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i'm new to mastodon so i might as well do an intro post! anyways, my name is jt but i also go by steven. i use he/him pronouns and am really into , , and music. i also am a big musical instrument nerd and i play 6 musical instruments. occasionally i write posts on my which is centered around and other things, and i'm starting to get into making music myself! feel free to follow me or whatever. always looking to make new friends.

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A reminder that we're playing TOMORROW at Luna Leytonstone at 3pm, come on down!

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Je sens que je vais encore m'énerver sur les marchands de merde. Du coup, un petit tube pour se faire plaiz.

Nomeansno - Joy

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najbardziej punkowy kawałek na tym jebanym łez padole! DEFIANCE rządzi!


666% #DIY #muSICK #punkrock #punk #USA

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42 years ago
Dead Kennedys backstage at the Whisky a Go Go, April 1982.

D.H. Peligro, Klaus Flouride, East Bay Ray and Jello Biafra.

Photo by Glen E Friedman.

#punk #punks #punkrock #hardcorepunk #deadkennedys #whiskyagogo #history #punkrockhistory

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47 years ago
The last gang in town

Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Joe Strummer in an alleyway in Central London, April 1977.

Photo by Chalkie Davis

#punk #punks #punkrock #theclash #oldschoolpunk #history #punkrockhistory

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34 years ago today
Repeater is the full-length debut studio album by the American hardcore punk band Fugazi, released on this day in 1990 on LP, and in May 1990 on CD bundled with the 3 Songs EP as Repeater + 3 Songs

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This is a Crust Metal band from France, formed in early june 2006. They have already played some gigs in France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Nederland, Slovenia, Italia, and UK. They are looking for dates anywhere.


@punk #metal #crust #punk #crustpunk #crustmetal #punkmetal #hc

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This week's is . Have some good ones for it. Was initially tough to narrow down to five.

The Briefs - Knife

Bog Body - Frigid Shivs Slit Their Throats

Defenestration - Slave to the Steel

Butthole Surfers - Whirling Hall of Knives

Posthumous Regurgitation - Surgeon's Remorse


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Hier machen wir mal ein bisschen Werbung für das dem in

Punkrock-Varieté im Subrosa

Du schreibst gerne und bist unsicher, ob man das Kunst nennen kann? Du findest dich lustig, weißt aber nicht, ob das auch auf der Bühne klappt? Du würdest gerne mal etwas vortragen, stehst aber nicht auf große Bühnen mit Bewertungen?

Wir auch nicht, und deshalb gibt es am 24.04. um 20 Uhr unser erstes Punkrock-Varieté im Subrosa. Dieses nagelneue Format bietet Raum für deine , , und Performances aller Art – von lieblos (aka )) bis höchst anspruchsvoll. Die Bühne gehört 15 Minuten dir und du hast nichts zu verlieren!

Wenn du dich für einen Slot anmelden möchtest, schreib uns gerne eine Email an oder melde dich im Laden. Wir freuen uns, wenn du die Nachricht mit Freund*innen teilst, deren Texte und Kunst du bewunderst. Auf der Rosi-Bühne werden Stars geboren – eh klar.

  • Jedenfalls freuen wir uns jetzt schon riesig auf euer Programm und den Blumenstrauß an Gefühlen. Essen gibt’s bis 20 Uhr.
  • Kommt in Scharen, um zu lachen, zu fühlen und die Mutigen zu unterstützen.
  • Wann? Am 24.4.2024 um 20 Uhr
  • Wo? Im Subrosa in (Elisabethstr. 25, 24143 Kiel)

Punkrock Varieté – SUBROSA

Punkrock Varieté - Am 24.4.2024, um 20 Uhr - Willst Du dabei sein und etwas mit der ganzen Welt teilen? Egal ob Musik, Comedy, Artistik oder eine spontane Performance - Die Bühne ist für ganze 15 Minuten Dein! Ovationen und Publikum ausdrücklich erwünscht! - Melde Dich bei uns an, entweder im Restaurant oder per Mail:

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Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ to be preserved as an audio treasure by the US Library of Congress, who've also added Blondie's ‘Parallel Lines’ to their National Recording Registry

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48 years ago
The third issue of 'Punk', a music magazine and fanzine created in 1975 by cartoonist John Holmstrom, publisher Ged Dunn and resident punk Legs McNeil, came out in April 1976

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Happy Birthday Lucky Lehrer, drummer for Circle Jerks, Redd Kross, Bad Religion, Darby Crash Band and Wasted Youth, born on this day in 1958, New York City

Photo by Alison Braun

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47 years ago today
The Misfits play their first show ever at CBGB, April 18, 1977, New York City.

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The Bevis Frond - Homemade Traditional Electric Jam

Most of the huge Bevis Frond catalog is just good #noisy post #punk #acid #pop art #rock songwriting but every once in awhile they just cut loose. Not sure there's a better example than this 42 minute improv session to wrap up an excellent live album (link follows)

#music #psychedelic

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lukaso666, to diy Polish avatar

🎵 🔥 :anarchismred:

ACTIVE MINDS | It's Perfectly Obvious That This System Doesn't Work

jedna z najważniejszych dla mnie kapel anarcho-punkowych! :anarchopunk:


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🎵 🔥 :anarchismred:

punk as fuck till fucking death!


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🎵 🔥 :anarchismred:

śniadanko było?
nie, kurwa! zamiast śniadanka kawa i DISCHARGE :anarchoheart1:


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41 years ago today
The Clash's Joe Strummer ran the London Marathon, finishing in 4 hours 13 minutes.

He claims his workout included 10 pints of beer the night before. 🍺🤷‍♀️

Photo by Steve Rapport

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43 years ago today
'Go for It' is the third album by Stiff Little Fingers, released on this day in 1981, includes the singles "Just Fade Away" and "Silver Lining

#punk #punks #punkrock #goforit #stifflittlefingers #history #punkrockhistory #otd

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Remembering the great and unforgettable Pete Shelley, singer, songwriter, guitarist and co-founder of the British punk band Buzzcocks, born on this day in 1955, Leigh, Lancashire, England.

#punk #punks #punkrock #peteshelley #buzzcocks #history #punkrockhistory #otd

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Happy birthday to Chuck Biscuits, Canadian drummer for Danzig, Black Flag, D.O.A., Circle Jerks and Social Distortion in the late 1990s, born on this day in 1965, British Columbia

#punk #punks #punkrock #punkdrummer #chuckbiscuits #history #punkrockhistory #otd

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Recorded this six months ago when I started recording the last three albums.

I can't remember if I posted it anywhere...before now... but it feels unfinished.

put some autopitch on it as an experiment.

turned out ok I think.

CW includes lyrics about nukes and some cussing.

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