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I rarely do #tutorials on my #blog, but when I face a problem and I can't find a solution, I may as well share it in my #website.

How to fix duplicate entries in the Activity Tracker app on #MiyooMiniPlus!

day 43 of #100DayToOffload and post 11 of #WeblogPoMo2024

#sqlite #guide #tutorial #emulation

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Literature Recommendation:
Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy - A Beginner's Guide to Writing Hieroglyphs
by George Fischer, 1963, 1988

This beautiful book can be downloaded for free at:

boilingsteam, to email avatar – like caniuse but for email content:

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Parution le 24 Mai : reconnaitre facilement les insectes

Cross-posté sur @jardin
OP : @florencedellerie

🔥BIG NEWS🔥 Je suis très, TRÈS heureuse d'avoir illustré ce nouveau guide ! 😍

Parce que les insectes comptent aussi, RDV dans 20 jours !🐝🐛🦋🐞🐜🪰

Je vous en dirai + très bientôt 😊

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A new section popped up in our wiki - Linux Mobile!

It covers @danctnix Arch Linux ARM build script and @postmarketOS pmbootstrap

And here is a bit to read regarding a daily driven PinePhone.

@postmarketOS s especially POCO x3 NFC I can help to test, just need a spare phone, what about the PPP? ;)


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Crusader Kings II YouTube Playlists

Looking over my YouTube channel and cleaning up a bit, I saw the very many Crusader Kings II playlists I had created through the years. I got a nice mix of "Learning as we Play" (guide type teaching playlists, where I explain everything I do, as I do it - so you understand how the game is played) as well as the very fun Monarch's Journey,

#Guide #Video #YouTube #CK2 #Guide #YouTube

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I just released an OPSEC guide on my site for just 5$. It goes into the depths of how you can organize your internet life and become as private as possible. It also comes with tips and a variety of solutions. A sample is also provided.

Price: 5$
Payment Method: Crypto (All popular coins including Monero)

Purchase at:

#privacy #opsec #digitalrights #tech #crypto #bitcoin #monero #guide #tutorial #protect #digital #pdf #ebook #trending #cybersecurity

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It’s PAX East 2024 week — and the PARTY LIST is live!
Be sure to check out ALL of the events taking place in Boston this week!

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Explore spiritual growth and well-being with unique guides in my Etsy shop. Find a Comprehensive Guide to Prosperity with St. Matthew, Custom Novenas for personal intentions, holistic healing with St. Raphael, and love attraction with St. Valentine. Enrich your spiritual practice and invite abundance, health, and love into your life.

#spirituality #guide #haloandherb #wellbeing #abundance

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«CSS :has() Interactive Guide:
An extensive guide to CSS :has() selector.»
– by @shadeed9


#css #webdev #webdesign #guide #has

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Discord. If you are new to Discord or need some help on knowing how to navigate it with a screen reader, here is a guide that I found that covers using Discord on a computer and on a mobile phone. Check it out, and be sure to bookmark it for future reference. #Discord #Guide #ScreenReader #Computer #iPhone #Blind

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Growwwth, to hosting

How Do You Update The Server PHP Version on SiteGround Web Hosting Services? Beginners Tutorial 🚀🖥️🔌

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Craft your very own magical crystal kit! Our Downloadable Guide helps you select the best 5 crystals for your magical intentions and energy practices. Ideal for DIY magical practitioners, it includes details on each crystal's properties and how to use them for love spells, protection, prosperity, or spiritual enhancement. Empower your spiritual journey today!

Boosts & reshares are super appreciated! ❤️

#magic #crystals #spirituality #guide #haloandherb

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Want to learn how to play Crusader Kings 3? - I got you!

I've got two fairly long playlists over here for you to follow along in learning how to play the game. The idea is simple: I play the game and explain what I am doing, while I am doing it.

You can also always come join on twitch and ask questions during stream!

#ck3 #gaming #guide #paradox #strategy #grandstrategy #youtube


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What a great introduction to parsing in #rust:

It introduces the concept of parser combinators and the nom library, in a simple and clear way, in like 10 minutes. Just enough to get you fired up.


@dpom Great article! Thank you for sharing. ❤️

If you want to go really deep into #parsing and #grammars (without being Rust-specific), I can highly recommend Strumenta

It is such a treasure trove of articles deeply explaining all there is to parsing and grammars. I absolutely love it!💖

See e.g. this one

A #Guide to Parsing: Algorithms and Terminology

Urgh, it is just so good!🥰

#Parser #Algorithms #Grammar

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"A Guide to Bird Photography."

"Photos you want" VS "Photos you'll get."

(I tried a feeding post, raccoons took the seeds)
#Birds #BirdPhotography #RoseMaryMosco #Photos #Reality #Guide
(via Rosemary Mosco )

wjs018, (edited ) to manga in Manga Questions, Recommendations, and Discussion Thread [Week 4]

Like I mentioned up in the post, we crossed 500 posts in this community since we started. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at the first post I made in this community, but instead, I was just reminded of all the drama with the ml instance. In hindsight, those concerns I wrote about in that post proved somewhat prescient. The manga community still exists on the ml instance, but looking at the metrics in the sidebar, activity has certainly been down, especially since the effective shutdown of the anime community.

While on the theme of observations about this community, I have been pleasantly surprised a number of times this past week when I have gone to post a recent chapter of a series I read, only to find out that somebody else has posted it before me. It is all too recent in my memory when it felt like I was just posting chapter threads to a vacuum. So, it really had an impact on me this past week when I have posted fewer chapters than ever (it felt like), but for a reason that I absolutely love.

Finally, I wanted to provide an anecdotal account of my migration to the mihon app from Tachiyomi (spoiler: flawlessly). For context, my library is modestly sized at 291 titles spread across four extensions with 245 of those from mangadex (as of writing). I had previously updated Tachiyomi to use the external repository of extensions. These are the steps I took to migrate:

  • I downloaded the mihon release and installed the apk.
    • When installing I created a new directory for mihon to use on my device to avoid any write/permissions conflicts that might arise by trying to use the same folder as tachiyomi
  • I created a manual backup in Tachiyomi
  • I imported that backup to mihon
  • I checked that I had the same number of titles in my library and spot-checked my read status on some titles to make sure that transfered successfully
  • I had to trust each of the extensions again in Mihon before I could use them
  • I made sure that I could browse titles and download chapters from each source
  • I uninstalled Tachiyomi (to avoid duplicating downloads)
  • I live happily every after with mihon

The last thing that I haven’t been able to bring myself to do is to delete the old Tachiyomi folder structure. Well, in any case, I hope that you might find my account useful and good luck to those of you out there that are figuring out what to do post-tachiyomi.

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Homelab TODO:
There is an existing pfSense guide to automatically renew an OpenVPN connection to PIA on some cadence. It also handles port forwarding for applications.

I've created a more modern idea with their Wireguard servers along with renewing the tunnel every 15 minutes and adapted to work with qBittorrent. I need to document and get this into version control somewhere.

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