Mysterious, 20-mile long random yellow line on the I-95 freeway in leads directly to "Acme Barricades" 😂


@ai6yr dear movie studios, plz pay whatever the writers are asking for. The current writing staff isn't even trying at this point

va3wft, avatar

@ai6yr hopefully it doesn’t end at painted on tunnel…

jeffluszcz, avatar

@ai6yr "DOT said drivers need to be careful, especially those with self-driving assistance. They ask drivers to turn off this feature while driving on I-95 in the area."

tiamat271, avatar

@ai6yr Also, the driver’s face is 100% me from the moment I wake up in the morning until the moment I fall asleep at night.

tiamat271, avatar

@ai6yr Was anybody else immediately suspicious of this guy? 🤣

EugestShirley, avatar

@ai6yr “It’s a yellow line with a yellow line on the other side,” …


BakerRL75, avatar

@ai6yr Sure this wasn’t Kramer (from Seinfield)?

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