InvisibleShoe, avatar

Just got this after reluctantly going to reddit for some info. Got around it by using old reddit

ComradePedro, avatar

“private Virtual Private Network”??


They were confused when your url didn’t contain a slur.

HootinNHollerin, avatar

The poop accelerates

RickyRigatoni, avatar

like with all vpn blocks, I bypassed it by just reconnecting a few times until I got an IP that reddit didn’t mark as a vpn yet. just an annoyance.

user224, avatar

is something unique

“Please help us track you.”

Rom, avatar

Automatically replaces the User-Agent with a randomized one.


Can you generate a random key that you only serve to reddit and changes voluntarily? That would pretty much just serving them noise, although unique noise.


We don’t go to Ravenholm.


What is a reddit?


A far distant memory of something I once enjoyed…

user224, avatar

Centralized commercial version of Lemmy.


Digg, but for nazis.

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