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Ce soir, stream découverte de catch féminin japonais avec l’event Grand Princess 2024 de la TJPW, en duplex avec une très grande fan de catch.

Suivez la chaîne pour par manquer ça :neocat_peek:

MibIH, to martialartsmemes avatar

A bit late as I've only just had a chance to watch it...

TJPW Grand Princess 2024 - review HERE -

joshaaron, to SquaredCircle avatar

Enjoy the Top 10 moves of the idol-loving challenger for the Princess of Princess Championship at next week and possibly strongest person pound for pound in wrestling, Miu Watanabe

MibIH, to SquaredCircle avatar

Choco Pro Road to Korakuen - Sakura Days show on March 13th at Shinkiba 1st RING!

TJPW's Mizuki will face Miyu Yotsuba


4 Way Asia Dream Tag Title match - Best Bros (c) vs Kung Fu Panda vs Obihiro Shokudo Sohonten vs Ninja Choke

CDK vs Munetatsu Nakamura & Gaia Hox

Emi Sakura & Makoto vs Sayaka & Eriko (new rookie)

Notice: Some bots are spamming the community. Should you notice any weird comments, please do report them.

Noticed over the last few hours at least 4-5 new bot accounts have spammed a thread I made last week with random comments with links to purchase shite. They seem to target older threads I assume to reduce the risk of people finding and removing the comments/links but should any of you see such comments, please to report them so...

Nash speaks further on attending Sting’s last match (

On the latest "Kliq This" podcast, Kevin Nash said he is not on WWE payroll and cleared up what he said last week on why he won’t be at Sting’s last match. Nash previously stated that Sting invited him to be there but Nash couldn't go because of his affiliation with WWE....

Malakai Black and Zelina Vega's wrestling school has released the first episode of a new YouTube series featuring their students: Dark Prospects | Ritual 1 (with commentary by none other than Tony Schiavone) (

Welcome to the first episode of the student oriented Pro Wrestling show “Dark Prospect” informatively called “Ritual 1.”...

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