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Sora-ing high … my husband @CTGT and I were thrilled to add a lifer to our list this weekend, an adult Sora and three of her adorable fluffy black chicks. Tiny and skulky, she was fleet of foot - not hard with those big green puppies - in this shallow marshy pond, especially chasing off an encroaching American Robin that was also foraging for worms. Cropped photo collage in the comments if you’re interested in a closer look.

#birds #birding #lifer #Sora #chicks #nature #BirdsOfMastodon #MiddleCreekWMA #reflections #SolaceInNature

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@cheriecreationstruck Wonderful wetlands wildlife photos!

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Trying to slowly sneak away without being photographed .... a Bittern.
(German Rohrdommel)

#birds #wildlife #nature

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Great, great images!

I hope you applauded properly, as is apparently usual when landing. 😜

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A juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron really wishes I'd mind my own business.



Sure that's a house finch in the front, but don't forget the incoming Cardinal Picture of the Day!

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@karencookphotos Apparently, no woodpecker dies of old age, they usually die of brain damage! Even though their brains are cushioned against the hammering. 😟

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ArtThatMakesYouSmile, avatar
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A Brown Thrasher with some kind of prey in its bill. This is from April 2022 in NC. They are ground-loving birds, but they regularly sing from the tippy top of tall trees in the spring.

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The magpies are loud this morning.

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@coldclimate I've found it unresponsive around 6am (it's doing some housekeeping?) but otherwise it's fine. I've had over a year of uptime with it now. Running on a Pi 4 4 gig.

coldclimate, avatar

@Dtl interesting, mine would get locked up after about 2 days, stuck trying to process the backlog, or just jamming. I cron rebooted it every 2 days in the end and then gave up

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@Tim_Eagon @cheriecreationstruck And loud AF. They wake us up many mornings, alas.

Tim_Eagon, avatar

@jalanhenning @cheriecreationstruck They certainly let you know that they are there when they fly over my house.

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The South Side of Chicago is … quite lovely, actually, and where this Northern Cardinal is enjoying a sunny day.

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