How "open-source" is your phone in %?

What I mean is how much do you use open-source software on these privacy disrespecting phones (Xiaomi, Samsung, etc).

For example I use these apps on my Redmi 13C: -Floris board as keyboard -Breezy as weather app -VLC, Vanilla and Kodi as media players -Fossify as voice recorder -SimpMusic instead of Spotify -Nekogram (Telegram client) -Organic maps instead of Google Maps -Sealnote notes -Persian calendar as calendar -FDroid as store -Jerboa and Dawn (Reddit client)


All of this is about 10% since I have 100+ apps.

mlg, avatar

non AOSP android might as well be 2% with the amount of garbage google unloads onto it lol


~150 total and 67 on f-droid/neo store so like half is FOSS


like 70%


%99 if not %100

sharkfucker420, (edited ) avatar

Well like 50% of my apps are open source but I still use android so I mean, how open source is it really. Anyone know of FOSS launchers? I currently use Niagara and it looks great but I’d love something open source

ace_garp, avatar

Kvaesitso is great. A search focussed approach to finding apps or files.

I’ve tried 10 or so launchers, and this one is the best so far.

sharkfucker420, (edited ) avatar

Solid, i am now using this Alternative icons from my icon pack unfortunately do not work but i’ll live

Lileath, avatar

Did you try KISS launcher? If yes, what did you like more about Kvaesitso that you use it instead?

cabbage, avatar

I'm a huge fan of the KISS launcher, everything else feels bloated and annoying to me now.

ace_garp, avatar

Highly recommend KISS. They are both equally great launchers.

I used KISS prior to this one. It is an excellent paged launcher.

My KISS install had an issue of requesting a permission everytime I unlocked the phone. I could not remove the notification or mute it. So I switched out.

Either of them covered all of the features I am looking for.


Very few apps. I’m just trying to encrypt as much as possible, because I think the most important thing is to stay in control of my information. Hopefully a proper Linux phone will emerge at some point. I have experimented with the Pinephone and it’s promising, but there is still a lot of work to do.


97.05% of my apps are FOSS, running on LineageOS with no google apps or play services obviously

patak, avatar


Asudox, avatar


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  • JackGreenEarth,

    Yes, the label ‘Edge Dev’ gives it away.

    ClusterBomb, avatar

    1 app on 76 apps is not open-source. So 98.7% of my apps are open-source !

    muntedcrocodile, avatar

    My hardware 0%. My software well i got a foss os and mostly use foss apps but have some non-free apps i need cos other people are not enlightened and i still need to communicate with them. An estimate maybe 80-90% foss.

    Ik u asked about non privacy respecting phones but i had to weigh in anyways. (On google pixel with graphene os and find most my apps on fdroid)


    I’m guessing a lot of it seeing how tons of apps use open source components and libraries whenever possible.

    altima_neo, (edited ) avatar

    I have a Samsung S22 Ultra. I just have firefox on it… so I dunno. Like zero percent probably.

    user224, avatar

    I have 284 apps including system apps and excluding system services. With system services, it’s 567. I counted 186 explicitly installed. It’s hard to tell which ones are open source, as not all of those are from F-Droid.
    I counted 48.

    So roughly 25% of what I installed.

    tal, avatar

    It’d be interesting to have an app to measure that!

    harsh3466, (edited )

    I have 50 apps total.

    Of the 50, 17 are system apps that can’t be removed (iPhone), leaving me with 33 apps that I’ve installed.

    Of the 33 installed apps, 17 are self hosted and/or fully or partially open source apps & services, which works out to 51%

    Edit to add: I choose open source whenever possible.

    patak, avatar

    me too. open source software is the most privacy respecting and in a ton of cases it has more/better features.


    I love open source. Both the philosophy, and the incredible usability of it all.

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