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Still getting goosebumps from the Celeste soundtrack


A real diagnostic test is somewhere between extremely hard and completely impossible to get for a lot of people.

A ton of autistics still need to have some idea of what they are struggling with.

The worst case scenario, that them kids on their tiktoks are WRONG, isn’t scary enough to validate gatekeeping.


Unlicensed space travel


These are just from trying to play nice:

  • Aiding and abetting a fugitive from the law
  • Tax evasion
  • Unlawful imprisonment
  • Sale of unsanitary food products
  • Theft
  • Manufacturing and selling drugs

Question frames it as neglect or neglect-with-excuses. Could also be the kids are practicing independence and life skills.

Which I guess may be a cultural difference by itself. :) Apart from the attitude towards it, Norway has pretty similar ones I guess.

  • Sandwiches
  • Toast with butter
  • Cereal
  • Fruit from the fruit bowl
  • Microwaved bread with cheese
  • Leftovers with ketchup
  • Carrots from the fridge

Maybe not age 6, but pretty early:

  • Fry egg
  • Soup (from bag, add hot water)

(Most homes have electric induction stoves, so the risk of catastrophic fire injury is low)


Ve make søup from coffee and fresh salmøn. Then ve fry the søup tu kill the fish.


One idiot wanting to do something completely fapping bonkers impossible does not mean you are under any sort of threat or even need to care.


While evolution and natural selection conflicts with Intelligent Design, it is perfectly compatible with a supreme creator and spirituality. Neither proves or disproves the other.

The common belief, though, is that life as we know it can occur through chance.

But, I just want to make it clear that it is valid for you to believe a creator is necessary for natural selection without conflicting with it.

Deestan, (edited )

Correlation taken as Causation has to be the top one:

  • Study finds link between depression and video games -> video games cause depression
  • Study finds link between homosexuality and suicide -> homosexuality damages the brain

Second would be misjudging proportions:

  • Working out burns calories, so going for a 30 minute run (burning 140 kcal above resting rate) will compensate for the chocolate (350 kcal) I just ate. Shit, I deserve an extra one because it was cold outside.
  • Vaccines have a 0.1% chance of bad side effects, so I’d rather risk my child having a 5% chance of getting crippled from disease.

Meta-answer: He really shouldn’t. Using clever ideas to escape punishment was what caused him eternal punishment in the first place.


“Intended Orifice” is my new nickname.


I have no idea what you mean, but I’m excited to learn.


As a european it’s always been fucking WERID how americans panic and reach for their guns at the mention of socialism.


Most of the time, it helps to zoom in and see if things are in a “wrong” place or “melt” into each other, or something that should be symmetric isn’t.

Finding letters and words helps, too. They’re often nonsense words or unclear letters.

E.g. if that’s one you were referring to, you can see symmetry problems in the support beams, floors. Letters and writing is wrong. Back of truck has stuff “melding”.


Yeah, long term it will be near impossible to tell by inspecting the image.

We will end up with a system of identifying and trusting the image creator to be truthful, and tracking which/if modifications have been done to the picture.

We have cryptography tools that can be used for most of that, but how it will work as a system for all the weird problems people have (like dying, grifting, stealing, selling access, lying, infringing) is not something we can just throw some tech on and assume it solved.

wawe, (edited ) to games avatar

Do you find open source games interesting/good thing as a gamer?

@games I am a game developer working on game called Mushy Score. I decided that my niche would be to create open source games. I think these could be helpful for developers or teachers to teach about games and how they are made. Most open source games are small game jam games, but there are few “real games” that are open source like 0 A.D. and Doom. As a non-developer do you think open source games could be good thing?


A game with open source is better than the same game with closed source, basically by definition.

A problem open source games tend to have, is that they often have an overly democratic development process. Art by committee can at best closely resemble another piece of art. It also makes it hard to reject ideas and kick out people who pull in the wrong direction.

The focus also often ends up on the code being presentable rather than the game being engaging. Real games that are made in reasobable time and have the necessary tons of little tweaks and adjustments needed to be fun have HORRENDOUS code as a result. Few developers are willing to settle for that if they know the world will scrutinize their code and judge them for it.

So yeah, go for it! But beware the pitfalls :)


Yeah, AI is in reality not competing with perfect.

Though I do think it will do worse than run-of-the-mill HR, as HR people are almost certainly incapable of competently training an AI.


Now imagine they are responsible for writing the perl

Deestan, (edited )

I’m somewhere between sad for the people whose talents are being directed to this, and feeling so profoundly unexcited about this game that I keep having to re-read the post title to remind myself what it was about.

(This was not a complaint on the post btw - upvoted)


Italy literally invented fascism.

Hitler used to jerk off to pictures of Mussolini while building his movement.


Good morning! Now ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE pack up and come with me, we’re going on an adventure chop chop!

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