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Software crafter/engineer (Rust, Scala, Perl, C++); open source developer; real-time/fault-tolerant systems; Transputer & FORTH enthusiast; radio amateur (MØCUV). Couch to 5K runner.

Let's stick with the past, 'cos the future won't last.

Used to be @mattgumbley on the bird site.

[Avatar: photo of me & my dog Oscar, a white cockerpoo; Header is a quote from the Postlight podcast entitled "Can We Understand Coders?"]

Pronouns: he/him

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inlovewithpda, to random
@inlovewithpda@chaos.social avatar

Human Sacrifice by Childish Gambino is such a great track. Good use of Tangerine Dream Samples...

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@inlovewithpda an artist I hadn’t heard of, sounds interesting! Thanks for the tip :)

thelastpsion, to retrocomputing
@thelastpsion@bitbang.social avatar

It's been a great weekend at the Festival for Portable Computing. Thank you so much to everyone who came along.

I also gained a Revo (dead, of course) and became the custodian of a Geofox!

#Psion #retrocomputing

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@thelastpsion “interesting enough”? Well you’ve got the world’s finest PDA OS running in emulation on Haiku, and a plan to modernise the development tool chain. Could it be more interesting?! :) Glad you had a great weekend.

M0CUV, to random
@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

It’s that time of year where I wish Mastodon had smell-o-vision!

M0CUV, to logitech
@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

New feature in Options+ (the “mouse driver” that had ChatGPT glommed onto it) - there’s now a setting to turn the AI prompt builder off, and it no longer starts when Options+ opens.

I couldn’t find an email address at which I could complain about this, but hopefully a message got through to them.

lukito, to random
@lukito@gamedev.lgbt avatar

Do you have “The Laughing Cow” cheese in your country? If so, what do you call it?

I believe its production/brand origin is French - La Vache Qui Rit - but I’m curious about how many other countries have it and if they use similar translations :neofox_think:

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@lukito I’ve seen both French and English names in the UK

g7kse, to random
@g7kse@mastodon.radio avatar

What's the general consensus on 'things that hold small PCB's so you don't chase them round the desk whilst soldering' ?

Got something for bigger boards but the smaller ones get a bit of blu tack and that's probably not ideal

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@g7kse BluTack is never far away in my shack :) I 3D printed a PCB Vise which really helped building my QDX.

Dtl, to science
@Dtl@mastodon.social avatar

When it's my turn to be god, I'm making all scientific instruments out put well commented, documented CSV files.
UV-Vis Spectrometer - CSV
Profilometer - CSV
Raman - CSV
Hubble Space Telescope - CSV.


Until then I'll just sulk at this data I have that's not entirely commented as to what units it's using.

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@FenTiger @Dtl CSV with mandatory header… I wonder if there’s a standard for having schema information in the header?

samebchase, to random
@samebchase@fantastic.earth avatar

I've gotten a dactyl manuform-esque ergonomic keyboard, but I'm not sure when's a good time to bite the bullet and switch to Dvorak.

I'm concerned it would result in a significant dip in productivity...

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@samebchase Colemak.. This Is The Way :) I used an online typing tutor starting at the beginning until I’d rewired my brain enough to know where everything was but very slowly. Then just switched. Never looked back. There is a huge dip in productivity at first, but it gradually starts to flow back.

M0CUV, to random
@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

Quite a successful day operating FT8. Slightly marred when a Shannon denier arrived to tell me digital modes are “not real radio” ie not CW or Voice. I’d like to have seen him work Brazil, Australia and Turkey with QRP on 28MHz on the day after massive solar storms wiped out the short wave bands. Not impossible, but why restrict yourself to pre-1948 communications modes? I don’t get it. Unless it’s for historical re-enactment or to keep ancient equipment running. Or you just don’t like progress?

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@vk6flab ooh that’s a good response!

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@kn8cr yes; very closed minds.

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@ve3qbz no, an “SSB and CW are the only true modes” operator said digital modes are not “real radio” because they like to talk.

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@sergio_101 exactly. I would have asked him what my aerial was radiating if it wasn’t real radio. I don’t think it would have been a meeting of minds.

