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In 5 minutes I'll be on stage with my talk " Messenger: the sharpest tool in your toolbox"

Come to see me, and please give me feedback on Joindin!

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@rskuipers thank you! Yours was very good too!

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@alessandrolai much appreciated!

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SymfonyOnline June 2024: Using Git magic for the Symfony mono-repo. #symfony

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🚀 New in Symfony 7.1: Mailer and Notifier Integrations

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bundle for a friendly workflow to backup, restore and anonymize your data

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Today's Payload newsletter is out with the latest Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Cybersecurity, and Fediverse news. If you like what you see please join our list or even make a small donation to help cover our fixed costs. Thanks for reading!

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My "resting" heart rate while doing a update :blobcatbatupsidedown:

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Oh I just saw, that the heart rate from a minute before is shown too. 100 bpm. The 144 was when it failed again. ^^"

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And nothing worked. As expected. This software is just so frustrating.

The time window is over again. I hope this time the backup works properly.

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🚀 New in Symfony 7.1: Constraint Improvements

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