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My "resting" heart rate while doing a update :blobcatbatupsidedown:

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And nothing worked. As expected. This software is just so frustrating.

The time window is over again. I hope this time the backup works properly.

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Here is the material that I used for my "PHPUnit for Shopware Developers" presentation at @ShopwareDevs Community Day:

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PSA for my fellow ​s:

If you ever get the "offer" to work with 6, run. Run as fast as you can. There is nothing out there that is more of a developer nightmare than this pile of junk.

95% of my gray hair comes only from Shopware.

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Read the latest Developer Digest containing , trouble shooting, new videos and podcasts, new and events. Have fun reading:

If you find interesting articles or entries for upcoming digests, please feel free to send a PR to

ShopwareDevs, to Symfony avatar released containing 44 bug fixes and cool improvements, especially for developers, for example support for extensions, automatic compiling of JS/SCSS of plugin sub-bundles, component library in administration etc.

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You are doing #shopware? Let me invite you to our hackathon in Duisburg, right before #SCD24:

If you can't make it to the hackathon, what about a SCD Pre-Party on Tuesday evening? We'll transition the hackathon starting at 5:30pm into an SCD pre party, right in and around the "Fahrradhalle",6.7804253,3a,75y,207.89h,81.83t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s0U5PdVGFdmaTeGRdjZx-Iw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
We don't have tickets, there is no registration. We'll have some sausages and buns on the grill until we run out and drinks to have a nice time.

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We have amazing speakers waiting for you at . One of them is @sebastian , sharing insights on for developers 😍! Check out the full schedule at Can't wait to see you there! 🎉

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Optimizing Shopware 6 Checkout Performance with Callgraph Tracepoints (

A few weeks ago, Andrey from Ecommlab contacted me to ask me about a strategy to get performance insights from Tideways into Shopware 6 checkout. The store of our joint customer “Bär Schuhe” was slow for customers during the order confirmation process. Optimizing checkout performance is important but much more difficult...

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v6.6.1.0 was released yesterday with a lot of improvements, such as mode, a new HTML element in , media cleanup as well as ~80 bug fixes. Additionally, we released as in extended support series

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We released v6.6.0.3 fixing a bug where snippets (language keys) have not been resolved, depending on which sales channel the cache was built. Additionally, we could optimize the mechanism.

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New DevDigest is out with nice to read tutorials but also some very interesting extensions on Github. Check it out here: Thanks for all of your contributions!

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We released v6.6.0.2 fixing a bug where sortings are saved in the wrong format in slots. Besides that, Shopware update 6.6 is now available via WebInstaller from the admin panel.

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#scuc24 gets rolling 💪 we are currently voting on the topics for today.
If you want to talk about #shopware5 just hit me up. But I am also open for every #shopware related topic 😁✌️

See you there

#php #community #unconference #shopware6

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On my way to #scuc24. Looking forward to seeing you there! #shopware #unconference

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Packed and ready for #scuc
#shopware #scuc24 #catsofmastodon

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Major Version 6.6 is released, focusing on increasing performance and laying the foundation for features in the next minor versions Thanks to everyone contributing!

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release v6.5.8.7 was published today fixing a bug with session IDs in 404 page caching from v6.5.8.0 on

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