🚨 Welcome to Monday Night Raw! 🚨

Tonight's RAW comes LIVE from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Tonight’s card includes…

– The fallout from SummerSlam!

– Becky and Trish face off ahead of their big match next week

– How will Cody respond after not only beating Brock Lesnar but earning his respect, too?

And much more!

(Sorry for not adding more matches. As of 7pm EST WWE.com only has the Becky/Trish face-off advertised for tonight)

Show starts LIVE at 8pm EST | 5pm PST on USA. Check your local listings for more information.

Enjoy the show!


That damn briefcase has screwed Finn over again. I’ve never seen a non champion so haunted by MITB

JelloBrains avatar

Nice to see the New Day back in action, although I hope they get some character growth and aren't just going to remain the happy-go-lucky duo. Hoping that Big E comes back soon, as their manager, assuming he is willing to be around wrestling now he likely can't do it anymore.


A mega pop for the megastar


Idk why, but I don’t trust Nakamura

TellumSiege avatar

You nailed it lol


Gunther and Imperium are sooo smug


Poor Sami has been mediating relationships since Wrestlemania while also handling Kevin's temper. He has the patience of a saint.


Cody brought him and Kevin back together, he’s just returning the favor now


Ah Thank Yew!

Love me some Chad Gable, good win for him

JelloBrains avatar

Good on Gable for having his kid wear hearing protection, those crowds are loud.


😂😂😂😂 OK I hope Finn always has smoke with Seth. I never want to see them team up again, just brawling everytime.


Getting right to Seth vs Cody.

And Finn is noticeably missing

TellumSiege avatar

Just tuned in quickly. That LA Knight/Miz feud could be decent.

TellumSiege avatar

Enjoy the show everyone.

And if anyone ever wants to take a crack at these threads let me know. I feel bad about posting these and rarely participating.


Thanks Siege! I appreciate it. I comment on these shows to hopefully build the community up. Raw and Smackdown should pick up some steam now that we’re over the 2nd biggest PPV of the year.

TellumSiege, (edited )
TellumSiege avatar

Man, you've been a huge help in making this place more lively. Seriously.

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