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Gay Israeli furry🏳️‍🌈🇮🇱
My main account on Fediverse is @Fitik while my main account on the Lemmy/kbin is @Fitik

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My mastodon accounts:

  • @kjr (Mostly) in English
  • @kjr in Hebrew
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Hi all. I'm Dan. You can message me on Matrix, or follow me on Mastodon at @danhakimi.

You might want to check out my men's style blog, The Second Button, and the associated instagram account

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A man of leisure living in the present, waiting for the future.

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Hier trötet die tagesschau Nachrichten von

Offizieller Account. avatar


‘Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind,’ - Bertrand Russell avatar

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I study History of the Middle East. Mostly posting translated news and blog posts from the Israeli media relating to the historical and contemporary aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. avatar


76 Year Old Progressive, Sky Diving, Moto Cross Racing, Rock Climbing, Baseball Umpiring - All things in my Rear View Mirror.

Advocate for All Human Rights, Abortion Rights, Women's Rights, Children's Rights, All Lives Matter, Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Vax,

Kindness is a Renewable Resource Give It Away,

Progressive, Anti-Fascist, Atheist, Science-Based From Quarks to Dark Energy, Friend of Bills avatar


Retired researcher living in Nottinghamshire, England.

#Socialist #Politics #Environment #Cats #Gardening #Wildlife #Opera #ClassicalMusic #Refugees #HumanRights #AlcoholFree #WearAMask #NoBridge


Avatar: Me, a white woman with short, greying brown hair. Wearing a large pair of red spectacles.

Header: Climate Stripes going from blue on the left to terrifying red on the right.


Pictures of demonstrations and protest actions for peace and justice in Israel. All pictures licensed under CC BY-NC. By: @whitedove avatar


Should see little noise and only relevant content regarding OSINT here. Sanity checked but not always NSFL.
banned from youtube, osint not appreciated it appears.
If you are an extremist jerk, I will likely block you, welcome! avatar


Research prof. (UCLA PhD - MIT, American Univ. In Cairo, CSU, UCB, SSI-US Army War College, Fulbright scholar, Syria) #MiddleEastNorthAfrican #history, #politics, #defense, #IslamicStudies, #arts, #thought, #education Toots on MENA current news. avatar


Bite me, Musk.

Progressive political commentator (print, radio, podcasts) for years. I post a lot: breaking news + legit info you can use, prone to snark. My mini Australian Labradoodle, Hamilton, has trained me well.

Now where's my trough of wine? 🍷🇺🇸🇨🇦

#Progressive #USPolitics #VotingRights #legal #WomensRights #CivilRights #BLM #climate #Canada #journalists #politics #news #LGBTQ #DogsOfMastodon avatar


writer (Rebel Code, Digital Code of Life, Walled Culture), journalist, blogger. on #openness, the #commons, #copyright, #patents and #DigitalRights. email:; PGP: E4962A75 avatar


I make small things.

My posts are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (

🍉🌻 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️

#SmallWeb #SmallTech #web #tech #privacy #humanRights #personhood #democracy #aral #fedi22 #searchable avatar


Interested in building a better world and standing in solidarity with others who share that goal.

For biographical information, please see

"Writing is the way I fight." ~ James Cone

#solidarity #democracy #HumanRights #LGBTQ avatar


Writer, psychologist & educator here to learn & share info on politics, psych, education, history &, especially, structural power. Antifascist, anti-oligarchy, atheist. I boost what I find interesting, regardless of whether I agree with it. Resisting fascism includes countering disinformation with facts. I prefer evidence, not evidence-free opinion. Image: Rothko avatar


I post about Palestine-Israel and write about Zionism at avatar


politics, poetry, stories, art, seeking a sustainable socialist planet, Treaty Yeah, BDS apartheid Israel, Free West Papua, decolonisation, anti-racism, satire. avatar


PhD. Rhetorics of terrorism, media, and AI. Taught at Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, UC Davis, Clemson. avatar


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Header photo: A newsstand. Photo by AP. avatar


Journaliste franco-allemand. Carte de presse 128794. Suivez les coulisses de la vie politique, les #off sont de moi. Mes pouets n'engagent que moi.


