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Has anyone scaled back from 5gals to 3gals or 1gal?

I’m thinking of scaling down. When I started brewing, everything was 5 gallons. After having made some terrible beers over my time, and with so many options I want to try out and compare, I was thinking of scaling down. For example, if I wanna compare yeasts, maybe I make a SMASH beer but 2x1 gal. Use yeast A in the 1st gal...

Need some (kinda dirty joke) names for my mead. Any ideas?

Designing some custom labels for when I start bottling before Christmas, so I finally have to get around to coming up with names. The cherry has had its name since before I even started it, as well as a tagline and description. So cherry is set. Need to come up with something along the same lines for the blueberry and the mixed...

maybe I should have racked my cider (files.catbox.moe)

This is my first cider. I threw in some grapes I’d frozen a while ago. I bottled directly from primary. 2 weeks in the bottle and I checked on it, saw the sludge on the left. A night in the fridge and then poured off the clear cider into one glass and the sludge into another. So much sludge. A good 15-20% of the volume. Lesson...

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