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Awenen Niin?
#1 most reported person on shitposter.club
#1 reason cited why niu.moe was censored across the fediverse, and hence, the cause of the 'poor reputation' of niu.moe among narrow minded people, and plausible cause of its inevitable shutdown.
#1 reason cited why todon.eu had to be defederated from / fediblocked for by other instances until they defederated from shitposter.club so people couldn't communicate with me anymore.
Uregina B.Sc. CompSci '10
0Spirit / #Nastika / #நாத்திக
Member of the Free Software Foundation, the Bayesian conspiracy, and the Cult of R_0
ᒥᓵᐢᑿᑑᒥᓂᐢᑳᕽ / #Treaty6 / Turtle Island / #Jord / #Laniakea
Ndi awcha.

about jeff:
"the biggest mansplainer I've ever met" - @Sherrizzle
"Jeff needs a shorter bio." - @saskboy
"The Fediverse is just Jeff Cliffs hellthread world and we're all living in it."- @GoodBoyUV
"the Hitler of chink biolabs." - @yockeypuck
"a leftist who never got around to updating his firmware and now [he's] stuck with a bunch of Internet racists on Poast and schizophrenic desert tech gnostics like myself." - @NEETzsche
"Jeff Cliff is the fediverses favourite person to hate," - @Waerloga
"Is the fediverse just everyone reacting to Jeff cliff posts?" - @thatguyoverthere
"First rule of ripple: everyone is six links from jeffcliff" - @socrates1024
"he is https://git.freecumextremist.com's strongest soldier" - @grumbulon
"Jeff oftentimes comes off as "LE LEFTIST OMG" but holy shit, he has some of the most level-headed and yet at the same time, based takes on this whole platform. You can't pay for this kind of thing." - @Eschatology
"an early prototype of what the average bugman will be in the future." - @deesenaughts
"seriously ... should be locked away like Galileo"- @d00b
"pink hat hacker" - @RedRocket69
"even rms isn't this gnutarded" - @coldacid
"In terms of internet debate libtards Jeff is very high value " - @Eris
"Jeff is the standard against which all [...] takes are measured. They should keep him where they keep all the weight and measurements standards in France, right next to the kilogram" - @Godcast
"a normie ...who has somehow made normie-ism into an extremist position" - @SuperLutheran
"[jeff] might be a stupid libtard, but [he's] our stupid libtard"- @hatefulmongoose
"almost hyperbolic levels of Letzter Mensch energy" - @AnonymousBosch
"Jeff has a habit of coming to the correct conclusions for the worst possible reasons Its endearing tbh" - @monsterislandcolonizer
"Jeff reaches the most based positions for the most retarded reasons" - @LovecraftEnthusiast
"There's a new version of the modal ontological argument that posits the existence of a maximally annoying being. Jeff is that being." - @cirnog

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jeffcliff, to random
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> @bruuuuuuuuh
> Account suspended


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good morning fediverse :comfycofe:

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US election cycle

Team blue pill candidate : has allowed measles vaccination to get so low that a measles epidemic can actually happen, and is starting to happen.

team red pill : promises to get rid of measles vaccine requirements in schools

team horse dewormer pill : thinks team red pill doesn't go far enough, wants to outlaw the vaccines entirely & have nuremberg style executions for doctors/etc who promoted it in the first place


feld, to random
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This is great, we've now created a culture where people think they can recognize AI generated text and are accusing anyone and everyone. It's a total leopard-ate-my-face situation.

The overreaction created mass panic and outrage and now we get to suffer through a stage of false accusations that will do nothing to impress skeptics

RT: https://infosec.exchange/users/briankrebs/statuses/112502220888246954

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@mitchconner @PapaPole @feld @sun ^ this was real . It was probably higher than 90%

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I should dig up my post on phantom memory, which is, ironically, not online anywhere.

> @raaleh often reminds us, the left is the ideology of object permanence - to be a leftist is to hate and mistrust the CIA even when they're tormenting Trump for a brief instant.
> Or to remember that it was once possible for a working person to support their family with their wages:
> The thing is, object permanence is hard. Life comes at you quickly. It's very hard to remember facts, and the order in which those facts arrived - it's even harder to remember how you felt about those facts in the moment.
> @internetarchive which ]

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> Amulets
> m - a cursed amulet of life saving

that's a new one


sun, to random
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why did she single us out

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@sun ?

