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Do I know anyone in the UK who makes / sells https://ploopy.co/ devices?

The shipping costs from Canadaland are 😭

(No, I don't have a 3D printer. Yes, I know it is a weird name for a product.)

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@Edent we did recently add a "cheap" untracked shipping option. The consensus in our Discord is that it comes to you via a guy in an inflatable floating ball (meaning ocean freight).

It's slow AF and we can't take responsibility for disappearances en route, but maybe that tradeoff is ok for you?

AFAIK only #ploopy and a few hardcore individuals make #ploopy devices.

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@PKL thanks for the info. Not your fault we're a long way from each other. If only I'd stayed in Ottawa after university 🙂

I'm trying to work out if I should just buy a bunch of them and then resell the surplus.

Hmmm.... Do you do a bulk discount?

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@Edent They look like Logitech ball products. Similar?

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@dans which ones do you reckon are similar?

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@Edent the shipping only increases modestly when the order quantity goes up. Perhaps we should pool a few orders from folks and combine into a single order?

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@Edent I unfortunately don't know the answers to your question but I do have a 3d-printer and have made QMK-keyboards, and this is really pulling me in.

If I could just sort out if there's an easy (and affordable) way to source e.g. the electronics...

Thanks for the tip!

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@matrixes you make it, I'll buy it 😆

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