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I’m a software dev in the UK who’s into sci-fi, fantasy, videogames and music.

Big on doctor who, star trek, discworld, final fantasy, dream theater, and people’s right to be themselves.

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Simple fix on KDE wayland for windows to remember their last position (imgur.com)

Thanks to /u/azvasKvklenko@sh.itjust.works for mentioning KDE window rules. In KDE, we can add rules for windows so that they behave in specific ways. One rule that can be added is the position: remember rule, and it’s possible to make that rule apply to all windows by removing the match field. This way, closing and reopening...

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There is definitely this for activities, so I’d be surprised if there isn’t for virtual desktops given how much more popular/supported they are

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See also: GNU’s Not Unix, WINE Is Not an Emulator…

And in a slightly different way: I’m So Meta Even This Acronym (ISMETA)

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Since they already mentioned WSL, you can also describe distrobox like WSL for Linux.

but yeah, agree this would be the simplest.

I use linux for the same reason I wear fuzzy socks and sweaters

My understanding of the history of fashion is that back in the 1950s America it was expected that you wore a suit/dress at work unless you had a different uniform. There were a bunch of very boring people who thought that we should be wearing office job garb all the time, because they wore suits so much it was their default...

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While I too like the analogy, and agree that Windows is becoming increasingly money grabby, I feel the need to be fair: as an OS it has supported native ISO mounting since Win7, just right click an ISO file and choose “Mount”…

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Ha! Good to know

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I 100% agree with the sentiment here, almost exactly what I said to my wife about the perfect blend; it’s uniquely Doctor Who.

However, the gravity bit is almost certainly not unnecessary, because they kept saying “mavity” for the rest of the episode. It’s a clue. This is no longer our universe, shenanigans are already afoot. There’s definitely a reset coming at some point, because it’s not going to be “mavity” for the rest of the show’s life.

And the Doctor is aware (his facial expressions whenever “mavity” was said, and he said “gravity” near the end), but Donna isn’t (she didn’t know what he meant when he said “gravity” near the end)

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Does anyone know if Susan is maybe a classically trained actor or something?

Lots of laugh out loud in this one for me.

Julian’s deadpan sass “good luck with your career”

Sam’s insane (but quite noisy) prize

I’m disappointed Alex only kept up with “(knees and toes)” for Sam’s.

No secret task mention this time I think?

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My guess is a typo, possibly supposed to be 11 or 12? Is 1998 too early for TF2 design to be occurring?

Team Fortress 2 was announced in 1998

According to Wikipedia. So that looks plausible.

The post however talks about gathering feedback from players of TFC, which didn’t come out until 99. Maybe Robin meant the original mod, which he also worked on, or maybe he just misremembered at what point TFC came out or when they actually explored the death stuff that resulted in the freezecam.

Stride Game Engine - Unity's Licensing Changes: Discovering Stride, a Community-Driven Open Source Engine (www.stride3d.net)

Explore the key differences between Unity and Stride, a C#-based, open-source game engine powered by .NET 6 (soon .NET 8). Learn how Stride’s flexibility and native .NET support offer a unique development experience.

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Just to be clear, Visual Studio does not officially run on anything other than Windows.

However, as the linked blog post indicates, since this is .NET based you can use any IDE or code editor you like that has support, such as Visual Studio Code, or JetBrains Rider, which are available for Linux and macOS.

The game engine’s own editor is also Windows only and presumably if that is .NET based then one day it might be cross platform if the community makes it happen. That doesn’t really relate to Visual Studio though.

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Haven’t seen this everywhere, but RPS say:

The original Tomb Raider was a relatively early 3D game, created in an era before analogue sticks, and it’s a little awkward to control in modern hands. The remasters include the ability to switch back and forth between “classic and modern joystick control schemes”, as well as camera lock-on

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Any chance of reverting the date format?

  • I find it hard to read generally in my feed since it’s shorter and just numbers
  • but also, the old format is unambiguous; the new format is literally only used in the USA.
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lazy today

I can sympathise.

Thanks, and thanks for posting all these! Definitely a highlight of my feed.

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The client on macos was buggy as hell, but after the UI refresh update a month or two back it’s fine again now

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My anecdotal experience is that Apple silicon support is not usually a major problem. Plenty of stuff seems to be fine through Rosetta. The worse case is 32 bit only games which are unsupported in modern macos versions regardless of CPU arch.

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Agreed. I have a deck and I’m now definitely gonna switch my main pc from Win10 to Linux. Steam deck desktop mode helped show me I could be comfortable using it, and the deck in general showed the gaming support is there nowadays.

I now see no reason to not put Linux on my desktop. Just deciding on which distros to check out. Probably mint. Maybe garuda…

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Thanks for the tips.

I’m a dev by day, and no stranger to bash/zsh and powershell. That said I don’t want to constantly be tinkering in the terminal just to use my OS.

Cheers for the pointer to Nobara, I’ll look into that as an option too!

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