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Here mostly with my #Photography and #Art, based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of #USA (#PNW, #WashingtonState #Seattle area).

If you’re interested in my work as a #WallArt, #Prints, #HomeDecor, #Lifestyle etc, go to

All my images are #copyrighted. All rights reserved. She/her. Thank you

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#Seattle area #writer, #designer, #photographer, #kayaker, #runner, and #humanitarian. Lover of all animals.

Owner of a successful #marketing and #communications company.

#CareerCoach #Entrepreneurship #Coach and #Startup Advisor

Certified Technical Communications Professional
Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE)

Former #nonprofit executive and fundraiser. Current nonprofit board member and Chair. Former executive recruiter.

Member of the Intl Coaching Federation and Nat’l Writers Union avatar


Bite me, Musk.

Progressive political commentator (print, radio, podcasts) for years. I post a lot: breaking news + legit info you can use, prone to snark. My mini Australian Labradoodle, Hamilton, has trained me well.

Now where's my trough of wine? 🍷🇺🇸🇨🇦

#Progressive #USPolitics #VotingRights #legal #WomensRights #CivilRights #BLM #climate #Canada #journalists #politics #news #LGBTQ #DogsOfMastodon avatar


The official Mastodon page for ProPublica.

Pursuing stories with moral force. avatar


Indigenous affairs reporter, High Country News
They/them | Chahta Okla ⚫ ⚪ 🟡 🔴
Chinook lands, U.S. Pacific Northwest avatar


I'm a photographer who lives in Metro #Vancouver, #BritishColumbia, #Canada. My #photography is mostly #naturephotography and #landscapephotography oriented though I'll photograph almost anything (but not usually people). avatar


Donate to Ukraine:

Donate to Ukraine Animals:

I post what I find interesting, funny, hilarious, evil, on my mind, etc at that specific moment. avatar


Intersectional Feminist. Former print (research)/television/comms. ≠Legal advice. Liberté, égalité, fraternité
(And that includes you.)

🇨🇦 🍉 🇺🇦 😷 📚 avatar


Family Caregiver.
Eco/Social Justice Activist. Disability Advocate. Decolonizer. Accessibility Consultant. Eldercare Liason.
Teochew Chinese. War & Polio Survivor.
Neurodivergent. Nature lover. Cat lover. Photographer. Avid gardener. Water & forest protector. Moss toucher. Tree hugger. Bird watcher. GenX. Anti-capitalist.
Vancouver Island, BC.

#AsianMastodon #BIPOC #StopEcocide #BeTheChange avatar


Engineer, inventor, retired patent agent, ex-fundamentalist, amateur evolutionist, Covid-19 virgin. Old enough to remember Republicans believing in Democracy. avatar



Donate to Ukraine:

Donate to Ukraine Animals:

I post what I find interesting, funny, hilarious, evil, on my mind, etc at that specific moment. avatar


Here to post pics and meet new people.🙂
The pics are not my own; the owners' names are supplied after ©️

I try my best to return boosts and favorites.🙏
I cannot favorite or boost porn or nudes.

2nd account


Fresh IT news from a variety of sources. Public service by @emanuel avatar


Just a nature , outdoor guy in the Pacific Northwest avatar


Former digital marketing strategist. “Vote Blue No Matter Who” is a stick. I prefer carrots. Americans lack #universalhealthcare and that pisses me off. Yuge #DEVO fan. #TwitterRefugee
Duty now for the future!

[Header: DEVO’s New Traditionalists poster. Drawing of DEVO on stage defending 3 infants from a crowd. 5 approach the stage: a man in a pilgrim-style hat with bible, a woman in bathrobe and curlers with rolling pin, a pirate with sword, a long-haired hippie, and a punk rocker.] avatar


Landscape & nature photographer in San Diego, California. Friend of single exposures. Photography instructor, mentor, judge & #Lightroom expert, teacher, tutor.

#Chaparral naturalist. #German expat; #Introvert; #Ambient music lover. Tries to steer clear of politics on social media. Born at ~3.8B world population & trying to accept things as they are. He/him.