I will post mostly news about technology, startups, tech companies, mostly focusing in Israel, but not only. avatar


… paring down time on social media … Fully migrated to mastodon now that the bird self destructed. Though if you want to view my old posts, same username. avatar


India news, focused mainly on hindutva violence. Until the Scrolls and The Wires decide to show up on the fediverse. avatar


Senior Technical Writer @ Opplane (Lisbon, Portugal). PhD in Communication Sciences (ISCTE-IUL). Past: technology journalist, blogger & communication researcher.

#TechnicalWriting #WebDev #WebDevelopment #OpenSource #FLOSS #SoftwareDevelopment #IP #PoliticalEconomy #Communication #Media #Copyright #Music #Cities #Urbanism avatar


Family Caregiver.
Eco/Social Justice Activist. Disability Advocate. Decolonizer. Accessibility Consultant. Eldercare Liason.
Teochew Chinese. War & Polio Survivor.
Neurodivergent. Nature lover. Cat lover. Photographer. Avid gardener. Water & forest protector. Moss toucher. Tree hugger. Bird watcher. GenX. Anti-capitalist.
Vancouver Island, BC.

#AsianMastodon #BIPOC #StopEcocide #BeTheChange avatar


poet and journalist based in and around jerusalem

• worked in two media outlets currently banned/closed in russia
• used to do a book news segment on the radio
• my book of poetry is due to be published in early 2024 (baruch hashem)
• on a somehow tough road of repatriation since january

call me ash, btw avatar


VOA chief national correspondent/former White House bureau chief; Author, ‘Behind the White House Curtain.’ Adjunct asst. professor, Shenandoah Univ.; Adjunct lecturer in journalism, Univ. of Richmond; 2022-23 journalist-in-residence, Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Law; Kiplinger Fellow, Ohio Univ.; American Foreign Service Assoc. governing board; Nevada Broadcasters Assoc. Hall of Fame; W7VOA on ham radio. avatar


Civil servant from the Netherlands, fascinated by innovative technologies and how they can improve society. Also interested in geopolitics and international affairs. All opinions expressed are purely personal and do not represent the opinion of my employer or anyone else.
#digitalgovernment #innovation #digitaltransformation #AI #technology
#tfr tootfinder #ICT #IT #fedi22 #geopolitics #AcICT avatar


I used to write for Moyers & Company, The Nation, Rolling Stone & elsewhere.

Now a dedicated dog dad, scuba diver and the host of We've Got Issues.

Subscribe! avatar


Former university academic & tech transfer middle manager. Now retired ex-#Labour #Corbyn-supporting member (expelled in 2016 purge) & recent exile from Twitter/ X. Ageing obscure lefty rebel, He/ him, Socialist, Anti-Racist, Anti-Fascist, Anti-Zionist, Feminist, proud granddad & passionate gardener.

My hashtags:

#Israel #ApartheidIsrael #Zionism #Racism #Pogrom #Nakba #Genocide #SettlerColonialism #EthnicCleansing #StopArmingIsrael #CollectivePunishment #WarCrimes #FreePalestine #nobridge avatar


Nervous energy. Resonance fields. Scarcity is a myth. Future reimagined, let's keep all the good parts.😴😪 Who looks inside awakes. 🚸

I'm thrilled that we're all becoming "woke". It means self awareness to what is happening to ourselves, others, and our world around us. How else are we going to redeem humanity?

Stalemate. Life is fleeting. avatar


'Americans can easily imagine the end of the World
but they cannot imagine the end of Capitalism'.. avatar


"Like a veiled ninja stalks our political asylum ambushing inmates with barbed shurikens dipped in humour"
(#poetroll © @RicharddeNooy ) she/her avatar


hacker. avatar


crow @sistercrow on Twitter. #twittermigration Hermit living in a small primitive cabin in Washington state. Currently snowed in for the year. Interest include off grid living, cabin life, Taoism, long distance hiking, progressive politics.

Favorite righteous fights are: Justice for Palestine, over the counter abortion and birth control pills, ranked choice voting, universal health care, universal childcare, electing more progressive leaders.


independent reporter & Photojournalist.

During the Greek debt crisis and refugees influx years, contributed reports and photos in many international media, including The Guardian, The Independent, Huffingtonpost, Al Jazeera, RT etc.

Main project now, is a Journalistic and sociological approach to the dangerous rise of fascism globally.
Very concerned about climate destruction.
Covid is not over so wear you mask.

Free, independent, funded by no one, non government (any government) affiliated.

