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Developer of Deus Ex Randomizer, StarCraft 2 Randomizer, RollerCoaster Tycoon Randomizer, Build Engine Randomizer, and Groovie 2 in ScummVM



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If they’re in the wheels that means they’re unsprung weight, which is worse than sprung weight. So even if they’ve achieved the exact same weight, moving that weight from sprung to unsprung makes the car worse.

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good stuff, never heard of Lusine before

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I hit the max post length for Lemmy lol, so here are the minor changes:

Minor Changes

Click to expand Minor Changes- Made the goal names for Liberty Island North/South docks more consistent. - Fix M02 Warehouse backwards keypad on mirrored map, and M12 gas station backwards doggie alarm. - Weapons no longer automatically rescope after reloading. - DXRSplits.ini config file now has a goal_time property. - Reduced stutter when loading death markers. - Fixed collision issues on warehouse fence, airfield shipping containers, and vandenberg command wall. - Minor Crowd Control fix. - Fixed M02 generator and M09 jammer ambient sounds moving with the goals, and made generator highlightable. - Reduced the size of the sound radius for backtracking Jocks. - Fix looting LAWs and PS40s from bodies when you already have one. - Fixed shuffled enemies sometimes losing their tag (should improve gas station guards). - Show damage resistance for hits taken from auto turrets. - Smuggler remembers that he let you in, if you give him the password Bloodshot then his security bot will not shoot at you. - Autofill computer passwords now default to an account with a known password. - Targeting aug now auto triggers for all weapons. - If you kill The Merchant, he should now have all the items he was selling. - Installer improvements: - Migrate existing saves for Vanilla Fixer. - Faster Vulkan check. - Advanced settings hidden by default. - HUDAmmoDisplay also shows number of pickups, like biocells or multitools. - Fix speedrun splits view during loading screens, and show gold split time in SEG. - Items tossed out of carcasses should no longer block NPCs. - Make sure ALL_SHIFTS account on Nervous Workers computer in Versalife has the same password as the rest of the computers. - Selecting an aug that can’t be installed because the slots are full (in a medbot) will now show what slot it takes, along with the full aug description. - Combat Strength no longer activates when throwing grenades. - Energy level is shown in inventory description for biocells. - Fixed autosave dropping carried decoration (such as a crate). - Sub bay doors now have a centered pivot point, so they can be destroyed more consistently (on the sub base side). - Added a nanokey for Apartment 12 in the Paris streets (only if goals rando is enabled, because Nicolette can be up there). - Public terminals in the lobby of the Paris hostel are now Guest Registries and show if Jaime or Nicolette are inside the locked room. - Added alarm to M06 MJ12Lab MiB overlooking office. - Reduced an alt+tab issue preventing some menus from opening. - Fixed dialog for Jock when redoing the Ocean Lab -> Silo trip. - When upgrading an active aug, it now automatically reactivates. - Improved description for automatic augs. - Remember crouch across saves and loading screens. - Fixed M05 UNATCO backtracking to MJ12 lab keypad. - We no longer randomize robot sizes, and made the collision slightly smaller for Military Bots and the large Spiderbots. - They were pretty clumsy trying to move around in random spots, so we’re hoping this reduces that issue. - Fixed M05 Paul’s security camera, and moved his greasel pit spot forwards slightly. - Both of these should make scouting his location a little easier. - New hotkeys for Remove Item From Belt, and Autorun. Check the Keyboard/Mouse settings screen to bind these.

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like this:

<span style="color:#323232;">::: spoiler title for spoiler
</span><span style="color:#323232;">
</span><span style="color:#323232;">actual spoiler text
</span><span style="color:#323232;">
</span><span style="color:#323232;">:::

looks like this

title for spoileractual spoiler text

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Which frontend/app are you using? I’m referencing the official lemmy-ui website frontend but it doesn’t work in all apps

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what client are you using? new lines are important in Markdown formatting, and each spoiler needs a title, let me try editing your comment

EDIT I’m not sure how to spoiler tag apparently, so read at your own peril

Easter eggs I’ve noticed so far:

That’s a sling ring portal

The ______Ant-Man helmet

is actually _____his whole corpse, as you can see his arms fanning out beside his skull, his skull under the helmet when it opens, and you can see that when DP and Deadpool jump into the Sling ring portal it is through the skull’s eye socket

You can see ______Azazel and Lady Deathstrike

in the group shot of the thugs around 1:52

and maaaaaaaybe ___________X-23 in costume

on the far right

The shop in the background during the slomo walk is _____________Liefield’s Just Feet


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Just the regular website. I know it doesn’t work in the Boost app, I haven’t tried Jerboa in a while

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I think admins curating the feed is… Interesting but also kind of dangerous

just letting the admins set defaults would be better than forcing these choices upon their users, which I think is was the above user was suggesting, which is kinda what Reddit does with having default subs

The active sort still showing 2 days old posts is not ideal.

why not? if they’re getting new comments then they’re still active

Active (default): Calculates a rank based on the score [of the post] and time of the latest comment, with decay over time

it’s like something inbetween Hot and classic forums-style sorting (New Comments sort in Lemmy)

but I do not think that should be the default sort method, instance admins can already adjust what the default sort method is

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