Where can we get these placebos? Maybe there’s some in this truck…

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Six newspapers serving southwest Twin Cities metro area will publish last issue this week (m.startribune.com)

The publications are part of Denver-based MediaNews Group, which is owned by Alden Global Capital, a hedge fund that purchased the group of papers in 2020. The company, one of the largest newspaper publishers in the country, is known for gutting and then closing local papers. It has published the St. Paul Pioneer Press since...

Five things our research uncovered when we recreated 16th century beer (and barrels) (phys.org)

It’s true that our 16th-century ancestors drank much more than Irish people do today. But why they did so and what their beer was like are questions shrouded in myth. The authors were part of a team who set out to find some answers....

Native American voices are finally factoring into energy projects – a hydropower ruling is a victory for environmental justice on tribal lands (theconversation.com)

The U.S. has a long record of extracting resources on Native lands and ignoring tribal opposition, but a decision by federal energy regulators to deny permits for seven proposed hydropower projects suggests that tide may be turning....


Hey, we had one of those on the wall at home when I was a kid!

Companies are evading Minnesota's interest rate caps. Lawmakers may leave the loophole open. (minnesotareformer.com)

Minnesota lawmakers imposed strong limits on payday lenders last session, capping interest rates at 33% for loans between $350 and $1,000, and even lower for smaller loans — but a federal law allows banks based in other states to offer short-term loans with triple-digit interest rates....

Neolithic women in Europe were tied up and buried alive in ritual sacrifices, study suggests (www.livescience.com)

The murder of sacrificial victims by “incaprettamento” — tying their neck to their legs bent behind their back, so that they effectively strangled themselves — seems to have been a tradition across much of Neolithic Europe, with a new study identifying more than a dozen such murders over more than 2,000 years....

Extremely rare marsupial mole that 'expertly navigates' sand dunes spotted in Western Australia (www.livescience.com)

The tiny moles are covered in silky, golden fur and spend very little time above ground, although they do occasionally surface in wet and cool weather, according to Animal Diversity Web. But, the majority of the time, these tubular-shaped marsupials move through the sand up to 8.2 feet (2.5 meters) below the surface using their...

Carvings in southern Peru may have been inspired by people singing while hallucinating (phys.org)

A pair of archaeologists, one with Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, the other with the University of Warsaw, both in Poland, has found evidence suggesting that rock carvings found in a southern part of Peru may have been inspired by people singing while consuming hallucinogenic plants. In their study, published in the...

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