundscape vein, your next stop is Metaphysical Shitposting, which you'll find here:

This one is more purely #experimental and heavily features the use of #ModularSynth and other outre tools including multitrack #cassette #recorders, #toys, #FeedbackLoops and more.

Even if you've checked it out before, I've added multiple new tracks in the past 30 days!

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#NowPlaying - the last (known) session of don cherry's organic music ensemble period before cherry returned to the states, toured with lou reed, & returned to slightly more inside/outside sounds. recorded in italy, summer '76, with an om-ing/droning quartet featuring genius brazilian percussionist nana vasconcelos, guitarist gian piero pramaggiore, & moki cherry on tanpura. #drone #jazz @vinylrecords

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Using less water & using a #drone to fertilize are new techniques that Van is trying & #Vietnam hopes will help solve a #paradox at the heart of #GrowingRice : The finicky crop isn’t just vulnerable to #ClimateChange but also contributes uniquely to it.

Vietnam is the world's 3rd largest #rice exporter, & the staple importance to #Vietnamese culture is palpable in the #Mekong Delta.

#AsianMastodon #TootSEA #SouthEastAsia #RiceFarming #RiceProducers #WaterUsage

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First #drone flight of the year done

davidbisset, to animals avatar

#Pengiuns are one of my fav #animals. The #drone footage of this is unreal. 🐧

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#Drones have reshaped the battlefield in #Ukraine and in the Middle East. #Drone technology has many iterations from #Iran ’s #Shahed and #Turkey ’s #Bayraktar to the homemade war drone. We look into the history, the geopolitics, and the prospect of teaming drones up with #AI in this week's #TheGlobalJigsaw - recommended listen:

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The boss lady on a morning, after celebrating 's New York Festivals award... yet despite the jolly distraction, she subbed and updated our latest episode on - including attacking , a deep dive into the and drone use in the , plus a bit of history from the Queen bee on and and production - tune in, , you'll like it:

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"We are witnessing a historic process -- Russians are leaving for the first time in two centuries," independent Azerbaijani analyst Elhan Shahinoglu told AFP.

Observers of the #Caucasus say #Russia is too caught up with its invasion of #Ukraine to retain its sway in the region. #Azerbaijan #Armenia

Russia quietly exits #Karabakh, ceding its clout 'for good'

Norobiik, avatar

#Ukraine leverages #drone technology to deploy medieval #caltrops, transforming ancient defensive tactics into modern warfare strategies.

Ukraine mixes ancient weapon with drone tech to take out Russian forces [VIDEO]

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