Amanigordon, to KindActions Spanish
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I am a 27 year old trans woman from the UK and I am hoping to raise funds for my transition. Waiting times on the NHS for transgender healthcare can be up to five years, just for an initial consultation. It is very difficult to deal with my gender dysphoria on a day-to-day basis, so I hope to transition to private healthcare✨





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@Amanigordon @mutualaid > so I hope to transition to private healthcare✨

So what you're saying is you think you're better than everyone else who has to rely on the NIH, and are ok with undermining the public system by further empowering the use of private healthcare in your country?

Your country is in the middle of a pandemic. You want wait times to go down? Fix that.

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jeffcliff, to random
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this is atrocious

>This is awful.
> On top of everything else these families are having to deal with - including the serious illness of a child - they are being placed under suspicion and being threatened with their children being taken into care.
This can't be right.

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yeah i wouldn't survive 5 minutes under their server rules.

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@sun @lamp no way

> shitposter.club
> Suspended
> Reason not available

They need to unblock us first. #solidaritaswithSPW

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@sun @lamp doesn't look like it

jeffcliff, to random
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hayek was totally OK with government planning to avoid soil erosion #theRoadToSerfdom

gaijin, to random

Does anyone running a misskey/mastodon instance know if it would be possible for you to steal someone's profile? May it be by simply deleting and recreating the same username on the same instance but with you in control, or by other means?

I'm asking because I think we could all benefit from a private/public keys system like there is on keybase.io in order to be sure that we are interacting with the right user.

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@sun @gaijin @dushman

> because threads will refuse to support it


sun, to random
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Donate 100 dollars to SPW and receive a free "FUCK Hamas" mug JPEG

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sun, to random
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This is so stupid.


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@sun They are wrong. Copyright doesn't prevent you from naming a standard. They are probably thinking of trademark law but even then they are probably wrong.

@jeffcliff@shitposter.world avatar

@sun yeah you need to pay to have your product support HDMI

that's a HDMI licensing contract / closed platform issue

but not naming HDMI won't make that problem go away (though they might look the other way)

@jeffcliff@shitposter.world avatar

@sun No you can't. You can't use HDMI without their permission.

This is why it's important to keep standards like VGA alive -- because HDMI is a closed platform and at the end of the day they can keep people from using technology which they do not approve of with it

at least some of the patents are probably starting to expire

while there's probably some black-box reverse-engineering for some parts of it that will be protected, if they can prove you used any of their specs to do it they can probably get people in legal hot water for doing so given how tightly controlled it is.

jeffcliff, to random
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still looking for the 'must-read' part

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not in the #redbook but still a prediction by john c dvorak : in a decade that we'd see courts ordering people put cameras in their house

...we're 11 years later. Has this happened? #noagenda ~@1:50:00

i mean
we have cameras in our homes. (iphones, smart TVs)
but are they...court ordered or just norm-ordered?

lain, to random
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it must be pretty hard cashing those giant checks you used to get in game shows

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@lain they definitely wouldn't fit in an ATM - which makes them basically impossible to cash safely for me

kcarruthers, (edited ) to random
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‘Hopeless and broken’: why the world’s top climate scientists are in despair

“The big difference…was that all of the scientists I worked with were incredibly frustrated. Everyone was at the end of their rope, asking: what the fuck do we have to do to get through to people how bad this really is?”


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@Starprophet1 @kcarruthers

  1. they are not "clot shots" . they reduce the incidence of blood clots.

  2. covid is not a flu.

  3. covid deaths are UNDERCOUNTED not overcounted. And when you fuck your body badly enough that you need your lungs to survive, if your lungs are fucked up by covid covid has played a role in your death and especially a nosocomial infection can be the straw that breaks the camel's back. But interesting that you use motorcycle deaths as your example -- because that's my famourite example for exemplifying the risk of a single covid infection. https://twitter.com/jeffcliff1/status/1689398964238376960

  4. ”Rocket RTLS landings won’t happen”

who the fuck said that

  1. It's people who muddy the water with antivax bullshit who are directly responsible for any "credibility crisis" scientists are facing. Because once you go down the rabbit hole of accepting anti-vax nonsense, there is no bottom - you have lost sight of reality, and you will continue to spiral into anti-mit nonsense and witch trials.
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@kcarruthers Well step #1 would be not posting on an instance that blocks them from communicating with you, probably, or getting mastodon.social to quit blocking so much of the fediverse. If you want to reach people you'll never be able to do so if they can't actually communicate with you. This thread has about 40 replies you can't see.

@jeffcliff@shitposter.world avatar

@kcarruthers That's the problem in a nutshell

They are representative of a much larger group who are the ones you're going to need to continvince. It only gets worse from there.

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