In fedi from 2017 over the years from quitter to todon to mastodon social to kolektiva, electric requiem and now self hosting

Name is greek δρόμος=street, γράφος (γράφω=write) writer, so Δρομογράφος=streetwriter

#News #Politics #antiFascism #antiZionism #acab #HumanRights #noReligions #ClimateCrisis #antiCapitalism #antiMilitarism #antiColonialism #noStates #FreePalestine avatar


Male, gay, introvert, nonconformist.

I post things I consider to be interesting in some way. That does not necessarily mean I share the opinion expressed in the article/video. Similarly, a boost does not imply agreement.

Areas of interest include:
#Languages & #Lingustics
World #Music
#LGBTQ issues avatar


Go to the Source! avatar


Mostly retired #journalist (ex-CBS News, ex-AP, etc). Master’s degree in #philosophy. Friend to #animals. Usually annoyed about something. Thank you for reading my posts. #journalism #philosophy #animals #history
#music avatar


Award Winning Journalism | Truth Seeker | Lie Slayer | Defending Democracy | 21st Century News Media | Appreciate a Follow

Fascism Dies In Light 🔦

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Exclusive Partner With #Newsmast



#IT Working Stiff & #Management #Consultant, #Jew of the #Oregon (aka Galuta D'Galuta), proud supporter of the national liberation movement of one of Eretz Yisrael's indigenous peoples, the Jews, & advocate for peace & justice for all, aka #progressive #Zionist. Also #scientist, #granola artisan, #political junkie, #Talmud learner, #Siddur #translator, #parent of young adults (where are my grandkids already?!), Contemplator of the Heavens, holds by Ben Ish Chai -#bikes are mutar on #Shabbat avatar


I run Babka, a Jewish online space that includes a Mastodon instance. All about providing a safe place for Jews to live authentic online lives.

#Jewdiverse #Mazeldon avatar


Compte officiel.

:crieur: Journal d'information numérique, indépendant et participatif. Seul·es nos lecteurs et lectrices peuvent nous acheter !

Suivez aussi, l'espace d'expression libre des abonné·es de Mediapart.

Plus d'infos sur notre instance ( et sur notre présence sur le Fediverse ( avatar


On Mastodon world but unable to accept follow requests for some weird reason, so have migrated to here as it's set up differently!! Otherwise a feminist, democratic socialist raging at the elites shafting us. avatar


Professor, Clinton Institute, University College Dublin/Professor Emeritus, University of Birmingham; Founder, EA WorldView (; Co-host, EuroFile. Political analyst on TV and radio near you. avatar


René (he/him) • 42 • Maryland • USA
Husband • Father • Democratic Socialist • Deist • Stoic

BlackLivesMatter 🏴 NoHumanIsIllegal 🌎 LoveIsLove 🏳️‍🌈 TransRights 🏳️‍⚧️ WomensRights ♀️ ScienceIsReal 💉 WaterIsLife 💧 SocialJustice ⚖️ WorkersOfTheWorldUnite 🛠


Addicted to Criterion Collection sales, Thriftbooks, and Funyuns avatar


Ordinary average guy.
If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution.
Es gibt nichts Gutes - außer man tut es
(Actions speak louder than words). avatar


小苗✡️אילנה. Here to share the floof. Passionate about #cats, cat floof, whiskers, and toe beans (in no particular order)! #FuzzyTummy snorgler. I boost images with #AltText.

Profile pic: stylish lynx point Siamese ChunChun wearing a blue beret and a little bow tie. Banner: fluffy black and white kitty named Sprocket sniffing a brass chanukiyah. avatar


Pronouns: he/him

#Peace Activist
#Editor of #HumanisticJudaismMagazine #WeddingOfficiant
#OKC , #Oklahoma

Posts = My opinions only
Boosts = Interest, not my opinion
Nothing I post is legal advice.

I admin the server, a home for several peace/justice groups and friends.

Blog: (part of the #fediverse)
Work: avatar


am liza sabater, the og blogdiva & resident afroboricua #antifa #dyslexic #ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD tití.

surviving breast #cancer is my F/T job; but #dogs, #cats, #sports, #sewing, #cooking and #Monsterdon give me the energy to continue chronicling American fascism.

so #fuckCancer & #COVID19, join a #union & fight for #UBI & #Medicare4All avatar


Travel writer living and working on Wurundjeri land in Melbourne, Australia. Rail travel expert, current books on sale include Heading South and Ultimate Train Journeys: World. See my published writing at

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