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I've thought about this as I was someone who jumped onto Mastodon as soon as Twitter went dark side. I think the reason it never became a go-to for me like Lemmy has, is the fundamental difference in how I used Reddit and Twitter.

With Reddit, while I curated my feed by following subs, I was really looking for something to cover me when I was idle for a time, and wanted to scroll. I am not too choosy about what I want to see, just surprise me.

Twitter was strictly a service that I used to follow organizations and individuals. I never went to trending or anything like that. My follows were just accounts I gained interest in somewhere else. Mastodon failed because probably less than 10% of the accounts I followed even tried the service. There was nothing to see.

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I’ve noticed that issue with Mastodon; there are a number of accounts I followed or interacted with on Twitter only because that was the most readily available means for me to contact some brand via social media. (And without using something like Facebook which I basically don’t use.) I never used Twitter to get the news or find out trends or anything like that. (Heck, I barely even used Twitter, period.) Getting these more “mainstream” organizations and users to adopt Mastodon has been slow, unfortunately.

That said, I’ve ended up using Mastodon much more than I ever used Twitter, even pre-Musk Twitter. I only really used Twitter heavily when I wanted to follow particular topics, which I didusing hashtags. So I basically ended up using Mastodon similarly – not as an “everything” site but as a way to reach different social circles of interest to me, by joining a few different instances and following various hashtags. And there are very vibrant communities there.

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When the Twitter migration happened, a lot of folks got overenthusiastic about the idea of the fediverse and started setting up their own Mastodon instances, despite having little to no experience with selfhosting before.

A lot of such instances have since shut down as they realised the amount of efforts that actually needs into hosting such a platform, especially instances with open registrations. However, a large number of them did survive and are now thriving.

Has the growth rate slowed? Sure, just like it is expected happen after a sudden influx. But it is false to say that Mastodon growth has stalled. Instead, the phrase I would use is 'stabilized'. Mastodon growth has stabilized into a healthy level as user growth is now happening more organically. Some stats below:

12,808,214 accounts +217,864 in the last week

Stats on most active instances:

By number of users:

By number of posts:

How can anyone look at these numbers and say that the growth has stalled?


I have been working in software development for 2 decades. I'm saying that to make the point that I'm in the more technical group of internet users.

Anyway even I just jumped ship from Twitter to mastodont without really understanding how it worked.

So I'm pretty sure lots of users just signed up with the first server they found and slowly realized it wasn't just a Twitter clone.

Now that I do understand it I really love the concept, but it's definitely different than just Twitter.

For example I use two accounts on different servers with very different content. Personally I really like that separation.

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For example I use two accounts on different servers with very different content. Personally I really like that separation.

Yeah, same here; I also have multiple Mastodon accounts. Ironically, the “everything” nature of Twitter was something that made me not use it much, because I have multiple interests some of which are quite disparate (for example, videogames, and some professional field), and so I was never really comfortable with those streams mixing readily.

With Mastodon I can easily keep them separate but also have the option to cross-post whenever I want.

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Thank you, kind stranger

brecht, in Oracle: Keep Linux Open and Free—We Can’t Afford Not To

Brought to you by the company who went to court to stop people from using their own open source code.

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@ADHDefy this is a seriously great list. Thanks for sharing!

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If you look for information about it (edit: of violentmonkey) years ago you will probably find negative reviews, as it had an ambiguous privacy policy that generated many suspicions and accusations; but they fixed it a long ago, it is an excellent addon.

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If you are talking about tampermonkey, I am sure it is a good addon. But it is no longer opensource. This post was meant for people who prefer opensource over proprietary as much as possible.

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Nope, my whole comment was about violentmonkey. Take a look at this.

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Interesting, thanks.

kihasu, in Open Source Game Clones
  • openRA implements the old westwood RTS games dune and C&C
Narrrz, in Open Source Game Clones

OpenTTD - clone of transport tycoon deluxe

thegreekgeek, in Open Source Game Clones
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  • Unciv - Civ clone

  • Hedgewars - Worms Clone

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Thats odd this is either a really odd fanfic or they are using fimfiction to post spam. I will have to notify the fimfiction staff.

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The funniest part of this is that you can make a git hook that formats the code in your project just the way you want it.

I’ve never understood why anyone would insert eight spaces per indent level when a single tab character would suffice. I’ve only been at this profession for forty years, so perhaps there’s something I’ve yet to learn on the topic.

One day I’ll summon the energy to measure how much more disk space a kernel source tree would take by replacing all tabs with eight spaces. At a rough guess I’d estimate closer to 50% than anyone would be comfortable with.

It’s right up there with people using spaces to line up columns in a word processor whilst using a proportional font…

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I’m gonna put this right here and then go away.

“tabs > spaces”

radiant_bloom, in Linus Torvalds reiterates his tabs-versus-spaces stance with a kernel trap

I don’t get indenting with spaces. Why use more characters than necessary ? Plus it allows everyone to choose how wide they want their tabs to be !

You shouldn’t be aligning anything more precisely than tab stops let you anyways. This kind of cosmetic alignment eventually causes your diffs to be less legible, because they’re full of white space changes to keep the alignment.

Because of this, I indent with tabs, and only tabs. Though the most important thing remains consistency. Don’t indent with tabs if all your colleagues have agreed on spaces. Ideally you should have a formatted enforcing these kinds of rules anyways, keeps the diffs more legible.

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No search but an email grabber in the location where a search is intuitively expected?

Dark pattern, please feel bad about it

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