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If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that we’re big on the Fediverse.

It was incredibly important for us to create an instance and provide everyone with a social network free of ads and algorithms.

Join us live this Saturday as we talk about why it was important for us to do more than just be around here.

We’ll be joined by @beardedtechguy and @cliffwade from @AllThingsTech, who will also talk about the Fediverse and why it matters to them.

🎧 Join the audio event here:

#live #audio #browser #SocialMedia #mastodon #fediverse #tech #Technology #vivaldi

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@Vivaldi @AllThingsTech @cliffwade @beardedtechguy oooh! Can't wait! Gonna have to make room for this on my calendar... 😅 I've invited the folks at to listen along aswell!

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@Vivaldi Super excited and can't wait to be on this show on Saturday!


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@Vivaldi @AllThingsTech Just FYI, link is broken to my profile. 😉

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