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My take on the gambling geniuses that SportsNet is highlighting before games is this: 1. They have tattoos down to the wrist.
2. They're short.
3. Maybe facial hair but desperately trying to look like manly men.
4. They drive those giant pickups that tailgate us all on the highways...OK, I made that one up.
5. They've been diagnosed with SDC. (First word small...last word complex.)

#sports #mlb #nhl #nba

kagan, to trans avatar

A new IOC-funded study shows that in general, trans athletes have no advantage over their cis competitors — and trans women scored lower than cis women on lung/aerobic measures and jump height.

The study concludes that "these results should caution against precautionary bans and sport eligibility exclusions".

Conservatives won't care, of course, but we can at least state that their objections have no factual basis.

#trans #transgender #sports

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just ordered tickets to watch some river hawks games this summer

it's going to be my first baseball game in 30 years - i last watched the Trappers play in the same field back in the 90s

can't beat $16 a ticket for some sunshine and chat in the stands :D

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Daniel Cohen Pitcher No 25 from Yale plays Cornell on April 21, 2024 at Cornell's (brand new) Booth Field

... it was a cold day so I left early which was a bit of a mistake because I missed some action in the last few innings.

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🏃‍♀️ Is this the dawn of a new era in women’s sports?

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Congrats, Caloy! Sana magkaroon ulit tayo ng gintong medalya sa darating na Olympics sa Paris! 🥇🤸‍♂️🇵🇭

#Olympics #CarlosYulo #gymnastics #sports #Philippines @pinoy

mjgardner, (edited ) to random avatar

Very proud of my niece, Mason Whitmore, and the #VCU Women’s #Lacrosse team for their victory against #NCAA Division I adversary #Richmond. It was the #VCURams’ first victory against their crosstown rivals in the nine-year history of the program.

Mason notched the tying goal in the third quarter, and the team’s official Instagram play-by-play story featured her when they posted the final score.

#WLAX #WomensLacrosse #VirginiaCommonwealthUniversity #sports #CollegeSports

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@nba @cfb

Via RedditCFB @RedditCFB
How quickly people forget that just one year ago, 47-year-old Stetson Bennett led the Georgia Bulldogs to their 2nd straight National Championship.

parismarx, (edited ) to tech avatar

Since 2018, sports betting has been quickly legalized across much of the United States — and it’s created countless problems.

On , I spoke to Alex Shephard to discuss how it fueled gambling addiction and could threaten the integrity of sports.

CultureDesk, (edited ) to sport avatar

In exactly 100 days, the 33rd Summer Olympic Games will start in Paris. NBC News has curated this @Flipboard Storyboard about what to expect from the opening ceremony (a 3.5-mile boat parade along the Seine!), the venues where events will take place, and how the City of Lights has evolved in the 100 years since it last hosted the Games. Plus, a quiz to test your knowledge on the Olympic sports that have come and gone — or never been.

#OlympicGames #Olympics #Sport #Sports #Culture #Paris

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if you ever have doubts about or frustrations with your art, just remember that this mascot design was printed by the millions in canada

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When it comes to sports, Mastodon is very seasonal.

World Cup, Superbowl, World Series, Opening Day, March Madness, NBA Finals and such will get a lot of engagement and then flatlines for a while.

It's almost as if we are just a bunch of cicadas.

#Mastodon #Sports

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preslavrachev, (edited ) to Marathon avatar

Walking during a marathon and marathon training - yay or nay?

thejapantimes, to Sports avatar

O.J. Simpson, the American football star and actor acquitted in a sensational 1995 trial of murdering his former wife but found responsible for her death in a civil lawsuit, and was later imprisoned for other crimes, has died at the age of 76.

micchiato, to Israel avatar

“[Palestinians] suffer from one major defect: they were not born Jews.”
— Miki Zohar, #Israel’s current Minister of Culture and #Sports
#warcrimes #soccer #football #FreePalestine


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:wallaroo_app: Shoot some hoops with this fun basketball-textured wallpaper that comes in both light and dark themes. 🏀

Download Wallaroo in the App Store for hundreds of exciting wallpapers with new ones added each week

Patreon subscribers get monthly bonus wallpapers, sneak peeks, Discord access & more fun goodies!

#WallarooApp #Sports #Wallpaper #basketball

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O.J. Simpson, the former football great who was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her friend, has died of cancer at age 76. Here's more from ABC.

FuckElon, to Health avatar

This is my 80 year old father. He is not running for president but he playing tennis after knee and back surgery. In fact they are all 80 year olds. Pretty amazing.

A bunch of 80 year olds playing tennis.

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