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Is it bad that I find this reassuring? I love Heilung’s music, but I’ve been too nervous to check out if they’re Nazis. Now I don’t have to worry.


I was just thinking this should be a “First time?” meme instead. It feels like there’s always one instance down.

But it’s nice that Lemmy as a whole is never down, just individual pieces.


Universe is my favorite, with SG1 close behind. I feel like Universe tried too hard to be Battlestar Galactica at first and the network wasn’t impressed when it didn’t hit it off like BSG. I would have loved another season.


I thought this was one of those Korean street vendor corn dogs where the meat is wrapped in cheese. Took me a minute to realize the pale part is apparently a hollowed out pickle.


I remember seeing it as a kid and loving it. But my dad fell asleep in the theater, which probably isn’t a good sign. I haven’t had the heart to watch it since. I suspect it doesn’t hold up.


We need a Thanks I Hate It (TIHI) community on Lemmy. I don’t like this news you have posted, but I do appreciate that you posted it.


In college I lost one of my jobs and knew I needed another one fast or I wouldn’t be able to make rent. I spammed my resume on Indeed and Monster.

I got an email offering an IT-adjacent job in town. It was Saturday and they said I could stop by in a few weeks to fill out the paperwork or we could do it over the phone and start Monday. I called so I could get my first paycheck before the end of the month. We eventually got to her asking for my Social Security number and I froze.

I realized this could be a scam, but I was really desperate. I tried to think of a way to test them, so I said that I just realized I would be unavailable during certain hours, would that still be okay? She said she had to put me on hold to talk to the manager. After a while she came back and said it should work, but I would have to discuss the specifics with my supervisor once I started.

That sounded real to me. If it was a scam surely she would have just immediately said my schedule was fine, right? I gave her my SSN. She said I was ready to go and to have fun on Monday. I got there and it was just a parking lot. Couldn’t get a response via phone or email.

A couple months later I found out someone across the country had used my SSN and I had to freeze my credit.

otl, to fediverse avatar

Apas: ActivityPub via email

The overarching goal is an experimental system to make ActivityPub federation stuff clearer for devs, sysadmins and advanced users.

The documentation is incomplete and the code is really not OK! But they always say it's better to get stuff out the door for others to look at sooner. Maybe it inspires others to think about the Fediverse/ActivityPub in weird new ways!

PS thanks @emersion for your SMTP work!

@fediverse #fediverse #smtp


Very interesting. It would certainly make doom scrolling harder. Email always feels more personal, like each message was sent specifically to me for a reason. As opposed to feeds, which feels like looking at cars as they drive by.

I think this system pushes against those boundaries. This sort of concrete brainstorming at the edges is such a crucial part of software evolution, so thank you.


I’m having the same issue in Jerboa. Never had issues with other large images. Thanks for the link.


I honestly don’t know. He can stand on it without issue, but he’s only 40 pounds. If I were to make this for an adult I’d need to do more math and some tests. My conservative estimate would be 50 pounds at the very edge. It got a little creaky at that point so I stopped testing it.

A floating desk for a gaming rig is definitely possible. I hope you end up doing it and showing us the results.


I rounded them just enough that it’s not going to hurt your hands, but I’m tempted to go further in case he runs into it. Since these just lift off the wall without needing to unscrew anything it’d be pretty easy. The toughest part would be repainting and finishing. I’m also a bit worried about chip-out since I was too lazy to cap the edges of the plywood with hardwood.


trans people are after their children to convert them

I think this is a very big part of it. When I was a teenager and our state legalized gay marriage my dad said it was great. He was all for their freedom to do as they pleased behind closed doors. But as soon as he thought I, his son, might be gay he was terrified. Suddenly he would change the channel if an effeminate man walked on. He’d leave Maxim magazines everywhere. He’d mock anybody “acting” gay.

Fearing for your children is incredibly powerful. Best case my dad was scared I would be bullied. More likely I think he was scared people would see him differently and he might be mocked. It’s such an easy lever for politicians to pull when trying to manipulate their voters.

Is Framework actually "good" for the industry?

Framework as in the laptop company, just for clarity. For those unaware, the idea is that these are laptops built with a high degree of modularity so that you can replace far more than a single stick of SODIMM with the goal of even upgrading your CPU and mainboard a few years down the line....


“don’t have to throw the whole thing out” is what convinced me to get one. I’m not going to make a big difference on my own, but minimizing what I recycle, throw out, or chuck in the basement is still worthwhile.


My kid is obsessed with the Mario sets. Unfortunately almost none of them have physical instructions, so you need to use the LEGO Mario app.

Sometimes I will find him going through the instructions on the iPad for sets we don’t even own. He just likes watching it get built and doesn’t know YouTube is a thing yet.


SG-1 is fantastic and all, but I think we can all agree Universe is light-years ahead of the others.

spiritedpause, to maps

FEMA Natural Hazards Risk Index


Apparently the calculation includes “Social Vulnerability”, which looks very much like a population map. Which is probably why my city is yellow due to winter weather even though the surrounding counties are blue.


There are some things about it that I don’t like, but overall it’s good. Unless it drags on or changes drastically I will watch the whole thing.

My minor criticisms are mostly the same as all other detective movies lately. Hyper-intelligent lead detective who is already 3 moves ahead, not so reluctantly called “The best detective in the world”. I find these characters boring for the same reason Superman is boring. Daniel Craig in Glass Onion gets around this by being charming and barely on screen compared to the interesting characters. Mandy Patinkin works alright so far by being adorable and arguably acting as sidekick to the female lead.

Then there are frequent flashbacks showing how the detective is actually even more moves ahead than you thought, and the setbacks were actually all part of his plan. Nothing too bad so far, but I’m sure we’ll eventually get a really long one near the end.

But the characters are good and the story is interesting so far. So I would recommend giving it a shot.


If you liked Knives Out I think you’ll like this show. Similar tone, but it feels like there’s a lot more unfolding here.


I don’t know why you’re catching so much flak. Parking lots are not safe places for kids, and you can’t leave them alone in the car for long either. I’ve never had an issue returning a cart, but that’s because I’ve never shopped at a place where the return corrals are that sparse. If it’s over a minute’s walk to return a cart then that’s a failure of the parking lot architects, not you. You’re doing what you can, which is good enough.


I have the exact same issue. I thought buying directly from the manufacturer’s site would fix it, but I still get Amazon boxes from some of them. I don’t buy from them again, but it still sucks. I have ended up buying even less, and I wasn’t buying much before.

I try to buy things used, but sometimes that’s just not possible. If it has to be new I try different sites until I find one that doesn’t go through them. You can even call customer service for some smaller sites and find out ahead of time.

I don’t agree with the “don’t bother” hopelessness in this thread. Trying to do the least bad thing is still worthwhile, even if you can’t do something perfectly ethical. I’m proud of you for doing your best.


Can you Chromecast Jellyfin from a PC? I thought it only worked from the Jellyfin Android app right now.

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