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Reddit is so untrustworthy. r/modcoord thread purges all pro-fediverse comments, then r/redditalternatives removes the thread exposing it.

r/redditalternatives thread: This is why I don’t trust anything on reddit. A r/modcoord thread full of anti-fediverse comments, and all of my pro-fediverse comments are removed and the mods won’t answer why.…/this_is_why_i_dont_trust_anythi…...

Tool to copy Reddit comment chains (

So I was reading this post and decided to make the tool described, as a userscript (I credit ChatGPT with doing most of the work, which went pretty quickly). To use it, install a compatible userscript browser extension such as , then press install on the linked page. Reddit comments should now have a...

Reddit is killing blockchain-based Community Points (

Reddit is sunsetting its blockchain-based Community Points product, the company announced on Tuesday. A Reddit admin (employee) shared the announcement about Community Points, which uses the Ethereum blockchain, on a few subreddits, including r/CryptoCurrency (which had its own “moons” crypto token), r/FortniteBR (which had...

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