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@sergio_101 yes, I’m 55.. it’s odd that there’s a discussion around “how do we get more young people into the hobby?” and we have people who refuse to advance past world-war-2 technology.

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@sergio_101 happy birthday! I use CW a little, it’s great fun & very rewarding. If I had time I’d try everything the hobby has to offer. FT8 fits in to the spare minutes of a day nicely when I’m busy with other things.. if I ever retire I’ll be able to devote more time to CW, SSB, satellites etc. That’s a long way off.

harshad, to FreeBSD
@harshad@sharma.io avatar


My laptop running FreeBSD 14.0-R-p6 locked up during resume - it's been years since I had this issue. Power cycled it, and now my wireless device won't show up. I think I'm too tired to debug now, will look at it in the morning. Bummer though, hope it's not a hardware failure due to resetting the laptop while the wireless device was being initialised.


@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@harshad @vermaden if there’s a separate WiFi card inside, try reseating it, cleaning contacts. Could be a thermal issue if it worked after cooling down?

M0CUV, to Eurovision
@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

I’d love to go over the code that’s driving the incredible light show at #Eurovision

M0CUV, to random
@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

Oh that Apple ad, crushing all the creative things that bring joy, replacing them with an iPad…. I’ve used and enjoyed Apple systems from the Apple ][ onwards, but how the hell did that appalling monstrosity ever get approved? Someone has clearly lost touch with human creativity - perhaps they should move on?

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@g7vkq I must not buy any new tech…. ;)

M0CUV, to random
@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

Thinking of the Stack Overflow situation, where they’re handing over our curated knowledge to OpenAI without our consent, for them to plagiarise into LLMs… and wondering what a world would be like where we only put our effort/time/knowledge into things that the looters would have no economic reason to pilfer.

kd8bxp, to 3DPrinting
@kd8bxp@mastodon.radio avatar

Well, I think I've run out of ideas to get filament out of the hot end of a old 3D printer I have..... worse correct hot end cost more then the printer did when it was new. I might just try a different hot end, but it would be really nice to find one that at least has the mounting holes in the right place.

I am really thinking the printer has just become parts.

Maybe I can take a very small drill bit, and try to drill out the filament.

The printer is a Wanhao Powerspec i3 plus

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@kd8bxp would acetone help to melt the stuck filament? Plus plunger-type solder sucker?

oblate, to random
@oblate@mastodon.social avatar

Writing my own small DNS server. Not too bad. I'm really fed up with the countless layers of abstractions that Linux uses.

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@oblate I had to investigate a resolver issue on modern Linux, and oh my! It’s not just /etc/resolv.conf any more :(

Extelec, to random
@Extelec@mstdn.social avatar

Quick tip...

If you have drilled a hole in the wrong place, paint around the outside of the hole with yellow paint, and the hole will get magically filled in.

Doesn't work for you ?

No, me neither, but our council seems to think this is the way to fix potholes.

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@g7kse @Extelec our town council has someone going round the streets, circling the dog mess with bright pink biodegradable spray paint. They reminded us of the diseases/bacteria in faeces, and that we should tidy up after our dogs… then have someone deliberately making the mess visible and leaving it there.

ExtKits, to random
@ExtKits@mstdn.social avatar

The advantage of buying kits.

You own it.
You can repair it.
You can modify it in anyway you like.
There is NO DRM
There is NO "Cloud service" to fail in the future.
You learn by building it.
its 100x cheaper than the latest Phone.
It doesn't require updating, unless you want to.

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@greycat @ExtKits Hi, I was thinking along those lines… but that’s perhaps too far a step… I’m thinking of a minimal pocket CyberDeck(tm) kit.. how about an iPhone-sized kit with decent resolution touch-screen, USB-C for power & data transfer, say Raspberry Pi Pico internals, WiFi, Bluetooth, speaker & mic. OS … well, Build It And They Will Come :) (something new, minimal, not Android obvs)

@M0CUV@mastodon.radio avatar

@ExtKits @greycat yes I’m aiming a bit high :) I’m thinking of this with my retro sunglasses on… Palm Pilot level of OS / hardware simplicity but with a bit of an upgrade. Browser: was considering something like https://geminiprotocol.net/docs/faq.gmi

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