Eastern WA Officers Responding to a Shooting Find Multi-Million Dollar Illegal Pot Farm (

Grant County police responding to a call about two men with gunshot wounds discovered a lot more than they bargained for. Early Monday the Grant County Sheriff’s Office, Moses Lake Police Department and Ephrata police were called about men being shot in the 14000 block of Road C N.E., about 30 miles north of Moses Lake.

Comprehensive Map of Seattle Construction Projects (

Free desktop and mobile web app for seeing what's being built in Seattle. Think of it as a modern alternative to the “notice of proposed land use” boards currently posted at construction sites. Find any proposed or under construction building in Seattle, see high quality 3D architectural renderings and learn how you can...

Washington Sate Faultlines | WA - DNR (

This map shows areas of seismic risk from high (red) to low (grayish-green). The map is from a 2007 report (click here to download) on seismic design categories in Washington. The map also shows potentially active faults from a separate 2014 report (click here to download). Earthquakes occur nearly every day in Washington. Most...

TIL That the Olympic Peninsula Used to be an ancient island called Siletzia that collided with North America. It was born from the same hot spot that is today the Yellowstone Super Volcano. (

Even though there are no volcanoes on the Olympic Peninsula, you can find lots of volcanic rocks on the beaches. This bizarre circumstance might have to do with how the ancient island transformed Washington state.


We actually have off-road diesel for this. Alberta also used to have "purple gas" but it was halted in 1999 due to rampant abuse. We could do something like that, but it hasn't worked historically.

Washington in the 1970s - The Atlantic (

Day 5 of Documerica Week on In Focus, featuring regions of the U.S. covered by the photographers of the Documerica Project in the early 1970s. In our final photo essay, we visit the northwestern states of Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, during a heightened energy crisis that left gas pumps empty and frustrated businesses and...

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