Most posts auto-deleted after 2 months. avatar


Götter sind für den Menschen unerreichbar...
🔴The world is full of colorful wonders. The Internet, full of nameless images.
Walls and photos have created artists. They should be named, too.
🔵Die Welt ist voller bunter Wunder. Das Internet, voller namenloser Bilder.
Wände und Fotos haben Künstler geschaffen. Sie sollten auch genannt werden.
#StreetArt #Art #Urbanart #Mastoart #Painting #Mural #Pasteup #StencilArt #Photography ➡️#APhotoLove avatar


#Christian, #ENFP, black dude, anti-authoritarian small-government stan, #tech fan, #TV and #Film enjoyer who most likely who has #ADHD. avatar


Photo & Design & Tech & RPGs / SeattleACS ham radio volunteer / Cascadia Radio cofounder / RPG XRAY host / TeenHorrorCast intern / "skoon-over" / he

Maybe you use Solarized (colorscheme), maybe you used my Kinkless GTD sytem (which became OmniFocus), or maybe you followed my D&D clubs at a Seattle girls' middle school.


Old-ish and grouchy. I like music and sports. She/her. Farts. Sometimes meows.

#GenX, #Cats, #Shoegaze, #NYMets, #LGM, #DetroitLions, #OnePride #ArizonaWildcats, #NevadaWolfpack

#NoBridge avatar


Hier trötet die tagesschau Nachrichten von

Offizieller Account. avatar


esoteric thinker, egg chair philosopher, permaculture advocate, pattern literate human being. The clock is ticking for all life on this planet. we need change. landscape designer.

Fair Warning: Very little of my descriptive content will have CWs. I will put sensitive media blocks on any photos or vids though.


In search of new forms of life. A digital community center and media platform featuring news, opinion, podcasts, and reporting on autonomous movements across so-called North America from an anarchist perspective. 🏴


Official account for the #Northwest #Beer Guide (aka, The Pickled Liver). A source for #craftbeer news & events around #Idaho, #Oregon, #Washington, & #Canada. avatar


The PIMfluencer


Influencing myself all the time.

Hide my German posts via selecting your preferred language(s) via:
Preferences→Other→Filter languages

Mutes accounts that are using CWs without meeting my definition of "warning".

Stands with 🇺🇦

#PIM #FOSS #Emacs :emacs: #orgmode :orgmode: #Orgdown #bicycle #decentralization #security #privacy #Austria #Graz :graz:

Joined Mastodon 2017-11

Indexed on tootfinder

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"C'est un profil privé non officiel"
Actualité de la ville de Sousse Information quotidienne pour les habitants et les visiteurs.
Principaux actualité mondiale, géopolitique, tourisme

📷 Photo de sousse

🌏 Map:

Vous pouvez me joindre par tchat Si vous avez besoin d'infos n'hésiter pas a m'envoyer un message privé 😊 avatar


Wir sind das Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) und lieben unsere Themen Luftfahrt, Raumfahrt, Energie, Verkehr, Digitalisierung & Sicherheit! Web: Impressum: Datenschutz: Netiquette: avatar


Digital Services Expert at #USDS (, detailed to #VA.
I work primarily in #infosec, #IT, and #SaaS infrastructure. Prior to USDS, I was a #tech #startup #CISO.
Dad, old-school hacker, Righteous Indignation Man. Opinions are my own. You can follow my blog from the Fediverse via
#MaskUp #COVID #CovidIsNotOver #USPol #MAPol #BosPoli #Boston #MA #politics #resist #linux #FOSS #OpenSource #ConsumerActivism #privacy #programmer #hacker #fedi22 avatar


:autism: :vegan: :hacker: :solarpunk_flag: :boykisser: :demisexual_flag: :gay_man_flag: :polyamory_flag: 🇳🇱 🇪🇺

👾 human rights defender
👾 nervous #DEFCON 26 mainstage speaker
👾 radical #cypherpunk; #solarpunk sailor
👾 make love not war ✌🏻
👾 black lives matter ✊🏻
👾 trans rights are human rights 🏳️‍⚧️
👾 white, anti-whiteness (read "White Fragility")
👾 Ex- Seattle Privacy Coalition, ACLU of Washington, Tor Project
👾 friend requests welcome


#Urbanism 🌃 and #PublicTransit 🚉 folks, see my pinned posts!

