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Eskating cyclist, gamer and enjoyer of anime. Probably an artist. Also I code sometimes, pretty much just to mod titanfall 2 tho.

Introverted, yet I enjoy discussion to a fault.

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And e2ee would also get fucked, whether you consent or not.

The problem is that by merely enabling the surveillance, security is already compromised, whether it’s used to spy or not.

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SteamVR 2.0 dropped a bit ago, though it didn’t do much for Linux users…

But it does point to something still happening with VR over at Valve.

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Cheap SPD pedals sometimes aren’t adjustable, but any decent ones will have set screws for adjusting release tension.

Atop that, there’s a difference between the silver and black cleats. The silver ones unclip if you simply pull in any direction except up, while the black ones only unclip by twisting.

Between these two things, they can be adjusted for anyone. From beginners who want their shoes to unclip if they panic, to experienced riders who want to stay clipped in riding the roughest rock gardens.

To say they are universally an “easy-unclip” clipless system is simply untrue, and someone who gets the black cleats will NOT have that experience.

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Shifting up a gear on the storytelling, yet again. The elves are here to deal with the dungeon. I’ve been waiting for this episode, but I could say the same for what’s coming next week, too! GOD I LOVE THIS ANIME!!


With this party of elves, the five parties of characters that are featured in the story have all been introduced. A truly massive cast.

The gang gets whisked away by a ghost friend that’s been following them since they encountered the master of the dungeon, taken to a level so deep and vast, it’s like being on the surface.

There is an entire country buried in the dungeon.

Back during earlier episodes, I kept pointing out depictions of winged lions. They are all over the dungeon. Now, we finally learn the significance of this.


It is a god. A real creature that exists within the dungeon, and in fact existed before it, as well. The deity of the golden kingdom, a country which the lunatic magician used powerful forbidden magic to transform into the dungeon, thousands of years ago.

Why? The paintings provided a hint. A long lived elf, he kept seeing the humans he lived with die of old age. Learning the ways of dark magic, and mad with grief, he cursed the kingdom and all of its citizens with eternal life, so he would never lose a loved one again.

Millenia later, still living deep in the dungeon, or as ghosts roaming its upper levels, the citizens are now begging for a death that refuses to come.

The serious tone in this episode was so well done, but it’s also full of the usual hilarity.


Tame house-cat Izu is so damn cute! She clearly likes Marcy very much.https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/c711a2d5-f3ca-49fa-9977-95f87000f424.webphttps://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/66803dd1-a073-4cba-9142-74a599a95c44.webp

Also, I'm sorry, Farsille shippers, but the Laios x Marcy fuel isn't stopping any time soon.https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/9d019ec9-c15f-48b1-9269-fd905068f972.webphttps://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/2887c3e0-d0b6-47c8-ac65-06bd580fafcc.webp

And can we appreciate how absolutely stunning Marcy is in a fancy dress?! https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/00d64f07-c9c2-4f21-bd1d-01078c103713.webp

Have some more!https://ani.social/pictrs/image/4ae1d15a-a33d-4dda-a7d1-8129ff9b772e.webp

This episode brilliantly answers a few questions, while inviting us to ask a hundred more!

MentalEdge, (edited )
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You’re right in that so far only Marcy has openly shown affection for him and Falin that feels like it would have potential to be romantic.

Meanwhile Laios seems to only get passionate when monsters are involved, but he definitely cares about humans. He just doesn’t show it.

While we won’t be getting to it in this season, there is an event that shows Laios not to be entirely uninterested, and in Marcille in particular. Still, no ships are full-on confirmed in the story.

Also, both Laios and Falin have actually been engaged before. They left those relationships behind when they became adventurers.

He and Chilchuck also have a general rule to avoid workplace romances, as the friction they can cause is devastating to the social dynamics of a party and their ability to co-operate.

It’s the reason why the mage that was in the party before Marcy was fired, she was a husband hunter and was hitting on everyone.

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It helps that it’s all been plentifully foreshadowed.

The paintings, the kingdoms history, the ghosts on the fifth level, the winged lions all over the place.

The previous mentions of other dungeons, the elven nation, the pressure they’ve been putting on the governor.

It’s so damn well done!

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I think Senshi might be too much Senshi for anyone to handle.

Only three episodes left. If the current style of adaptation continues, we’ll end on chapter 52. That chapter and all the ones before it, focus on Laios’ party.

The very next chapter would continue the above-ground plotline, but it feels kind of weird to cut off there, to only have seen that the elves arrived, and that’s all. And the underground chapters wind down again, not up. (Though they are great chapters, still)

I’m really kinda puzzled, it seems the series might leave us with serious narrative blue balls, and not even in the traditional sense of an intentional cliffhanger.

Maybe they’ll rejigger the order of the chapters a bit, as the above-ground stuff and underground stuff doesn’t necessarily need to follow the same back and forth order as the manga.

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We already do?

DXVK and VKD3D have been translating DirectX 9-12 to Vulkan for a while now, allowing DirectX games and applications to run on hardware and/or operating systems that don’t support DirectX.

Intels ARC GPUs don’t even support DirectX on a hardware level, like it’s just straight up not there. Intels drivers instead just translate it to Vulkan, and their at times insane FPS boosts from driver updates was due to them improving that translation and getting closer to 1:1 performance.

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Wine doesn’t do DirectX. A wine environment set up for gaming uses DXVK or VKD3D to translate everything to Vulkan.

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They’re new.

I didn’t claim they’re worth recommending yet. But AFAIK they’re pretty great now, and with more issues worked out on the hardware side, Battlemage has great potential.

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Yes, that was WineD3D, which still has to be used in some cases.

But that’s still not DirectX, what I was saying is that you don’t actually run DirectX in Wine. You have to translate it to Vulkan or OpenGL.

Not that this stuff isn’t part of Wine.

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I bet you’re wishing she’d have stood two inches to the right.

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