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Mercedes Mone aka Sasha Banks is BORING. #AEWDYNASTY #AEW #WRESTLING

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Willow Nightingale - great gimmick, average wrestler. Need more time. #AEWDynasty #AEW #wrestling

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Bad finish of Okada-Pac. Match was midpaced, all spots were... Not believable.


#AEWDynasty #AEW #Wrestling

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I'll be tooting about #AEWDynasty today. No spoilers, please. Just watching. #wrestling

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Pro Wrestling Today Is a Microcosm of Corporate Entertainment

Professional wrestling remains tremendously popular media today because it encapsulates our collective obsession with justice. The recent WWE-UFC merger shows that the story of American professional wrestling is also one of ruthless profit maximization.

#USnews #ProfessionalWrestling #ProWrestling #wrestling #WWE #UFC #TKO #capitalism #business #CorporateMedia #entertainment

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Someone give me money so I can make my action about a who is abducted by aliens and forced to wrestle in a sinister galactic promotion.

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Sareee has just started a youtube channel (that everyone can feel free to subscribe to) and she has already put up a match from her self-produced show from 2019 between herself and Syuri against Takumi Iroha and Mayu Iwatani. Just a bunch of the wresters in the world have an awesome match. #JapaneseWrestling #WomensWrestling #Joshi #Wrestling #PuroResu #ProWrestling #Stardom #Marvelous #SareeesSpecialNight

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info about #LEMMY (if you dont know already)

why do i share posts like in the pic ?

its an LEMMY instance..a #Fediverse version of #Reddit
you can answer to it from any mastodon instance you are on and participate in the discussion !😉 👍

also maybe you wanna follow


to make the most use of it

#AEW #Wrestling #ProWrestling #WomensWrestling #AEWDynamite #AEWRampage #AEWCollision #WWE #WWENXT

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If you don't think #Wrestling is serious, then you've never seen a robot hit a stunner on a dinosaur. Chris Brookes is back from America and he's ready for some #BakaGaijin. Watch Antonio Honda take Maya Yukihi. Baliyan Akki take on Mune Nakamura and Gaia Hox. Then Brookesy himself does battle with Miyukia Takase. Plus a dinosaur and a robot do battle in and out of the "arena" #JapaneseWrestling #ProWrestling #DDTPro #GanbarePro

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OMG, #WrestleMania was perfect! I can't even tell how emotional night 2 was for me. Perfection!

#WWE #wrestlemania40 #prowrestling #wrestling

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Giulia was just shown in the crowd at NXT: Stand & Deliver PLE.

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"If you think the spirit of ECW died in a bankruptcy in 2001, you can SUCK MY DICK!!" 🤣🤣

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Smoking a joint, tearing up about Professional Wrestling and the good times it gave me, while watching Paul Heyman talk about RVD passing him a joint.

Wrestling is truly something special for those who can respect that it's a TV show and not the NFL.

#Wrestling #WWE #WWEHOF #ProWrestling #ProfessionalWrestling #Cannabis #Weed #Stoner #RVD

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What the hell is up with WWE's sets nowadays? They seem to be changing a LOT.... I LOVE IT!

Especially tonight, throwback to 2008 Royal Rumble when John Cena returned after just 4 months from a pec tear.

BeAware, to WWE avatar

Damn. It was hard enough watching it once, but The Rock and Roman REALLY "laid in" those belt whoopings...

#WWE #WWESmackdown #ProWrestling #ProfessionalWrestling #Wrestling

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To ALL my followers and mutuals:

This weekend is WrestleMania weekend.

I am very excited. However, I know most of you don't follow me for that.

Therefore, I'm giving you a heads up! I will be using the following hashtags a LOT over the course of the weekend and it WILL contain spoilers.

#WrestleMania #Wrestling #WWE #ProWrestling #ProfessionalWrestling

If you don't want to see these posts on your timeline, FILTER THEM. Preferences > Filters

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is almost here. I'm almost too excited to sleep!

BeAware, to WWE avatar

ANYWAY...enough of my negative rants.

Who's ready for WrestleMania?!!?!??!

I'm super excited tbh. I haven't been this excited for a WrestleMania since 30 and that was mainly because I was in attendance...🤣

Let's just say, WWE doesn't hit THIS good anymore. Gotta enjoy it while it's here. We know it probably won't last long, considering their history...😬

🤷‍♂️it's WrestleMania 40 Weekend!! Let's gooo!!!!

#WWE #WrestleMania #WrestleManiaKickoff #ProWrestling #ProfessionalWrestling #Wrestling

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Mil Mascaras! I'm back from vacation in Mexico and I've been itching to draw this for a week. Mil Mascaras is considered the first international luchador, popularizing lucha libre around the world and revolutionizing pro wrestling! #pixelart #wrestling

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Here is a casual after wrestling show night in the bar. You have Tatanka, you have Sherri Martell, you have Shawn Michaels, and of course, you have Macho Man Randy Savage in full wrestling gear.

timbowman, to aew avatar

The opening promo from Adam Copeland on this week’s #AEWDynamite was weird and felt forced. Him doing a pump up speech about how great/fun #AEW is after Punk’s recent comments just felt minor league. Then later on the same show they book an all-time awful match where Jay White gets beat up by Billy Gunn of all people for like 15 minutes straight then it ends in a DQ. Jay White’s run in AEW has been absolutely criminal.

BeAware, avatar

@timbowman I couldn't agree more...and their show hasn't been exactly "must-see TV" lately. Like I don't want blood for the sake of blood, make it mean something. Make it mean someone is getting their ass whooped. Having Texas deathmatches on weekly TV doesn't really make much sense....😬🤦‍♂️

I really want them to be and do good. They're just having a hard time understanding what Professional Wrestling is all about.

There's no super good "must-see" storylines. The Christian Cage/Copeland angle was good and the Swerve storyline is 🆗 but nothing is like Cody/Rock and Roman right now.

#WWE #ProWrestling #ProfessionalWrestling #AEW #AEWDynamite #Wrestling

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A bit late as I've only just had a chance to watch it...

TJPW Grand Princess 2024 - review HERE -

BeAware, to WWE avatar

Not gonna lie, it's gonna be a LITTLE weird seeing Lil Wayne perform at Wrestlemania....also basically won't be able to watch his performance without my dad making comments about rap music...🤦‍♂️

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