Historian of early #medieval #religion. I spend my days #writing 🖊, #teaching 👨‍🏫, reading 📚 and taking care of several ungrateful cats 🐈 with my wonderful wife. Other interests include #animalrescue 🐈‍⬛, #travel 🌏, #cannabis 🌿 and #MentalHealth🧠. I have #cPTSD and a dry wit. All #photography 📷 is mine unless otherwise noted.

#fedi22 #antifascism #anticapitalism #FuckCars #antiwork #WarOnCars #degrowth #history 📜 #ReligiousStudies avatar


Probably writing about event technology and AV, EV ownership, co-working spaces and parenting teenagers. Happy backstage or near water.

Posts auto-delete after two weeks



Aktuelle Nachrichten aus dem Auswärtigen Amt #diplogram


India news, focused mainly on hindutva violence. Until the Scrolls and The Wires decide to show up on the fediverse. avatar


Contribute to our WORLDWIDE ancient site map/database/gallery ✨ Not just megaliths - Prehistory to 1000AD/CE ✨Award winning Old Stones Book ✨ Account run by Andy Burnham, Surrey, UK. Other interests: most music of all varieties, folklore, Linux, Open Source, databases, GIS, electronics


Keeping tabs on drought impacts for the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for 10+ years. Fascinated by weather & science. Most of my life spent in Nebraska. Curious, finding beauty in nature. Be kind. Views are mine.🌻 avatar


News aggregation tracking the 🇷🇺 War against Ukraine 🇺🇦

Devops | Good Trouble | Social Justice | Climate | Human Rights

OSINTukraine project :
Automated DeepL Translations from telegram & Telegram war archive.

I run osintukraine public output @ua and @ru

#osint #Ukraine #Russia



#SF Native. Left the #bayarea for Duvall, WA Software Engineer Guy. Former #karaoke addict. Not a lawyer. Gray haired #dad. He/him.

I don't take things too seriously, except when I should. avatar


From the Netherlands 🇳🇱

Social media needs to be fun, safe and secure again. Our team and I are working hard to keep that possible here for you♥️

Don’t forget: questions or any other chitchat are always welcome, we are on a social platform after all!

I love you all, purrr....

Keep riding on Patrick :RideBikes:
a🕯️for Lorenz, Sascha & Maxim🖤


We are an author-run co-op publisher of kidlit and YA fiction. We also publish adult fiction under our imprint Crimson Fox Publishing. Proudly indie since 2016!


UX designer. Advocate of tech ethics, decolonizing design, and design for the greater good.

Just moved to Seattle, WA, USA. (Most recently: Pittsburgh, PA.)

Love volcanoes, violas, and violins - not violence. (But punching Nazis gets a pass.)

The internet's biggest Pirates of Dark Water fan.

JET Program alumna: ALT, Tokushima, 2005-07.

Have never actually eaten ファミチキ. (Bring on that tasty, tasty 精進料理.)

I stand with #Palestine. avatar


Techmod for, admin of Seattleite and Linux sysadmin irl. Liberal carfree vegan interested in VR, electronica, FOSS, astronomy, urbanism, cats, and memes (he/him) avatar


We're the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Our mission is to reduce the effects of drought on people, the environment and the economy with cutting-edge science and thoughtful planning. We host the U.S. Drought Monitor, the nation's leading resource to track drought conditions.
#drought #DroughtMonitor #climate #science #data #maps #planning avatar


💙💛 #SlavaUkraini
Alles ist relativ - nur der Ablativ ist absolut.
I know who shot JR. avatar


Queer desi immigrant, living in Seattle, trying to get better at (a) being an allistic, abled parent to an autistic, disabled child (b) practicing mindfulness and compassion to myself and others (c) learning more about the world within and around us. He/him. avatar


Struggle Sessions


👋 Hi, I’m a 30 something tech enthusiast from South Wales 🏳️‍🌈 he/him Into 🏋️‍♀️ fitness, ✈️ travel and 🤗 enjoying life where I can. 📷 I mainly post photos from my everyday life and places I visit.


A Radical Guide is a dynamic media platform that embodies our mission to celebrate and deepen our understanding of anarchist, radical, and liberation movements.

In addition to locations, A Radical Guide offers user generated online courses and trainings to enhance our skills and knowledge ( ), and a shop ( )

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