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So a couple things.

Rasberries, blackberries, etc are biennial fruiters on a single cane.

Last years new canes will fruit this year and die off after fruiting. Probably only half or so of those canes are actually alive (coming out of winter, they’ll fruit this year). New canes will come up from below and those canes won’t fruit this year. They’ll be the fruiting canes for next year. Once a cane has fruited, that’s that and it dies off.

First maintenance step is to remove the dead canes from last year. They ain’t doing shit. Clip them out at the base and mulch them.

Second step is more editorial, but I highly recommend this. You don’t need to allow all of this years canes to grow/ go into fruiting. These put out so many canes that it can actually get in the way of accessing the fruit/ putting out quality fruit. I would recommend picking and choosing which of the fruiting canes you want to keep for this year. Make the decision based on how easily the cane will be to access for harvest (you don’t want a crap ton of fruit in a place that’s a PITA to get to)/ the health or size of the cane. Reducing the number of canes will allow the remaining canes to produce larger clusters of healthier fruit. I’d cut out almost half or so of the canes that will be fruiting this year, most just to improve access.

Looking at that patch, I would estimate maybe 1-2 hrs or less of actual maintenance required. Very small price to pay for fruit.


Don’t be afraid to yeet some cannabis nutrient in there too, especially around flower/ fruit set.


Really getting flashbacks to 2016 when Hillary supporters refused to acknowledge reality, then got mad when reality stuck around and she lost.

Oh that’s been persistent this entire race, and lemmy has been as guilty as any other platform. They’ll also accuse you of being a Trump proponent because you are pointing out why Biden’s policy positions are causing him to flounder in this election. But its your fault for not carrying water.

Hillary was a terrible candidate, maybe one of the worst that could have been run in 2016. Republicans had been developing opposition research on her for decades. They knew she would be the candidate. Having someone else swoop in and snake the primary would have headfaked the Republicans so hard their ankles would have broken. Her steps to the right during her campaign, her incredibly dismissive attitude towards BLM, her ongoing relationship with banks, she was a terrible fucking candidate. This is all on top of the fact that the DNC actually did put their thumb on the scales for Hillary.

Its just not any different with Biden. We saw all the same things and were seeing them all again now. But what lemmings need to start getting into their head, is that their apologetics for Biden as a candidate support these losing strategies. Being an apologist actually makes Biden a weaker, less likely to win candidate. What the apologists need to realize is that they aren’t a monolith in terms of voting, and their arguments don’t bring voters to Biden.

Stop excusing him and his shitty policies, and start demanding more before its too fucking late.


Oh I see the work you do. Its important and you catch a lot of slings and arrows for it.


I’m convinced that US lawmakers believe that the pro-gaza sentiment is coming from TikTok. The timing, the mechanism. They see themselves as no longer able to control the narrative and are blaming ‘non-US’ social media.


Weird to see this in neo liberal considering it’s basically an anti-neoliberal policy.


So I’ve worked at out door facilities (none that did this kind of work) and have had colleagues that worked these kinds of camps.

Basically, you get thrown a minimum of supplies and told figure it out. Not usually a tent but a tarp you are expected to construct into a tent. I knew of one outfit in Utah where kids would get sent in the middle of the winter. I consider it abuse, but if their parents sign the waivers… keep in mind that children are a form of property (for most intents and purposes).

I refused to ever work those kinds of camps and threw shade at my friends who did.


just a regular bivy set up wrong, or gotten into wrong like if you really misunderstood the instructions and went head first could create those conditions.

More likely guess would be hypothermia from it being set up wrong.

It’s also not entirely clear to me this was a proper bivy. plenty of camps like this just throw the poor tortured child a tarp and tell them to figure it out. That’s why my guess goes to hypothermia.


Do not lick oxygen.


you lick O2, diatomic oxygen. If you could ‘lick’ monoatomic oxygen, it would be about equivalent to licking something like fluorine.

Oxygen just really really really wants electrons. It’s up there with fluorine in this regard.


I think you are free to interpret it however you like.


Well Ukraine, this is why we can’t retire. But, I don’t mind having to work a few more years so that you can live free.

Slava Ukraini. I wish we could have sent you the 26 destined to further genocide the Palestinian people.


Yeah idk how I feel about that. Its kind-of on the developer for offering early access. Its not like they aren’t getting data from people playing early access.

Maybe early access just shouldn’t be a thing or needs to be free. Or they could just pay people to test their games?

2 hours isn’t shit. Especially not if something is in early access and isn’t even close to a finished product.


If you paid for EA, that’s 100% on you and I don’t think a refund should be available at all (after the initial time limit, of course). You paid for an unfinished game and that’s exactly what you got. It literally doesn’t matter what the game releases as.

Yeah I mean I agree with that, but its also on the developer too to… to just maybe finish the game before release? Like if a half finished product is what you made and what you release and you and your customers are cool with that, great. But thats not what EA is.

Idk yeah. Yeah I think that maybe you shouldn’t be able to charge for early access. That would simplify the whole thing. I don’t think gating it makes more sense.


absolutely worth the money even unfinished.

I completely agree with it in principal for supporting the smaller development teams.

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