(Short) Something in Your Kitchen Emits Antimatter (iv.ggtyler.dev)

A lot of this short is in a new style of 3D — a more regularly shaded one than the cel-shaded 3D they usually use. It honestly goes pretty well with the 2D, and I think it'd be fun to see this style in a full video or two. Dunno if it should become a staple of Kurzgesagt's style, but it's def interesting.

Will forums fix the Internet?

In the opinion portion of Kurzgesagt's most recent video, they suggest that going back to small forums, bulletin boards, etc. will help people deradicalize and become more empathetic. The idea behind this is that, just like real life, forums allow people who disagree on certain things to bond under a shared interest or identity;...

Universal Journey – Soundtrack (2022) (iv.ggtyler.dev)

This soundtrack is one of my favorite's from Epic Mountain (though it doesn't seem that popular according to YT views go), so I figured that I'd go ahead and post it here. Imo, this track does an awesome job of conveying the grand, mystic quality of the universe with that techy, sciencey feel you get from a ton of the other...

World War Alien – Soundtrack (2023) (www.youtube.com)

People tend to overlook the soundtracks that Epic Mountain makes for Kurzgesagt, so I'd like to share this one here. This one's awesome as always, and like other Kurzgesagt soundtracks, it uses motifs from related ones. This one pulls a lot from the Dyson Sphere soundtrack, which is one of my personal favorites.

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