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Former Sailor, past Mobile DJ, bragging up Nova Scotia, and sharing amazing places. Extremely varied interests (except Sports), no hard-line Politics, just part of daily conversation. If you don't describe your photos, I probably won't boost them. Here to share what I know for newbies on Mastodon. Talks too much. Easily excitable. Early riser full of ADHD & Vinegar!

Life is what you make it.

#WAYCTV (𝐖hen 𝐀re 𝐘ou 𝐂oming 𝐓o 𝐕isit?)
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Rasta, to Law
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A judge said "$185 speeding fine, pay now, or spend the weekend in jail" (true story) I should have asked for a delay...

Trump posts US$175M bond in NY civil fraud case, averting costly asset seizure

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@CStamp They should have those tracer bills..

Rasta, to Cruise
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I took a cruise once. Never again.
Had to wear funny clothes..

Eight unlucky tourists were forced to add some unexpected stops to their vacation when a Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) ship marooned them off the west coast of Africa, turning their dream getaway into a travel nightmare.
https://www.thedailybeast.com/tourists-make-mad-dash-across-africa-to-catch-cruise-ship-that-stranded-them #Cruise #CruiseShip #NCL #AFRICA

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@Mrfunkedude It also seems rather lawless at times.
But, I sailed for 33 years. We had safety training, emergency repairs, cross trained, rescue missions, and more. They have 1000s of people who don't know port from stbd probably drunk too.
If one sick person coughs, every once coughs.

Rasta, to random
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Opsy.. yesterday, he was still just a grifter.. but still a felon...

Trump Media stock plunged after the company revealed a $58 million loss

The stock drop wiped away almost $2 billion of Trump Media’s market value

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@Barbramon1 Whew, I thought you said, Pokémon

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@Barbramon1 Probably more than his real wealth

Rasta, to animals
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"What big yellow eyes, you have?"

They don't get along. I've been training Jasper to forget 😹

Look @GertrudeZane @jeanettepizzurro 😁 Jasper and Teddy , sitting on a bed, if Teddy touches Jasper, he'll be dead.

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@GertrudeZane @jeanettepizzurro
Remember that poem?
Actually a Nursery Rhyme
Jean and Rasta
Sitting in a tree
First comes love.
Then comes marriage.
Then comes baby.
In a baby carriage!

None of these event will ever occur, but so the rhyme goes. LOL

That_One_Guy, to random
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Good morning everyone. It's a cloudy day here in St Louis. The forecast is calling for scattered severe thunderstorms with a high of 80°F.🌩 Maybe the hail dents I got a few weeks ago will get some siblings?🤦 The bees are busy getting a shift in before the rain starts, and I should probably start too.

Have a good Monday! 🙂

Bees busy pollinating a Cleveland pear tree covered in white blossoms.

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@That_One_Guy Wow, that's a lot of blossoms! We won't see those until May

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@That_One_Guy Last year we had no blossoms but sometimes all blossoms come out but no fruit. I have 99 fruit trees and I think I need one or two more pollinators to match the ones that don't produce fruit. My Kiwi bolted in the cold basement, big green leaves already. I froze it to a block of ice in November

Rasta, to news
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Pierre Poilievre dead at 44

Parliament will be summoned on Tuesday.
There is no word from the Prime Minister yet.

(more to follow)

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@ddmgmgh I'm sorry I gave you false hope. 😉

Rasta, to news
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Someone was wishing too hard...

: Pierre Poilievre dead at 44

Rasta, to random
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We'll talk about this little tomorrow?


I'm shutting down my office.

Rasta, to climate
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Rasta, to random
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I have to tell you something exciting!
And I may come back with photos and give my morning StoryTime about this.

Amaryllis is easy to start from bulbs , everything I own has been cloned 20 x.
Recently, out primary ones went to seed,. a pot full of rose-like petals, and tiny seeds.
You know me and seeds.. Had to try it from SEED not BULB this time.
I just grew my first Amaryllis from seed.

And I have a bag of seeds.
If you live close, I'll give you one?

photos are coming. You'll see

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@Sharonbw I still have seeds that don't grow for me, but in theory, they should. I've grown cactus from seed, but pineapple (they have seeds) and strawberries, and grapes won't grow for me. But, I still keep trying different ways. I've got to gather my photos for the story

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@lydiaschoch I get giddy when I grow. Things no one thinks to do, I've thought of. Can't get some seeds here, and store fruit may not be viable. But, I found raw olives, and they were getting past their peak, so I got a box for 99 cents.. I didn't say I wanted it for the seeds.
A Single Quince fruit cost me $4.50 to get 12 seeds. I have 4 sprouts so far. LOL One month ago. I'm getting good at this, but I'll have to sacrifice some for space

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@heinragas Good morning Hein.
Holland/Netherlands is the place for bulbs. I wasn't into that when I roamed around there. Have you had yours go to seed? The flower was gone, we usually break the non-leaf stalk off, but as it bulged, I knew, opened it up ,seeds like rose petals crammed into the pod.
That's what I grew! From seed!
I grow them always from bulbs.

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@heinragas Mine grew! They obviously didn't need a pollinator. They took a few weeks to grow, I just packaged some to send to Rosanna by mail

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@heinragas Maybe they don't need a pollinator? Mine grew from seed. They grow indoors, and went to seed. That's all I know

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@Sharonbw Oh, we have lots of tame strawberries. when we lived East, my wife had a full strawberry garden but it's long outgrown. The strings spread them.

Rasta, to random
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In the summer, in my rural home, ladies would cover their heads, when bats swoop to catch the mosquitoes that the carbon dioxide of your body attracts.

I have an old home, the wood that bats are attracted to, like old barns, the wood is 100+ years old.

When I replaced windows, I had to go around and manually gather the bats and put them out before the new window. That was 2008. I bought a bat hotel for them. Never saw one since. One year, all our disappeared.


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@Susan60 Not the good ones

Rasta, to Antichrist
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Have you purchased a bible from the antichrist yet?

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Oh, were those the Do Nots? Harsh LOL

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