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Monday already? Well, looks like it's time for another then!

Want to see how @bevy (an engine for ) is made? Follow along as I go over my decision-making process 8 community-approved PRs in our backlog and explain a bit about what they do and why they're neat!

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@bevy 8.

A nice extension to our simple AppExit event: you can now specify an error code that explains "why" the app failed (and if it was a desired versus unexpected exit).

Nice integration into the surrounding OS / Rust ecosystem, and a well engineered PR. Being able to just ship simple but useful breaking changes like this is really lovely: I'm not looking forward to having to navigate more complex processes as we stabilize 😅 But today, this is an easy merge!

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@bevy That's all for this week! We're at a level of funding for the Bevy Foundation where we can afford to pay me an above-minimum-wage rate (but still well short of a market rate), so I'm going to start full-time on May 1st! I'm very excited!

For now though, I'm having fun building a UI-centric game in bevy_ui with my lovely partner Sixfold :3 Not that bad honestly!

If you love Bevy, and want to help, consider donating PR reviews ;) Money is very welcome too though 💚

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Did you miss my by Example talk at last week?

The official video isn't available yet, but my recording of it is! Check it out here:

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@vmbrasseur Thanks for sharing. Just finished watching. I like how you put it: "human infrastructure".

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United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC) has selected as its communications platform, following a competitive process.

Element stood out as a digitally sovereign platform which offers end-to-end . Its ability to be to support multiple organisations was also a key factor in the process.

will self-host Element through an Element Enterprise subscription.

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"People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices." - I wonder what Adam Smith would have made of

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@kittylyst It's a vocation not a trade.

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Puuuh. @nextcloud can you elaborate on this, giving some more facts on your "ethical AI" ratings and implementation? I am really interested, but so far this seems like a lot of marketing vapor without content according to the comments. Any facts to clarify? I'm only following the comments on the blogpost - it seems NC has been advertising something that nobody else has developed so far...

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@nextcloud Looking forward to the NC8 launch event, where I hope that this will be clarified,...

(no need to thank me for the advertisement :-) )

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@mfeilner @nextcloud It's perfectly clear if you read the information given. It's not a black box with "Trust us" written on it. It's open source software.

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Meet some of our speakers. Exclusive interview with Jürgen Gmach @jugmac00 about Rewriting Tox: A Journey of Open Source Evolution

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Wahrscheinlich bin ich late-to-the-party, da das bereits am 11.04.24 verkündet wurde, aber NRW fördert den Aufbau eines Open-Source LLM für die Hochschulen und stelle auch die Infrastruktur:

Bestimmt auch spannend für KIAuBi :) @bpaassen @amreibahr @Maximilian_Mayer

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I can't accept that this is where we're now, but at least you can learn a lot about opensource, community, bureaucracy, funding, boardroom drama, conflict of interests and bigtech shills just by reading this.

tl;dr: :AAAAAA:

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Impact and compliance are becoming a central part of running an project. Are we prepared? (me), and joined a workshop at @OpenForumEurope in

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Since @skiffprivacy has been sold to Notion and they are shutting down their operations by August, anyone know any good alternatives for Skiff Pages that is privacy-focused and has a good web UI?

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@Jayjo Disroot's EtherPad instance deletes pads after 180 days and doesn't seem to support creating accounts to have them all in one place..

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@PictoPulse356 @protonprivacy Standard Notes is good for quick note taking. But never found its good for drafting longer texts like my data stories. @privacyguides reccomends cryptee and Notesnook, will give them both a try.

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I do believe that Willow is happy that I’m back from Open Source Summit.

Willow, a tortoiseshell cat, napping happily.

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"…this study presents prima facie evidence of a positive effect of general #OpenSource software funding on open source software #security."

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