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Tell me you didn’t watch the video without telling me you didn’t watch the video

(Title is clickbait, video content is much more sourced and explained)

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I can understand (I hate this video title actually), but yeah, telling that “That guy is an idiot” without listening at what he said is not smart

During the video, he’s listening and debating against some French (?) phylosoph I suppose, that basically said shit like English is just French; then this video adds details about why Yes, but also why not, and where yes and no

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“No” is the most accurate I could ever have imagined for Inkjet Printers

BOINC on Lemmy !boinc@sopuli.xyz donate your computing power to science (sopuli.xyz)

A community for people using the BOINC platform to donate their CPU/GPU power towards scientific research. BOINC is used for medical research, finding asteroids, and even by the Large Hadron Collider. Join us in our quest to answer all the questions! !boinc

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inplace sort be like:

<span style="color:#323232;">def sort(list: list):
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    list.clear()
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Comics are not only meant to present something that can happen IRL :P

That kind of trolls happen occasionally in IT, where not everybody know well about maths and physics, they may easily fall into these kind of traps by taking granted that the maths you gave is more trustful than computer code they wrote (usual kind of joke to make your friend understand that he what was doing something wrong or without understanding)

Also, in Uni, we were all little Satans, trying more to break others students works instead of trying to improve self (that was a true war among IT students). All means were used, this kind of troll (as depicted in this comics) to make the other loose time is truly expected

Classical “type Alt+F4 before saving your code to automatically fix bugs” kind of joke

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HTML: You are not a nerd

Edit: OH MY GOD what did you just share !!!

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So don’t watch it, what is the problem ?

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Why would we not expect someone to share a video from a payed platform ? Maybe the problem is the expectation; nowhere in any rule of any kind is it written that Lemmy is to share Free content only.

Do you suggest to add some kind of “[Paywall]” to the title of the post as community often do with news articles requiring subscription for example ?

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Not hard

Not hard, that’s true, I agree 100%

However the problem here is to have the idea to do so. It seems obvious to you, but I can’t see why. Nothing told OP to do anything for posting that link (neither Feddit.nl neither this community rules). He may just not had the idea to precise that this content was needing a paid subscription to be accessed

Less misleading

You know, Nebula is where NJB post most of their videos (if you watched any of his video on Youtube in the last 2 years you should know). It’s just logical at some point to get Nebula content shared on this very community.

And yes I can’t access it because I haven’t got Nebula subscription. But I’ll still enjoy discussing about it, see what others thought about it, the good, the bad, what’s around the subject… Like any discussion about a recent movie or Netflix series that I obviously need to pay to watch; do we need to precise that it isn’t free ?

If you didn’t know it wasn’t free, once you open any Nebula link, it will be written in big. All explained and understandable by everyone. I can’t see where anyone have been mislead

This kind of content is fully expected and there is no rule to tell us to do something about it for now

[Vote] Should we pre-emptively defederate Threads? (sh.itjust.works)

Threads will be implementing federation in the near future and many instances have been discussing whether they should be pre-emptively defederated to protect the fediverse. See below for our local discussion thread, which will remain active until this vote is complete....

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