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Congrats to Santiago Ospina (d.o. username TY4DVenom), Drupal Career Online graduate, who recently earned his first #drupal core commit credit!

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Announcing Drupal Starshot sessions.

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The contrib Inline Entity Form module is a powerful ally for site-builders of all skill levels, but it isn’t always immediately evident to new users how to use it.

In this <4 minute video, I show you the basics:

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I haven't managed a Drupal-backed website since D7, and suddenly a volunteer gifts me with a clean D10 install, with our old campaign's static site fully adapted into a theme to boot.

I am delighted at how the admin UX has evolved 🤩

Also hurray for amazing volunteers :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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Countless Benefits of Interactive Calculators and One Drupal Module to Easily Add Them to Forms.

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Maximize Visual Studio Code for development on July 12 at DrupalCamp Asheville @drupalasheville by registering for our half-day workshop:

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In the KB, I see this note: "Projects should live under the home directory of the Linux filesystem. WSL2’s Linux filesystem (e.g. /home/ <your_username> ) is much faster and has proper permissions, so keep your projects there and not in the slower Windows filesystem (/mnt/c)."

I understand how NTFS adds overhead for reading/writing files, and can cause potentially confusing permission issues, but is "much faster" really true? Like how much much faster?

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Less than a week to go until #CiviCamp & #CiviSprint Hamburg (where I'm presenting).

I wrote this after the big progress at the Ashbourne Sprint last December - This was followed with a big push at the Montreal (virtual for me) Sprint in February to finally make all of CiviCRM's 20 years of different markup/JS patterned accordions accessible – without JS! This dropped in #CiviCRM 5.72: and seems to still be issue-free two months on. #a11y

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We then closed a 6-year open issue for accessible accordions (expand/close UI elements):

It was first raised by #RachelOlivero, the great #a11y expert and champion, as Tech Director at US National Federation for the Blind ( The 7 years it took to find the resources/volunteers/time to do this is made sadder by the fact she died in 2019. But her impact lives on, not just Civi's focus; but #Drupal's Olivero theme is named after her influence there.

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Die Drupal User Group Bodensee trifft sich am 17. Juni 2024 Bei Tojio in Konstanz:

#drupal #dugb #konstanz

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Field mapping when integrating Drupal with Salesforce.

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Let’s say I have never setup PostCSS on my own and that I am most comfortable with npm + Gulp for compiling Sass (via the Barrio contrib base theme).

What’s the best resource for getting started with PostCSS? (I bet @starshaped knows)

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Excited to announce our next London meetup on June 18th at The Children's Society!

Join us as Mike Herchel, a board member of the Drupal Association and a top-notch developer dives into the new Drupal initiative.

Don't miss the open discussion and extended networking at the pub afterwards. RSVP here:

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Upgrading to #drupal 11 in a few months may end up being a two-step process for sites that aren’t upgrading from the forthcoming Drupal core 10.3

My understanding of this is that with fewer update hooks in Drupal 11, the upgrade process will have fewer complexities.

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Been writing #drupal for some time.

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Drupal shines when complexity and customisation take the front seat in your web development journey. Ideal for those seeking a robust, secure, and scalable CMS, it offers unmatched flexibility for bespoke digital experiences. This article delves into why Drupal is the smart choice for websites with advanced needs. #drupal

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I would argue that Upgrade Status is one of (maybe the most) important #drupal contrib module that exists today. Gábor Hojtsy @gaborhojtsy and the other maintainers are doing amazing work.

Something is telling me that I should be using the Gin admin theme by default these days in #drupal.

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Explore today's @SymfonyStation Communiqué of Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Fediverse, and Cybersecurity news. 🇺🇦

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Here is some exciting news for the weekend: ECA 2.0.0-beta1 for #Drupal just landed.

The release notes at contain more details as well as instructions on how you can test this on your Drupal 10 or 11 site. Feedback is important! So, if you have any chance, please give it a try and let us know if anything doesn't work as expected. Thank you so much in advance. We're planning to publish the ECA 2 version within the next 3 weeks!


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Excited to welcome Erik Erskine to 🥳

The session by Erik Erskine at is aimed at developers getting started with testing!

🔗 Learn more about the session at

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Commerce/Stripe errors on a Friday when someone is trying to buy a ticket is the most Drupally thing ever 😂 😭

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Payment issues have been fixed and ticket sales are working again 🥳

Why not grab yours now?

#Drupal #DrupalCamp

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